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River Valley Civilizations Cootie Catcher Bundle: This Bundle includes all of my products on the ancient river valley civilizations which are outlined below:

All these lessons sell individually for $10.4; as a bundle they are 20% off, for $7.95!

1. Ancient Egypt:
            Tutankhamen (King Tut), Sphinx, Hetshepsut, Nile River, Papyrus,
            Pharaoh, Hieroglyphics, Tomb

2. Ancient China
            Confucius, Chang & Huang rivers, Silk road, Laozi, Analects, Yin and Yang,
            Records of the Grand Historian, Terra Cotta Warriors

            Xia dynasty, Shang dynasty, Zhou dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty,
            Six dynasties, Sui dynasty, Tang dynasty

            Five dynasties, Song dynasty, Yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty, Sun Tzu,
            Empress Wu, Genghis Khan, Puyi

3. Mesopotamia:
            Mesopotamia, Sargon, Cuneiform, Gilgamesh, Ziggurat, Tigris river,
            Euphrates river, Fertile Crescent

4. Ancient India:
            Caste System (Bhramin, Kshatryia, Vaishya, Sudra, Untouchables),
            Harappa, Sanskrit, Aryans, Mohenjo Daro, Himalayas,
            Indus river and Ganges river, Rigveda
            Hinduism (Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, Shiva the Destroyer),
            Ashoka, Mauryan, Gautama Buddha, Chandragupta Maurya, Dharma, Mahavira

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United States History: Get all 43 (35% OFF) in the Bundle!
         ♦ 13 Colonies
         ♦ American Heroes
         ♦ American Revolution
         ♦ American Symbols
         ♦ Benjamin Franklin
         ♦ Bill of Rights
         ♦ Black History Month
         ♦ Boston Tea Party
         ♦ Branches of Government
         ♦ Christopher Columbus
         ♦ Civil Rights
         ♦ Civil War
         ♦ Cold War
         ♦ Columbian Exchange
         ♦ Constitution
         ♦ Declaration of Independence
         ♦ Dust Bowl
         ♦ Economics
         ♦ First Thanksgiving
         ♦ French and Indian War
         ♦ Gilded Age
         ♦ Great Depression
         ♦ Immigration
         ♦ Industrial Revolution
         ♦ Inventors
         ♦ Jamestown
         ♦ Lewis and Clark
         ♦ Lost Colony of Roanoke
         ♦ Louisiana Purchase
         ♦ Loyalists or Patriots
         ♦ Martin Luther King
         ♦ Native Americans
         ♦ Oregon Trail
         ♦ Pilgrims
         ♦ Progressive Era
         ♦ Reconstruction
         ♦ Spanish American War
         ♦ Texas Revolution
         ♦ Underground Railroad
         ♦ War of 1812
         ♦ Westward Expansion
         ♦ World War I
         ♦ World War II

World History: Get all 11 (25% OFF) in the Bundle!
         ♦ Absolute Monarchs
         ♦ European Explorers
         ♦ Famous Explorers
         ♦ French Revolution
         ♦ Holocaust
         ♦ Middle Ages
         ♦ Renaissance
         ♦ Crusades
         ♦ Titanic
         ♦ World War I
         ♦ World War II

Ancient History: Get all 10 (25% OFF) in the Bundle!
         ♦ China
         ♦ Egypt
         ♦ Greece
         ♦ India
         ♦ Rome
         ♦ Incas
         ♦ Aztecs
         ♦ Maya's
         ♦ Mesopotamia
         ♦ Vikings

Geography: Get all 24 (30% OFF) in the Bundle!
         ♦ Continents
         ♦ Map Skills
         ♦ Types of Maps
         ♦ Oceans
         ♦ Africa: Central and South
         ♦ Africa: East
         ♦ Africa: North
         ♦ Africa West
         ♦ Asia: East
         ♦ Asia: South
         ♦ Asia: Southeast
         ♦ Asia: West
         ♦ Central America
         ♦ Europe: East
         ♦ South America
         ♦ States and Capitals: Midwest
         ♦ States and Capitals: Northeast
         ♦ States and Capitals: South and Southwest
         ♦ States and Capitals: West
         ♦ U.S. Regions: Midwest
         ♦ U.S. Regions: Northeast
         ♦ U.S. Regions: South and Southwest
         ♦ U.S. Regions West


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Digital Download
List Price: $10.40
You Save: $2.45
The Ancient River Valley Civilizations Unit: Activities/ F
The Ancient River Valley Civilizations Unit: Activities/ F
The Ancient River Valley Civilizations Unit: Activities/ F
The Ancient River Valley Civilizations Unit: Activities/ F