The Cay: Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword--Use with Bookmarks Plus!

The Cay: Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword--Use with Bo
The Cay: Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword--Use with Bo
The Cay: Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword--Use with Bo
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NOTE: This puzzle is meant to be used after students have read the book.

Students solve this crossword by providing synonyms and antonyms for 17 vocabulary words and by providing the correctly spelled English word/phrase for 12 of Timothy's words and phrases from THE CAY. Each clue contains the sentence from the story that contains the aforementioned word or phrase.

Examples of clues:
* Also in that box were...small things that Timothy had SALVAGED from the beach of the raft. (___ away; ant.) ANSWER: thrown
* TIMOTHY: “BODDAM, young bahss, boddam.” ANSWER: bottom
* ...There was something CONNIVING in his voice. (syn.) ANSWER: sneaky
* TIMOTHY: “Young bahss, you mus’ begin to help wid D’UDDER WARK.” (the ___ ; 2 words) ANSWER: other work

More challenging—and fun!—than a typical vocabulary crossword!

The words and phrases contained in this puzzle are also listed and defined in the Words to Know and Timothy's Dialect section of the THE CAY edition of Bookmarks Plus. See list below.

Also, the Words to Know are contained in my THE CAY Prereading Crossword, which expose students to 50 challenging words they will run across in the book. See list below.

Below are my unique products over THE CAY. View all 17 of them in my store!

• Bookmarks Plus: THE CAY—A Handy Little Reading Aid! Helps students keep track of characters and provides definitions for new words—and so much more! Students and teachers alike are delighted with these handy reading aids!

• THE CAY Trivia Game—Fun for the Whole Class! ThemeQuotes games are the only games that link famous, value-promoting quotations to the themes of the books you teach! Students work in teams to play this cross between Wheel of Fortune™ and Trivia Pursuit™ game! 234 questions!

• THE CAY: Prereading Vocabulary Crossword—50 Words! Helps prepare students for reading the book! Use with the The Cay edition of Bookmarks Plus and the The Cay Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword to reinforce meanings of new words!

• THE CAY: Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword Use with Bookmarks Plus and the 50-word Prereading Vocabulary Crossword to reinforce meanings of new words! A unique crossword!

• THE CAY: 5 Word Searches Based on the Book! Categories: The Cay; Hurricanes; Island & Ocean Creatures; The Story; The Rescue

• THE CAY: 8 Cryptocategory Word Puzzles—Unique! Students decode lists of categorized words from the book! Categories: Names & Characters; Locations; Marine Life; Foods; Timothy; Phillip; The Island; Some Countries Involved in WWII

• THE CAY: 9 Quotefall Word Puzzles—Unique! Each quotefall is a quotation from the story. Students form individual words of the quotation by transferring letters from above the double line of the puzzle grid to squares in the columns directly below. Quotefalls can be challenging, but students love working them—and they’re great spelling workouts!

• THE CAY: Quotations & Figurative Language Crossword Students use their knowledge of the story, their knowledge of language, and their imaginations to complete these clues. All are examples of similes, metaphors, hyperbole, etc., from the story! A great way to approach figurative language!

• THE CAY: Vocabulary Crossword—Fun Way to Learn New Words! Students provide synonyms for challenging words from the story. Good extra credit activity!

• THE CAY: 8 Cryptograms—Encoded Quotations from the Novel! Students decode quotations from the story! Each cryptogram puzzle has its own code. Who doesn’t love a code?

• THE CAY: 6 Fractured Maxim Puzzles Based on the Book! Students rearrange “tiles” to pertinent quotations from the book. Requires students to use their knowledge of the story as well as their knowledge of spelling, phonics, vocabulary, and language!

• THE CAY: 4 Fill-In Word Puzzles—A Good Trial and Error Exercise! Students enter common words from the story into the puzzle grid, based on the number of letters in the word. The puzzle can be challenging, but each time students enter a correct answer, they are provided with clues for the next.

• THE CAY: Anagram Crossword Puzzle—Good Spelling Workout! Students decipher common terms from the novel! The puzzle can be challenging, but, as with all crosswords, almost every time they enter a correct answer, they are provided with clues for the next.

• THE CAY: In the Words of Timothy Crossword—Unique! Students “translate” Timothy’s unique words, phrases, and pronunciation.

• THE CAY: 2 Reading-for-Detail Crosswords—Challenging! A great way to check students’ reading skills!

• THE CAY: 3 Category Jumbles Word Puzzles--Different! Students unscramble words and then place the letters into a series of squares. They then arrange the letters in the shaded boxes to spell out the category word at the top of the puzzle. Students love uncovering the mystery word!

• THE CAY: 10 Word Merges—One “Word” Becomes Two! Two-word phrases from the story are blended into one “word.” Students decipher the phrases. Harder than it sounds, but a good spelling workout!

• THE CAY: 12 Theme-Related Quotations + Teaching Ideas Well-researched, thought-provoking quotations by some of history’s greatest thinkers—each quotation relates to a theme in the book!

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The Cay: Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword--Use with Bo
The Cay: Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword--Use with Bo
The Cay: Synonym/Antonym Vocabulary Crossword--Use with Bo