"The Scientist Rap" song "Got the Flow: The Hip-Hop Diary of a Young Rapper"

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"The Scientist Rap" rap & hip-hop song from the upcoming book "Got the Flow: The Hip Hop Diary of a Young Rapper" by Carlos Salinas.

The main character of the book ("Got the Flow: The Hip-Hop Diary of a Young Rapper") 16-year-old Troy Jones challenges his science teacher that he can write an educational and positive rap song about science without any cursing. He promises to include the legendary scientists: Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Nicola Tesla, and Thomas Edison. His teacher, Mrs. Hass, makes him perform it in front of the entire class for his passing grade. He is determined to become a successful rapper to give his mom a better life. If he can write a clean, educational song, then he is a better rapper for having met the challenge. Inspired by losing his first two rap battles, he is determined to win the third one. The book is due out Fall 2017. Free excerpt and updates at carlossalinaswriting.com! Thanks for listening!

“The Scientist Rap” Lyrics

“(This goes out to Mrs. Hass’ Science Class,
Y’all pay attention)
Tesla was the master of electricity,
He wasn’t always cool with Thomas Edison but he
Did his own research and in some time,
Developed some inventions that would blow ya mind, Like the Tesla Coil made to increase the power,
Talk about reachin’ new heights, he was a tower,
They say that he also made his own death ray,
But it was too deadly so he threw the plans away,

Which brings me to a guy named Thomas Edison,
Believed by some to have stolen some inventions,
Two thousand three hundred ‘n’ twenty-two
Is how many patents he claimed but he only made a few,
When creatin’ the light bulb he tried and tried,
Failed over 10,000 times but took it all in stride,
The townspeople saw how he lit up the dark,
So they named him “The Wizard of Menlo Park”

Now we go to my good friend Albert Einstein
Whose theory of relativity would one day combine
The idea that time and space were relative,
A brilliant idea that he wouldn’t outlive,

He said that energy and matter were the same,
Wrote e=mc2 ’n’ changed the game,
His name now means genius in any tongue
He’s known all over the world to both old and young
(Check it, y'all listenin? Ha.)

Lemme rap about the legendary Isaac Newton,
He developed calculus and walked away provin’
That the sun was the center of the solar system
And not the Earth, breakin’ the tradition,
His 3 laws of motion are still used today,
The first says an object in motion will stay
In motion ‘til touched by an outside force
The second shows how velocity changes course,
When force is equal to the change in momentum
The third one is kinda like a rule of thumb,
And says that for each and every action
There’s always an equal but opposite reaction
Ya might’ve heard the story ‘bout that apple that fell,
On top of his head but no one can tell
If the story is fake or if it’s true
But that’s somethin’ that I’ll leave up to you,

And remember that this new sound is called Intellirap,
Cuz not all rappers fall into the ignorance trap,
So that’s the science rap, boys and girls,
Scientists that contributed and changed the world.”
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