There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Speech & Language Companion Pack

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There are 2 PDF documents filled with speech and language activities. The story book is not included in this pack. The first document includes:
Vocabulary Activities
Work on building receptive and expressive language with words from the story.
Pages 3-4: Include target vocabulary visuals to hang in your room. You can review the vocabulary throughout the week or month as you complete activities from the lessons.
Page 5-6: visual poster of ‘animals’ and ‘insects’ You can have students practice describing the animals by semantic features and/or practice naming items from a category group. You can also use these visual posters to practice answering yes/no questions such as “Was the chicken in the story?” or “Does a bunny hop?”. This poster can also be used receptively to have students identify the parts of animals/insects such as “Point to all the animals with tails.” Basic concepts you can target are “row, all, top, bottom, corner, next to, above, below, and between”. For example, you can say “which animal is between the cat and bunny?” or “Touch the animal above the fox.”
Pages 7-8: Memory match up game with the animals from the book to target the concept of matching. You can also work on MLU and have the students request “I want to find a match.” or “I have a ______.”
Pages 9-12: Venn Diagram Visuals to work on comparing/contrasting two animals from the story. A blank venn diagram is included to make your own visual posters.

Grammar Activities

Page 10: Visual sentence strips to work on present progressive (The old lady is swallowing a ______) and past tense (The old lady swallowed a _______). Use these strips while having the students retell or explain what happened in the story.
Pages 11-13: Card match ups to work on singular and plural markers.

Story Comprehension guide and visuals to work on story retell
Phonological awareness activities to work on rhyming, identifying initial and final sounds in words and word family sort.

The second document includes:

Language Activities to Use with the Old Lady and story characters

Pages 3-4: Have the students cut out and glue all the animals/insects that the old lady swallowed in her stomach. The students can color the picture and practice retelling the story working on first, then, next, last. Challenge your students to try to retell the story without the pictures and see if they can remember the order in which the old lady swallows each animal/insect. They can take this activity home to rehearse the story with their parents.

Students can make their own mini book of what happened in the story. I have also included an additional mini book for “An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Food.” Have your students create their own story about what kinds of food they would have the old lady eat. You can then have your students share their story. As they share, ask the students questions about what category the food goes in (i.e. fruits, vegetables, junk food), graph how many people picked fruits, veggies or junk food. Students can then take their book home to share with their parents.

Print the old lady on page 10 and the story characters on page 11. You can print them on card stock or magnet sheets and use them on a cookie dough tray. Have the students practice retelling the story using the pieces. You can also use the old lady and other objects/items and talk about what she swallowed. You can use magnet numbers, alphabet letters, play food, vehicles, or animals to work on other concepts such as “The old lady swallowed a car.” You can have your students find only items that contain their articulation sound such as /k/ (i..e. car, cookie, cup, candy). Students can make their own sequences (i.e. pickle, tomato, cake, bread, pizza, orange, juice). Then have them see how many items they can remember that the old lady swallowed.

Work on teaching the concepts ‘before’ and ‘after’. “Who did the old lady swallow after the cat?” or “Who did the lady swallow before the spider?”

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There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Speech & Languag
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Speech & Languag
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Speech & Languag
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Speech & Languag