The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample Download)

The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample
The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample
The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample
The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample
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What is the I-Math Program?

The I-Math Program is a collection of nineteen different mathematical problem-solving activities. Each title, which contains from one to eight pages, starts with simple questions that serve to establish a student’s basic level of understanding of a concept that will be covered in that particular series. The questions then slowly become more complex as variations to the problem are introduced.

What does the “I” in The I-Math Program stand for?

The “I” in I-Math stands for the word “incremental.” The concepts in the program are developed in incremental steps, and the problems range from very easy to moderately difficult. There are 68 worksheets in this book, covering 19 different problem types.

Can The I-Math Program be used as a mathematics curriculum?

No. The I-Math Program is not designed to serve as an independent mathematics curriculum. The 68 worksheets cover many skills typically taught in elementary and middle school, and teachers can use the worksheets in order to provide an activity at the start of the class, supplement instruction, offer students a change of pace from part of their daily routine in the traditional math class, or provide them with homework practice. The I-Math Program worksheets are especially appealing to students in Special Education and Alternative Education Programs.

Why do some I-Math activities have only one page,
while others have as many as eight?

Some of the concepts can be developed and understood on only one activity page, while other types of problems have many variations. Those variations are explored over the course of several pages.

What often happens when a student uses one of The I-Math Program pages?

Frequently, after just a few minutes of work, a proud student will bring a completed paper to the teacher’s desk to be marked, expecting to receive a grade of 100%. It often comes as a shock when the student sees that four, five, six, or even more answers have been marked wrong! The student often protests, insisting that the answer key must be incorrect. However, it is found that most mistakes occur because the student read the problems incorrectly. The I-Math Program forces students to read questions carefully in order to be successful.

How can a teacher use the accompanying I-Math Program sample?

Teachers can give their students some or all of the 57 problems contained in the accompanying I-Math program sample as time permits or whenever a particular concept is being taught. Let the success of the students serve as the guide as to which of the worksheets they should receive. Those in need of remedial help will likely benefit from the first and easiest page in a series, while gifted students might be challenged only when solving the most difficult problems contained on the last page in a title.

How are the worksheets ordered in the I-Math Program?

The I-Math Program worksheets are arranged in alphabetical order. No attempt was made to place the pages into a developmental sequence of skills because many of the skills are taught to students over the course of several grade levels.

What math skills are covered in the I-Math Program?

ALGEBRA VALUES Complete basic algebraic calculations.
BORROWING FROM THE BANK Calculate simple interest.
CUTTING THE CAKE, ETC. Calculate fractions with different denominators.
CUTTING THE ROPE Compare and calculate various lengths.
DIFFERENT AGES Compare and calculate various ages.
DIFFERENT COLORS Calculate fractions with different denominators.
DIFFERENT DENOMINATORS Calculate fractions with different denominators.
DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS Compare locations given in word problems to calculate one distance from another.
DOUBLING YOUR MONEY, ETC. Develop an understanding of the concept of doubling, tripling, etc.
FACTORY PRODUCTION Calculate amounts created in a specified amount of time.
FIND THE NEXT NUMBER Discover patterns between numbers.
LEAVING THE STATION Calculate one distance from another when time is a factor.
MALES & FEMALES, ETC. Compare two amounts when conditions are specified.
ODDS & EVENS Discover the numerical values when conditions are specified.
RAISING MONEY FOR CHARITY Calculate monetary or numerical value when conditions are specified.
SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS Manipulate whole numbers, fractions and percents to complete a calculation.
TRAVEL DISTANCES Manipulate fractions to calculate mileage when various conditions are specified.
TWOS, THREES, FOURS Calculate different combinations when given various groupings.
USING MATH LANGUAGES Compare and manipulate fractions, decimals and percentages to solve problems.

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The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample
The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample
The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample
The I-MATH Program: Incremental Word Problems (Free Sample