The Science Behind Losing Weight- The Reality of Weightloss

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Updated book with new research Jan 1, 2017.

I lost my weight using what I learned in my science degree and continued studies in the body anatomy and physiology and fitness research. The fads and diets are created to make money and sell books and they tell you what you want to hear. In this book I tell you what you don't want to hear. But I also tell you the good news. You can cheat, you don't have to join a gym, I give you ways to exercise when you don't have time and how to fit it into your daily life in unexpected ways. I tell you why most people fail and how to work around all 9 things that can cause failure. I even help you with the lack of motivation. Did you know lack of motivation is written into your DNA? We talk psychology and the subconscious mind, real food science and habits. This is my second best selling book for a reason.
What you will find here.
I make some statements here are that my opinion. However, many statements are based on research. Some of the information based on research is controversial and defies modern conventional thinking. As with my other work, many people don’t like going against established conventional, media promoted thought, even if there’s research to prove otherwise. If you are not willing to inquire about foods you eat, how you eat and why you eat, then I encourage you not to bother with this book. I go beyond the typical and give to you, cutting edge technology and research on hormones, diet, weight lifting and the brain and how it all helps keep you fat or thin. I am a skeptical person and do not believe something unless I can study it and find enough reason to begin to sway my opinion. At this point I found more than enough research to sway my opinion on many matters of current social beliefs and media hyped myths.

What you will not find here.
You will not find a diet that will take your hand and tell you what to buy at the store. Nor will you find packaged foods or recipes. I am not a guru. I will teach you about your body’s physiology and how it’s made to hang on to weight and how to help it let go. Unfortunately society has it all wrong and I have been shaking my head at diet books for years. While you have asked me to write this book after watching my weightloss, I think I was more relieved to finally get it said than you are that I wrote it.

Table of Contents

Eye Opener- Beginning Assignment and Diets
Pictures of me at each size from 14 to size 5.

Chapter 1 The Big Picture and Some Motivation
Chapter 2 The Basics- Nutrition
Chapter 3 Some Food Science and The Food Industry
Chapter 4 Diet Foods, Artificial Sweetener, and Fat Free Foods
The Lab Created Food Products
Chapter 5 Appetite, Hunger, Food, Calories and Premature Aging
Chapter 6 How To Cheat and How To Eat Pizza, Burgers,
Cakes and Fries
Chapter 7 Wake Up Call
Chapter 8 Taking Time For Yourself
Chapter 9 Cardio Work Without Hating It
Chapter 10 Lifting Weight
Chapter 11 The Three Other Forms of Exercise
Chapter 12 Exercising When You Don’t Have Time
Chapter 13 Choose A Sport
Chapter 14 Nine Reasons Why People Fail
Chapter 15 Cravings
Chapter 16 The Mind /Body Connection
Epilogue- Years Later and Imagery Results

Appendix A: An Article by Teresa Bondora
What Men Know That Women Don’t
Appendix B:
Practical Tips For Eating On The Run, Holidays, Travel and When You Just Can’t Stop Eating

My qualifications
I pulled from my years of science reading, research and keeping up with the latest information, the books on fad diets people asked me to read and tell them, as a scientist, what I thought. I pulled from my 8 years in therapy, an outpatient program in codependence, 12 journals, 25+ books, 6 therapists, and confronting my feelings and reasons why I did what I did. I pulled from the Weigh Down diet, to Atkins, from the Grapefruit diet, to pills to lose weight to natural methods, I had read and thought about them all. I knew biology. I pulled from my college degree in science with classes in anatomy, physiology, cellular biology, kinesiology (body mechanics), physics, body chemistry, and exercise physiology. I pulled from my experiences as a cheerleader in high school and college and weight training and being a gymnastics teacher. I pulled from my extensive studies of thought, herbal medicine, including meditation, yoga and breathing. I pulled from my 15 years of reading the latest research on the body’s chemistry and metabolism and how we keep, lose and burn fat. I subscribe to 4 different scientific magazines and journals. I got creative and worked with the limited money and time I had while trying to be a Homeschool, homemaker wife, in a one income family.
And the weight dropped off.
I built my web site during this time and invented my periodic table as well as writing the Teaching Science workshop, and I spent a lot of time sitting at the computer. But when I finished the site, the workshop and the weight loss, I was able to post my picture on the site weighing 40 pounds less than I weighed when I started and less than I weighed as a senior in high school. And I have weighed 115 lbs for 3 years now. I share my years of what I put together, and tell you the real way to let your body let go of the fat it is storing. Notice I said LET your body let go of the fat. It wants to, it’s just a matter of knowing how to work WITH your body.
No Time
I understand many of you are very overwhelmed with being parents, teaching your children, keeping your homes, working and nurturing those in your lives. You probably do not have the kind of time you need to devote to exercise. I address this too and you’ll find that what I write will speak to losing the weight when you don’t have time because that’s how I had to do it. I just did not have time to devote to me. I also hear you, “Will this hurt, be uncomfortable, how much will I have to suffer and will I fail this time too?” Suffering is absolutely not a part of anything we will do, on the contrary. That’s just not right. You will learn how to exercise in a way that you will never hate it and it won’t be work. As a matter of fact, you’ll like it and eventually crave it.
Let me warn you that you may get fed up. You may feel discouraged sometimes. Any program that tells you, you shouldn’t or won’t, is not being realistic. That sets you up to fail. So lets say it now that you may get frustrated and disappointed and discouraged and you may give up for a day only to get back on and keep trying. You are supposed to, you are changing habits, possibly dealing with withdrawals from some food addictions and trying to teach your body some new tricks. All of this is okay and we’ll talk about that as well. We give you tools to cope, to expect this, as proof you are doing the right work and that you’re normal and moving through the right journey. Let frustration, discouragement, and disappointment be your signposts. And thank them for the place they take in your full range of being a human on a journey to learning a new way.
I am a big believer in simplicity. You will find that I give you general guidelines on eating. But you will not find a meal plan or numbers. I have a chapter on nutrition to teach you some basics. I teach you changes to make.

Instead we will spend the bulk of our time talking about how you can work with your body to transform yourself into the you that’s strong and capable and fit. While what you eat is important, it’s not so important that we’re going to obsess on it. Actually it’s important that you eat as normally and close to what you know and feel good about, as possible. I want you to cheat and eat some junk too.
I also give you tips to foil cravings and teach you about the biology of feeling full and tricks to make you not hungry and how you will feel and cycle and what your body will do to you. These things are why people fail. And if you stick with me, we’re going to stop all that.
Grab this book and let's get going to the one thing you can do starting now, and over time turn into a healthier fitter you and let's help you stay that way.
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