The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test

The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test
The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test
The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test
The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test
The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test
The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test
The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test
The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook Activities, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Test
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The Giver Unit - Interactive Notebook has everything you need to teach this novel: reading guides, collaborative activities, comprehension quizzes, hands-on vocabulary fun, vocabulary quizzes, review game, answer keys, and final test.

QUIZZES --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Giver Quizzes includes a PDF file with all the quizzes ready to print and an editable PowerPoint in case you wish to make any changes. Also, each quiz comes in 2 versions to deter cheaters. Answer keys are included. I also like to save paper, so some of the quizzes have more than 1 quiz to a page for easy printing.

Chapters1-2: 10 Multiple Choice
Chapters 3-4: 8 Multiple Choice
Chapters 5-8: 10 True/False
Chapters 9-10: 10 short answer
Chapters 11-12: 6 Multiple Choice
Chapters 13-14: 9 True/ False (Chapters 11-14 can be combined for a 15 question quiz)
Chapters 15-18: 10 True/False
Chapters 19-23: 15 True/False

These quiz questions are more recall and comprehension. When students read the material, I like for them to get credit for doing the assignment. Not all students are ready to take a quiz with upper level questions after just reading the chapters once. The final test has more upper level questions on it. Of course, even comprehension is difficult if they don't read!

Sample Questions:

Chapter 1
_____ 5. How do Lily’s feelings change during the evening dinner discussion concerning the boy who didn’t follow playground rules?
A. anger to frustration
B. admiration to anger
C. anger to pity
D. pity to admiration

Chapter 2
_____ 9. Why do the children usually like their job assignments?
A. They get to select the job of their choice.
B. A committee thoroughly observes children before assigning jobs.
C. Parents help decide which job is right for their children.
D. The aptitude test makes the decision, and it is never wrong.

True/False Chapters 5-8
_____ 5. The Chief Elder is elected every 4 years like the President of the United States.

Chapters 9-10 Short Answer
1. Tell a piece of evidence from these chapters that indicate the Giver does not follow the society’s rules?

Chapter 11
_____ 2. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. When The Giver fully transmits a memory to Jonas, The Giver no longer remembers it.
B. The Giver states that honor is not the same as power.
C. The Giver admits he feels sadness after he shares a memory.
D. The Giver starts with sharing a good memory instead of a painful one.

Chapter 16
_____ 3. Jonas learns about all of these from memories EXCEPT which one?
A. companionship between animals and humans
B. how painful birth is for the birthmothers
C. the warmth of love
D. the concept of grandparents

Chapter 21
_____ 7. Asher tried to stop Jonas from leaving, so Jonas punched Asher. (If students only saw the movie and didn't read this chapter, they will miss this question because the movie and book differ here. Oh, yes, I do that to kids! I want them to read the assigned chapters.)

_____ 8. Jonas has no way to protect Gabriel and himself from heat-seeking planes that are searching for the two of them.

VOCABULARY -----------------------------------------------------------------------
The Giver Vocabulary Unit is a hands-on, interactive pack for the novel that can be used with or without interactive notebooks. This is a great addition to any Giver materials you may already have. It includes activities and tasks that are fun for active learners. This unit also comes with quizzes, answer keys, and an editable file for the quizzes in case you wish to make changes. The 3 quizzes also come in 2 versions each to deter cheaters.

Chapter 1 - template for 5 words along with writing.
Chapters 3-4 - instructions for 3 words.
Chapters 5-6 - template for 8 words
Review competitions in the form of a puzzle for chapters 1-6
Quiz on chapters 1-6 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions.

Chapters 7-8 - Word Posters instructions and rubric - covers 10 words
Chapters 9-10 - Instructions for 5 words.
Chapters 11-12 - Instructions for 3 words
Memory Review game for chapters 7-12- game pieces included
Quiz on chapters 7-12 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions

Chapters 13-14 - Template for 8 words.
Chapters 15-18 - Instructions for 3 words.
Chapters 19-23 - Template for 10 words
Slap It game for to review chapters 13-23 - game cards included
Quiz on chapters 13-23 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions.

Sample quiz questions:

_____ Which type of person would most likely get a job working with people? The applicant
A. who chastises clients.
B. who bewilders clients.
C. who announces clients’ transgressions.
D. who appears to have merriment.

_____ Which two words are most similar in meaning?
A. exhilarating and jaunty
B. spontaneously and ruefully
C. precision and prohibition
D. intricate and acquisition

_____ The siblings screamed out in sheer ___________ after each had annoyed the other to the brink of madness.
A. solace
B. sinuous
C. exasperation
D. lethargy

REVIEW GAME ----------------------------------------------------------------------
The Giver Review comes with optional activities for games or task cards. Everything you need is included. There are 70 questions with answers.

Instructions for several options.
Student-centered Game Instruction Sheet for group game.
Home, first, second, and third bases for the Whole Class Baseball Option.
70 short answer questions for The Giver
Task Cards Student Answer Sheet
Task Cards Answer Key

FINAL TEST ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Giver Test comes with some options to fit teachers' needs. The test is a mix of levels of questions from basic comprehension to higher order thinking.

Option 1 (if you need something that can be graded quickly and objectively):
20 Multiple choice, 22 True/False, and 8 Matching
Comes in 2 versions with Answer Key
Editable file included

Option 2 (if you want some writing included):
20 Multiple Choice, 16 True/False, 3 short answer, and 1 essay
Comes in 2 versions with Answer Key
2 Different essay options to choose from
Editable file included

Of course, you could always give the objective test and save the essay part of the test for an out-of-class assignment for a separate grade.

Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following is NOT a theme in the novel?
A. Memories shape who people become.
B. A society that appears perfect may have flaws within.
C. A painful past is best forgotten.
D. Wisdom can be gained through memories.

2. One can infer from the text that Jonas’s mother _______________.
A. believes in members of society following the rules.
B. believes Birthmother is a more honorable job than Nurturer.
C. thinks the Committee of Elders needs to watch people longer before assigning jobs.
D. believes all of these are true.

3. Why does this society no longer have cold weather?
A. The sun is moving closer to Earth.
B. Climate Control
C. A man-made force field surrounds the community.
D. Sameness

4. Jonas comes to understand that
A. his father has done nothing wrong since he doesn’t realize he is killing the babies.
B. his friends and family can’t experience memories even though he tries to give them some.
C. Giver has been lying to him about the truth.
D. His family unit loves him very much.

5. The video recording of the baby being released by Jonas’s father is the climax of the novel.
6. Jonas is a round and static character.
7. The main antagonist in the novel is the Chief Elder.

Short Answer:
8. Based on inferences from the novel, what does the author suggest about Sameness?

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES --------------------------------------------------------
Reading Guides
Gallery Walk
Poem Writing
Notebook Rubric for Grading
Collaborative Learning

You really do have everything you need all in one packet! Students will definitely be engaged with all of the hands-on activities this Giver Unit Plan includes.
Total Pages
139 pages
Answer Key
Included with rubric
Teaching Duration
1 month
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