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    84 Activities. 12 Units of study. Micro and Macro. Every activity that you need to teach an entire full year Economics course offered in a single bundle! There's nothing better out there. We guarantee it!

    Are you looking to add state of the art, engaging, and impactful activities to your classroom arsenal, but don't have the time to create it all? Do you want to convert your class into a "21st century" learning environment? This ONE OF A KIND bundle can revolutionize your classroom and flip the way your students learn economics, and it's only a click away!

    This incredible "Ultimate Economics Course Activity Bundle" includes:

    1) All 91 multi-dimensional activities that we include in our Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Unit Activity Bundles:

    Introduction to Economics Unit Activity Bundle

    Supply and Demand Unit Activity Bundle

    Theory of Consumer Choice Unit Activity Bundle

    Perfectly Competitive Firms Unit Activity Bundle

    Imperfectly Competitive Firms Unit Activity Bundle

    Factor Markets Unit Activity Bundle

    Market Failures and Government's Role Unit Activity Bundle

    Measuring Economic Performance Unit Activity Bundle

    Aggregate Supply and Demand Unit Activity Bundle

    Fiscal Policy Unit Activity Bundle

    Monetary Policy Unit Activity Bundle

    The Open Global Economy Unit Activity Bundle

    These activities will challenge your students to not only understand the material, but read and draw conclusions from economic data and graphs. By the time your students have completed these activities, they will have a great foundation from which they can scaffold learning through micro and macroeconomics!

    This bundle is ideal for either the Advanced Placement or regular economics classroom! We've used our decades worth of economics experience and the same tools we've used to achieve a 93% AP EXAM PASS RATE to design activities to help your students succeed. Our activities touch multiple learning styles and traverse a wide range of challenge levels by asking students to:

    * Define basic economic terms

    * Make predictions

    * Analyze economic data and draw conclusions

    * Label graphs

    * Draw graphs

    * Apply what they've learned to real-life examples

    Each activity in this bundle aligns with our “You/Will/Love Economics” video lectures, available on our YouTube channel:

    Introduction to Economics - Video Lectures

    Supply and Demand - Video Lectures

    Theory of Consumer Choice - Video Lectures

    Perfectly Competitive Firms - Video Lectures (COMING SOON)

    Imperfectly Competitive Firms - Video Lectures (COMING SOON)

    Factor Markets - Video Lectures (COMING SOON)

    Market Failures and Government's Role - Video Lectures (COMING SOON)

    Measuring Economic Performance- Video Lectures

    The Aggregate Economy - Video Lectures

    Fiscal Policy - Video Lectures

    Monetary Policy - Video Lectures

    The Open Global Economy - Video Lectures

    3) 12 Unit Key Term lists

    4) A Cornell Notes template to structure your student's note taking methods

    This bundle covers the following topics in the field of Microeconomics:

    --Introduction to Economics--

    * Scarcity

    * Trade-offs and Opportunity Cost

    * Marginal Analysis and Decision-making

    * Economic Participants and Interactions

    * Free-Market, Centrally-Planned, and Mixed Economic Systems

    * Production Possibilities

    * Production Possibilities Curves

    * Shifting PPCs

    * The Benefits of Trade

    * Comparative and Absolute Advantage

    * The Circular Flow Model

    * Voluntary Exchange

    --Supply and Demand--

    * Market Demand

    * Market Supply

    * Market Equilibrium and Disequilibrium

    * Market Surplus and Market Shortage

    * Changes in Supply and Demand

    * Government Intervention in the Market

    * Price Controls, Quotas, and Subsidies

    * Excise Taxes and Tax Incidence

    * Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus, and Deadweight Loss

    * The Price Elasticity of Supply and Demand

    * Calculating the Price Elasticity Coefficient

    * The Total Revenue Test

    --The Theory of Consumer Choice--

    * Marginal Utility

    * The Law of Diminishing Utility

    * Marginal Utility per Dollar

    * Utility Maximization with Limited Income

    * Cross-Price Elasticity

    * Substitute Good and Complementary Goods

    * Income Elasticity

    * Normal Good and Inferior Goods

    --Perfectly Competitive Firms--

    * Marginal Product

    * Diminishing Marginal Returns

    * The Relationship between MC and MP

    * Production Costs for Firms

    * Calculating FC, VC, TC, MC, AFC, AVC, and AFC for Firms

    * Graphing the FC, VC, TC, MC, AFC, AVC, and AFC curves for Firms

    * Profit Maximization and the Profit Maximization Point

    * The Long-Run Average Total Cost Curve

    * Economies of Scale and Diseconomies of Scale

    * The Characteristics of Perfectly Competitive Firms

    * Perfect Competitors as "Price Takers"

