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The first section of a lesson is crucial for student comprehension. It is vital to have an introduction that quickly gets the attention of the students as a launching pad for the entire lesson. The Big Bell Ringer Book is here to help with this goal! This source includes OVER 100 Bell Ringers to start various lessons in US History throughout the school year from Exploration and Colonization all the way to the Presidency of Barack Obama! Each Bell Ringer is compatible with all types of textbooks. Every single Bell Ringer is self-sufficient with enough information for each item to equip the students to answer the Bell Ringer questions. Whether you use the Bell Ringers as worksheets, printables, or project them on the board, this is definitely the source you need to ensure you have engaging, relevant Bell Ringers throughout your entire school year! Your downloaded purchase will include a WORD and PDF version.

Exploration and Colonization

Misconceptions of Christopher Columbus
Columbus Discovers the “New World”
British Colonies in North America
Anne Hutchinson
The Disastrous Start in Jamestown
The Population of the Colonies
The Impact of the Enlightenment (1600s-1700s) on Colonial America
Excerpts from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God: A Sermon by Jonathan Edwards: Written in 1741.

The French an Indian War & The American Revolution

The French and Indian War
Paul Revere’s Depiction of the Boston Massacre that occurred March 5th, 1770
Patriots and Loyalists

The New Nation of the USA

The Bill of Rights
George Washington’s Cabinet
Excerpts from the Farewell Address of George Washington

The Antebellum Era

The Impact of Thomas Jefferson: The Louisiana Purchase
The War of 1812
The Missouri Compromise
President Andrew Jackson vs. The Federal Bank
The Alamo
The Antebellum Era (1781-1860): The Market Revolution
Different Economies in the North and South
Slavery Divides the Nation
Preston Brooks Attacks Charles Sumner
John Brown
The Cruelty of Slavery

The Civil War & Reconstruction

The Civil War: The Fighting Escalates: The Anaconda Plan
The Gettysburg Address
The Civil War & The Surrender of the South
After the Civil War: The 5 Military Districts
The Carpetbaggers of Reconstruction
The Election of 1876

The Indian Wars, Populism, Industry, and the Gilded Age

Precursor to the Indian Wars: The Depletion of Buffalo in the West
The Indian Wars & The Ghost Dance Movement
Farmers and Populism
The Gold Standard vs. Bimetallism

Big Business in the late 1800s and early 1900s

The Rise of Unions
The Gilded Age: Boss Tweed
The Issue of Tariffs in the Gilded Age
Progressivism and Unsafe Child Labor
Socialism and Capitalism

Imperialism, Theodore Roosevelt, and Progressivism

The Progressive Movement and Prohibition
The USS Maine & The Spanish American War
The Rise of Teddy Roosevelt Against Monopolies
TR, Progressivism, Food, and Medicine
TR and the Anthracite Coal Strike
Imperialism and Teddy Roosevelt
President William Howard Taft
Taft, Roosevelt, and Wilson

The 20th Century Begins & World War I

The Wright Brothers
The Open Door Notes
Imperialism and World War I
The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The Sinking of the Lusitania & World War I
Propaganda in WW I
The Fall of the Ottoman Empire After WW I
The League of Nations: The World After WW I
After WW I: The Rise of Communism

The 1920s, the Great Depression, and the New Deal

President Warren G. Harding and the Teapot Dome Scandal of the 1920s
The 1920s: Route 66
The 1920s: The Harlem Renaissance
The Great Depression Begins
Hoovervilles in the Great Depression
Herbert Hoover and FDR: Two Approaches to Managing the Great Depression
Support and Criticism of the New Deal
Social Security
Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Bethune, and Civil Rights
FDR and the Supreme Court

World War II

Weakness of the Treaty of Versailles that Ended World War I: WW II On the Horizon
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Munich Agreement
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
Rationing and Propaganda in WW II
The Tuskegee Airmen
Doolittle’s Raid Against Japan in WW II
Kamikaze Pilots of Japan in WW II
The Allies After Hitler’s Defeat

The Cold War Begins

The Iron Curtain & The Cold War
The Korean War
The Cuban Missile Crisis
The Cold War and Nuclear Weapons

The Civil Rights Movement, LBJ, Vietnam, and Nixon

Rosa Parks and Civil Rights
The Spread of Communism and the Vietnam War
President Lyndon Johnson Refuses to Run in the Election of 1968
President Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War
President Nixon and the Watergate Scandal
Nixon Resigns
President Ford Pardon’s Nixon

Presidents: Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr.,
Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama

Whip Inflation Now (WIN) and President Ford
The Iran Hostage Crisis
The Camp David Accords
The Election of 1980
President Ronald Reagan and the Strategic Defense Initiative
The USA and the USSR: From Stalin to Gorbachev
The Gulf War
The Election of 1992
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
The Process of Impeachment
Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom
Social Networking and the Internet
Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barack Obama
Russia and the Crimean Peninsula
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The Big Bell Ringer Book! US History Bell Ringer Worksheet
The Big Bell Ringer Book! US History Bell Ringer Worksheet
The Big Bell Ringer Book! US History Bell Ringer Worksheet
The Big Bell Ringer Book! US History Bell Ringer Worksheet
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