The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion

The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion
The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion
The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion
The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion
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“How Does Tiny New Zealand Kick Mighty America’s Butt in Achieving Student Literacy Year After year?” I Learned Their Secrets and I am Going to Spill the Beans!

Tiny New Zealand has been trouncing the United States for years with a literacy success that is admired throughout the world. Guess what, you can emulate their techniques in your own classroom!

What Are Some of the Ingredients of a New Zealand Style Lesson that You Can Use to Jazz up in Your Lessons in Just Minutes?

1. Create integrated lessons that immerse students in language

2. When possible, integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening, subject integration, and cooperative learning in lesson plans

3. Use a variety of teaching techniques

4. Show connections between what is being taught and the real world

Besides giving you specific methods as to how you can incorporate the building blocks of an integrated lesson, the lesson planner has some important bonuses for your classroom:


Cultural Literacy Terms…interesting, motivational, attention grabbers:

“Cultural literacy refers to a body of information that shared by literate Americans” E.D. Hirsch, Jr. Many on my terms, phrases and tidbits of information on my list comes from Hirsch’s book “The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy.” A great way to start a class is by introducing one of these high interest terms : Samples-American Dream, At Logger Heads, Spelunker, Rube Goldberg, cross the Rubicon, Waterloo, Renaissance Man, and Canary in a mineshaft .
You can create your own list of cultural literacy terms tailored your subject.

Student Recitations …build student confidence:

Here is an old idea that was popular years ago but has fallen out of favor over the years. Students may protest, but students are assigned poems or text to be memorized and recited to the class. Here are ideas for doing recitations in your class. The benefits of doing recitations are many. One of the benefits of doing recitations is that students gain confidence speaking in front of the class.

Journal Writing Across the Curriculum…to write it is to learn it:
Here is another powerful teaching tool that can be beneficial to students in all subject areas and at every grade level. Some of the approaches covered here include reaction pieces, first person pieces, journal exchanges, anticipation pieces and more. A list of writing prompts is included.

The Power of Notebooks…so many uses to enhance learning:

It’s difficult to imagine a class where maintaining a notebook is not a classroom requirement. A notebook can provide a record of everything done in class. Every subject has important notes and information and what better place to record them than in a notebook? Maintaining a notebook is a learning activity in itself. Included are suggestions for notebook divisions.

Praise…motivate students to new heights:

There are many opportunities where a student deserves praise and teachers should be aware of these moments. Here is a list of nuggets of gold in the form of words and phrases teachers can use to praise students. Included, is an experiment teachers can use in their classroom that will demonstrate the power of praise.

Brief List of Remaining Bonuses:

Writing-digging for details… students learn to elaborate with pertinent details in their writing

The Writer’s Tool Box…fire up student writing using these tools
Here is a list of techniques and ideas that can spice up any piece of writing.

Biblical Allusions…a positive and powerful extension of our vocabulary:
Here is a list of biblical allusions that are found everywhere in all kinds of writing , both fiction and nonfiction.

Writing with Pictures…a picture really is worth a thousand words:
Do you want to motivate your students to write? Using pictures can promote some powerful writing pieces. This technique works well in all subjects. Here are tips and considerations to help integrate this strategy in your classroom.

The Newspaper… a text book for all subjects:

The newspaper is a veritable gold mine for teaching in every subject area. Here is a list of newspaper terms along with various writing ideas. Students can write editorials, advice columns, news stories and so much more. There are too many ideas to list them here.

Nonfiction… writing that lubricates the wheels of civilization:
Here we find out why!

The Learning Explosion Lesson Builder can show you how to integrate all the above teaching techniques into a New Zealand style lesson that engages students. When students are engaged, they learn.
And yes, the techniques in the Lesson Builder Learning Explosion will work with the Common Core or any other type of instruction where motivation to learn is needed!

I have testimonials but they are very long. Here is a partial one:

"The power of the book is that the students enjoy
the experience! Buy this lesson builder to revitalize your teaching mission and you will not be disappointed".
Susan Embser Voyager Academy, Durham, North Carolina

Okay, here is one more:

The Learning Explosion Lesson Builder authored by John Lundgren is a constant source of ideas. Enthusiastic learners thrive in the classroom when provided with an abundance of opportunities to demonstrate their understanding.

This resource is packed with unique lesson plan ideas that can be implemented with positive results for a multitude of diverse learners.
There are a broad range of lessons that promote the formulation of opinions, enrich discussions and promote creative projects. I would encourage all of you to use this tool to enhance your lessons. It has been incredibly helpful for me.

Tina Luke Cambridge, NY


In the rare event that you feel that this product is not a bargain, I will grant you a refund with no questions asked.

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The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion
The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion
The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion
The Lesson Builder Learning Explosion