    * Graphing Perfect Competitors

    * Side-by-Side Graphs of Competitive Industries and Firms

    * Economic Profits, Losses, and Normal Profit for Competitive Firms

    * Graphing Perfect Competitors in the Long-Run

    --Imperfectly Competitive Firms--

    * The Characteristics of Imperfectly Competitive Firms

    * Imperfect Competitors as "Price Makers"

    * Graphing Imperfect Competitors

    * Economic Profits, Losses, and Normal Profit for Imperfect Competitors

    * Graphing Imperfect Competitors in the Long-Run

    * Monopolies

    * Monopolistic Inefficiencies

    * Graphing CS, PS, and DWL for Monopolies

    * Fair Return and Socially Optimal Regulation of Monopolies

    * Price Discrimination

    * Monopolistically Competitive Firms

    * Monopolistic Competitors in the Long-Run

    * Oligopolies

    * Price Leadership

    * Collusion and Cartels

    * Game Theory

    --Factor Markets--

    * Resource Supply and Demand

    * Derived Demand

    * Marginal Revenue Product (MRP)

    * Marginal Resource Cost (MRC)

    * The Hiring of Workers

    * Perfectly Competitive Labor Markets

    * Firms that Hire in Perfectly Competitive Labor Markets

    * Factor Pricing in the Markets for Land and Capital

    * Monopsonies

    --Market Failures and Government's Role--

    * Public vs. Private Goods

    * The Free Rider Problem

    * The Market for Public Goods

    * Marginal Social Benefit and Marginal Social Cost

    * Positive and Negative Externalities

    * The Market for Pollution Permits

    * The Coase Theorem

    * The Socially Optimal Level of Pollution Cleanup

    * The Poverty Rate

    * The Causes and Effects of Poverty

    * The Lorenz Curve

    * Income Distribution and Income Inequality

    * Progressive, Proportional, and Regressive Income Taxes

    This bundle covers the following topics in the field of Macroeconomics:

    --Measuring Economic Performance--

    * The Business Cycle

    * Gross Domestic Product

    * Real and Nominal GDP

    * The Types of Unemployment

    * The Unemployment Rate

    * Full Employment

    * The Types of Inflation

    * The Effects of Inflation

    * The Consumer Price Index

    * The GDP Deflator

    * Real and Nominal Wages

    * Real and Nominal Profits

    * The Wage/Price Spiral

    --The Aggregate Economy--

    * Aggregate Demand

    * Short-Run Aggregate Supply

    * Long-Run Aggregate Supply

    * Aggregate Equilibrium and Disequilibrium

    * GDP Surplus and GDP Shortage

    * Changes in AD and AS

    * Inflationary and Recessionary Gaps

    * Classical Economic Theory and "Flexible" Wages

    * Keynesian Economic Theory and "Sticky" Wages

    * Shifts in Long-Run Aggregate Supply

    * Long-Run Economic Growth and Contraction

    * Returning to Equilibrium without Government Policy

    --Fiscal Policy--

    * The Types of Fiscal Policy

    * The Effects of Fiscal Policy

    * Marginal Propensities to Consume and Save

    * The Multiplier Effect

    * The Spending Multiplier and Tax Multiplier

    * The Federal Budget

    * The Impact of Fiscal Policies on the Federal Budget

    * Time Lags in Fiscal Policy Use

    * "Crowding Out" and "Crowding In"

    * The "Net Export" Effect

    * The Short-Run and Long-Run Phillips Curves

    * Movements and Shifts of the Phillips Curve

    --Monetary Policy--

    * Examples and Functions of Money

    * The M-types of Money

    * Stocks, Bonds, and Financial Assets

    * Money Supply and Demand

    * The Money Market

    * The Types of Monetary Policy

    * The Effects of Monetary Policy

    * The Federal Reserve and the Banking System

    * The Money Multiplier Effect

    * Fractional Reserve Banking

    * How Banks Work

    * Money Creation

    * Bank Balance Sheets (T-Accounts)

    * Investment Demand

    * The Loanable Funds Market

    * Loans and Credit

    * Real and Nominal Interest Rates

    --The Open Global Economy--

    * The Balance of Payments

    * Current and Capital Accounts

    * Trade Balances

    * The Foreign Exchange Market

    * Exchange Rates

    * Currency Appreciation and Depreciation

    * Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates

    * Inbound and Outbound Capital Flow

    * How Fiscal and Monetary Policies Affect Trade

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    Flip your classroom and the way your students learn economics TODAY!

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