The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project

The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project
The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project
The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project
The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project
The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project
The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project
The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project
The Scarlet Letter Unit - Vocabulary, Quizzes, Activities, Test, Project
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The Scarlet Letter Unit includes everything you need to teach this novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This unit is challenging and fun with a variety of strategies to reach a variety of learners.

This unit contains the following:

Daily Lesson Plans

Bell Ringers

Vocabulary Tasks

Activities that require higher order thinking, drawing, discussion, reading non-fiction relative texts, analysis, creativity, application, competitions, close reading, video suggestions, synthesis, and more. Students will also delve into simile, metaphor, personification, oxymoron, onomatopoeia, allusion, and irony through challenging tasks.

Real-life Connections

Quizzes - There is a quiz for every 3 chapters. Each quiz comes in 2 versions and is editable.
Chapters 1 - 3 (10 multiple choice) and 10 vocabulary (multiple choice)
Chapters 4 - 6 (10 true/false)
Chapters 7 - 9 (9 multiple choice and 3 true/false) and 3 vocabulary (multiple choice)
Chapters 10 -12 (5 multiple choice and 10 true/false) and 5 vocabulary (multiple choice)
Chapters 13 - 15 (5 multiple choice and 5 true/false)
Chapters 16-18 (7 multiple choice and 8 true/false)
Chapters 19-21 (8 multiple choice and 7 true/false
Chapters 22-24 (7 multiple choice and 5 true/false)
Chapters 13-24 Vocabulary Quiz (15 multiple choice and 5 sentence writing)

Final Test - 30 multiple-choice questions, 10 True/False, 5 Explanatory Writing (which are questions that require an explanation rather than a short answer), and an essay option.

Project suggestion with rubric

You will love the variety and rigor that this unit provides.
Sample Quiz Questions:

_____ 3. Which punishment(s) do the women of the town want Hester Prynne to receive?
A. branding on her forehead
B. lashings on her back
C. death
D. A and B only
E. A and C only

_____ 9. Which word best describes the majority of Puritans found so far in chapters 1-3?
A. forgiving
B. strict
C. loving
D. sympathetic

Chapter 5 - True/False
_____ 5. Hester moves into an apartment in the middle of town so that people can look upon the letter daily and remind Hester of her sin.
_____ 6. Hester's needlework is not worn by wealthy, powerful individuals because they are too good to wear anything that adulterous's hands have stitched.

Chapter 8
_____ 9. Which is NOT a hint that Dimmesdale is the father of Pearl?
A. Hester asks her pastor to stand up for her and let her keep her child since he is her minister and knows her well.
B. Pearl holds Dimmesdale's hand and lays her cheek against it.
C. Pearl holds her hand over her heart and points to Dimmesdale.
D. Chillingworth mentions that Dimmesdale speaks with sincerity regarding Hester and Pearl.

Chapter 10
_____1. "He now dug into the poor clergyman's heart like a miner searching for gold; or rather like a sexton delving into a grave, possibly in quest of a jewel that has been buried on the dead man's bosom" (Hawthorne 125). What is true about this statement?
A. It contains similes that demonstrate the intensity of Chillingworth's search.
B. It contains personification to lighten the mood of Chillingworth's search.
C. It contains foreshadowing that Chillingworth will get tired of his quest.
D. It contains a metaphor comparing Chillingworth to a grave.

_____4. At the end of the chapter, Chillingworth finds Dimmesdale asleep. Chillingworth pulls back Dimmesdale's shirt and finds
A. an envelope with a letter written by Hester that Dimmesdale keeps close to his heart.
B. sores all over Dimmesdale's chest due to poison ivy from the woods.
C. the book doesn't exactly say, but the sight makes Chillingworth happy.
D. Pearl's name etched with a knife into Dimmesdale's skin over his heart.

Chapter 15 - True/False
_____9. Hester threatens to lock Pearl in a closet if Pearl does not stop teasing Hester.

_____10. Hester finally explains to Pearl the truth about the meaning of the scarlet letter that Hester wears on her chest.

Chapter 17
_____6. Which is NOT true of this chapter?
A. Dimmesdale holds Hester's hand in the forest.
B. Hester regrets keeping Chillingworth's identity a secret.
C. Dimmesdale explains to Hester that he has finally found peace.
D. Dimmesdale admits Hester is stronger than he is.

Chapter 19
_____2. Which best describes Dimmesdale's parenting approach as seen in this chapter?
A. Reward children for their good deeds.
B. Give children what they want in order to pacify them.
C. Discipline children harshly according to Puritan code.
D. Spanking is best for bratty children.

Chapter 21
_____13. What does Pearl notice about the minister in this chapter?
A. He acknowledges Hester and Pearl in private but not in public.
B. He has a mark on his chest in the shape of the letter A.
C. He wears the clothes that her mother has sewn for him.
D. He doesn't carry his Bible with him for the Election Day sermon.

Chapter 23 True/False
_____6. During Dimmesdale's confession, he reveals that Chillingworth is really Hester's husband.

_____7. Pearl kisses Dimmesdale since he has finally acknowledged her in public.

_____8. At the end of the chapter, Dimmesdale's remarks before he dies shows his bitterness towards God for all that has happened.

Chapter 24
_____10. What theme is directly stated in this chapter?
A. "Be true!" B. "Accept destiny." C. "Love others." D. "Give wholly."

Sample Test Questions:

_____1. In the first chapter when the Puritans settled into the new land to form a Utopia, they constructed a prison quickly. What literary element does this situation represent?
A. dramatic irony B. hyperbole C. situational irony D. parody

_____ 16. Which literary device does this quote show: "Vanity, it may be, chose to mortify itself by putting on, for ceremonials of pomp and state, the garments that had been wrought by her sinful hands"?
A. allusion B. metaphor C. simile D. personification E. C and D

_____ 22. Which theme does NOT apply to the novel?
A. Things are not always as they appear to be.
B. Be honest.
C. Mistakes have consequences than cannot be escaped.
D. Revenge is sometimes necessary to teach a lesson.

_____ 30. Which character does NOT change during the novel?
A. Mistress Hibbins B. Pearl C. Chillingworth D. Dimmesdale

_____ 39. Chillingworth expresses regret for torturing Dimmesdale.

Explanatory Writing
45. Is Hester a dynamic or static character? Prove with evidence.
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