The "SECRETS" of the Superhero Vowels™ (from The Secret Stories® Class Set!)

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If you have always wanted to try the SECRET STORIES®
then this plump little pack contains everything needed to crack the "secrets" of the vowels! (And it's the perfect "appetizer" to wet your students' appetite for MORE reading and writing SECRETS™!)

*This pack does NOT include all of the SECRET STORIES® posters, which are only available only on the SECRET STORIES® website.

This pack DOES include everything needed to teach all of the "secrets" about the Superhero Vowels™, including: Sneaky Y™, Mommy e™, the Babysitter Vowels™ and the blends!

Did you know that there are grown-up reading and writing "secrets" that explain WHY letters don't always make the sounds that they should in words? Knowing the SECRETS™ of the English Language makes reading and writing a breeze... for both teachers and learners, alike!

With the SECRETS™, even the earliest learners can enjoy easy access to the hardest phonics skills, and increase momentum in both reading AND writing!

This plump little pack was ripped right from the SECRET STORIES® Class Kit! It contains everything needed to teach (and assess!) the long and short vowel sounds, including their SECRETS™!

Additionally, the SECRETS™ for Mommy E™, Sneaky Y™, and the Babysitter Vowels™ are also, a few extra ones!
(Shhhh, don't tell!!)

As an added bonus, the "Super-Sonic-Phonic-Blender" ($6.50) has also been included FREE in this pack to build up learners' skill-automaticity in decoding and encoding the blends in-conjunction with the long and short vowels!

A Little More Information, for those Interested...
The brain-based tools in this pack make learning the short vowel sounds as simple as a game of "Pretend!"

Through dramatic, action-based cuing, learners literally "fall" right into each of the short vowel auditory/ cognitive-processing required!!

Instead of trying to 'identify and recall' sounds cognitively, these patterns are connected to 'social-emotive' cues, and are stored as such within the brain. In this way the information may be easily acquired and immediately accessed!

For example,
All of the vowels are 'Superheroes' with the power to "say their name!" (think 'Clark Kent' in Superman!)

But when they're NOT using their super powers, they wear a 'SHORT and LAZY" disguise so they won't be recognized!

So, when E is being short and lazy, she'll plop an 'old lady bun' on her head and pretend she can't hear, saying "EHHHHH?? What did you say... EHHH????" ........ and that's her short and lazy sound!

The letter U will just sit in the back of the class and pretend not to listen, appearing to never know the answer to any questions the teacher asks. He just scratches his head and says......"Uhhhhhh......uhhhhhh..." and that's HIS short and lazy sound!

By simply aligning these seemingly 'random' phonemic skill to the way our brains learn best, they become easily accessible and immediately available to learners for reading and writing!

No more telling kids, "It just is... It just does... You'll just have to remember!" Now you know the SECRETS™!

For best use, check out this video clip on YouTube about the SECRET STORIES Superhero Vowels™!

Subscribe to the SECRET STORIES Session Blog for more "secret" tips and tricks, as well as the best, FREE "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools and other fun stuff- including upcoming "Free Download Window" postings!

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For more on the SECRET STORIES® phonics "secrets" for Reading & Writing, visit

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Digital Download
The "SECRETS" of the Superhero Vowels™ (from The Secret St
The "SECRETS" of the Superhero Vowels™ (from The Secret St
The "SECRETS" of the Superhero Vowels™ (from The Secret St
The "SECRETS" of the Superhero Vowels™ (from The Secret St