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Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle

Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle
Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle
Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle
Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle
Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle
Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle
Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle
Test Prep 5th Grade Bundle
Product Description
Prepare for standardized testing in reading, math, and science using these 10 bingo games and task cards. The games review content area and test vocabulary and can be played with small groups or the whole class. The 48 task cards review science vocabulary by asking students to compare and contrast science terms. The resources included here can be purchased individually, but you SAVE by buying this bundle. Great test prep for state testing!

The bingo games are designed for each student to choose 24 words, then cut-and-glue them on the blank bingo page to create their own bingo cards. Kids LOVE this! These games were created using vocabulary from the TEKS Readiness and Supporting Standards for grade 3. You can see all the game pages and task cards in the preview.

This test prep BUNDLE contains the following items:

Reading Test Prep Grade 5
• Blank bingo card for both games (1 page)
• Choose-and-cut cards with 30 choices each (2 pages)
• Calling cards with reading vocabulary and definitions (8 pages)

Vocabulary One:
affixes, alliteration, author’s purpose, autobiography, biography, causality, cause & effect text organization, characters, classification scheme text organization, compare & contrast text organization, comparison, conflict, context clues, contradictory statement, dialogue, dictionary, draw conclusions, exaggerated statement, fact, figurative language, foreshadowing, glossary, guide words, imagery, inferences, internal rhyme, literary nonfiction, logical order text organization, main idea, metaphor

Vocabulary Two:
misleading statement, multiple meaning words, myths, onomatopoeia, opinion, parallelism, paraphrase, plot, point of view, procedural text, props, reliable source, rhyme scheme, script, sensory detail, sequential order text organization, setting, simile, stage directions, summarize, supporting details, synthesize, text features, textual evidence, theme, thesaurus, third person POV, third person limited POV, third person objective POV, third person omniscient POV

Test Words Vocabulary Bingo Grades 3-5
• Choose-and-cut card with 30 choices (1 page)
• Blank bingo card (1 page)
• Calling cards with vocabulary and definitions (4 pages)

conclude, definition, demonstrate, describe, determine, emphasize, example, explain, expresses, identify, imply, infer, information, mainly about, meaning, most likely, predict, purpose, reader, realize, record, relationship, represents, result, selection, statement, suggest, supports, understand, visualize

Math Test Prep Grade 5
• Choose-and-cut cards with word choices (3 pages)
• Blank bingo cards (3 pages)
• Calling cards with math vocabulary and definitions (12 pages)

Geometry & Measurement Vocabulary:
angle, area, attribute, axes, base, congruent, conversion of measurement units, coordinate plane, cube, customary length, customary liquid volume, customary weight, intersecting lines, metric length, metric liquid volume, metric weight, ordered pair, origin, parallel lines, perimeter, perpendicular lines, polygons, quadrant, rectangular prism, three-dimensional shapes, two-dimensional shapes, vertex (vertices), volume, x-coordinate, y-coordinate

Numbers & Data Vocabulary:
bar graph, compare numbers, composite numbers, decimals, decompose, denominator, digit, dot plot, equivalent, expanded notation, frequency table, hundredths, improper fraction, mixed number, number pattern, numerator, order numbers, parentheses and brackets, place value, prime numbers, proper fraction, remainder, rounding, scatterplot, stem-and-leaf plot, tenths, thousandths, trailing zeroes, unequal, whole numbers

Operations & Finance Vocabulary:
addition, available balance, balance, budget, deposit, difference, dividend, division, divisor, estimate, expenses, factor, gross income, income, income tax, input-output table, multiplication, net income, payroll deductions, payroll tax, product, property tax, purchase, quotient, register, sales tax, savings account, subtraction, sum, transaction

Science Test Prep Grade 5
• Choose-and-cut card with word choices (4 pages)
• Blank bingo card (4 pages)
• Calling cards with vocabulary and definitions (16 pages)

Earth & Space Vocabulary:
axis, biofuel, canyon, climate, conservation, delta, earthquake, fossils, fossil fuel, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy, landslide, nonrenewable resource, planets, renewable resource, rotation, sand dune, seasons, sedimentary rock, shadow, soil color, soil texture, solar energy, solar system, tides, volcanic eruption, water cycle, weather, weathering, wind energy

Matter, Force, Motion & Energy Vocabulary:
boiling point, Celsius scale, circuit, conduct, current, electric energy, force, freezing point, gas, heating & cooling, insulate, light energy, liquid, magnetism, mass, matter, mechanical energy, melting point, mixture, physical properties, pushing & pulling, reflected light, refracted light, relative density, solid, solubility, solution, sound energy, state of matter, thermal energy

Organisms & Environment Vocabulary:
adaptation, animals, aquatic, carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle, community, complete metamorphosis, consumer, decomposer, ecosystem, environment, food chain, food web, habitat, incomplete metamorphosis, inherited traits, insects, learned behaviors, life cycle, living, nonliving, offspring, organisms, overpopulation, photosynthesis, plants, population, prairie, producer, species, survival

Scientific Investigations Vocabulary:
aquarium, beaker, calculator, camera, clocks & stopwatches, conservation, direct evidence, disposal & recycling of materials, experimental investigation, graduated cylinder, graphs, tables, maps & charts, hand lenses, hot plate, indirect evidence, magnet, microscope, model, nutritional label, pan balance, prisms, promotional materials, reliability of results, safety gloves, safety goggles, soda-dispensing machine, spring scale, terrarium, testable hypotheses, triple beam balance, valid conclusions, variable

Science Compare Contrast Task Cards Grade 5
• 48 different task cards, 4 per page (12 pages)
• Blank task cards, NOT editable (1 page)
• Answer key (5 pages of suggested compare & contrast ideas)
• Uses for task cards (1 page)
• TOU & Credits (1 page)

Here is a list of the words and phrases used on the task cards:
animals, aquarium, attract, beaker, biofuels, biome, boiling point, buoyancy, chemical change, closed circuit, clay, community, compound machine, conclusion, condensation, conductors, consumers, decomposer, density, desert, Earth, earthquake, ecosystem, endangered, erosion, evaporation, extinct, floating, food chain, food web, fossil fuels, freezing point, friction, gases, graduation cylinder, gravity, habitat, hand lens, hibernation, hypothesis, igneous rocks, insulators, instinct, landslide, lava, learned behavior, leaves, life cycle, liquids, magma, Mars, mechanical energy, metamorphosis, microscope, migration, mixture, moon, nonrenewable resource, open circuit, physical change, photosynthesis, planets, plants, population, producers, pulling, pushing, rainforest, reflection, refraction, renewable resource, repel, revolution, roots, rotation, sand, sedimentary rocks, simple machine, sinking, solar energy, solution, stars, sun, terrarium, thermal energy, volcano, weathering, wind energy

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