Third Grade Social Studies Bundle

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This bundle includes lessons that match each of the Ohio Social Studies New Learning Standards. It contains 48 lessons! These lessons may take more than 1 day to complete. This bundle also contains the Ohio New Learning Standards for Social Studies, I can statements, Vocabulary Cards, and Assessments for Each Standard. It contains the following standards:
1.Events in local history can be shown on timelines organized by years, decades, and centuries. (3 lessons)
2.Primary sources, such as artifacts, maps and photographs, can be used to show change over time. (2 lessons)
3. Local communities change over time. (4 lessons)
4. Physical and political maps have distinctive characteristics and purposes. Places can be located on a map by using the title, key, alphanumeric grid and cardinal directions. (4 lessons)
5. Daily life is organized by the agriculture, industry and natural resources in different communities. (2 lessons)
6. Evidence of human modification of the environment can be observed in the local community. (2 lessons)
7. Systems of transportation and communication move people, products and ideas from place to place. (2 lessons)
8. Communities may include diverse cultural groups. (2 lessons)
9. Members of local communities have social and political responsibilities. (3 lessons)
10.Individuals make the community a better place by solving problems in a way that promotes the common good. (3 lessons)
11. Laws are rules which apply to all people in a community and describe ways people are expected to behave. Laws promote order and security, provide public services and protect the rights of individuals in the local community. (2 lessons)
12. Governments have authority to make and enforce laws. (2 lessons)
13. The structure of governments may differ from one community to another. (2 lessons)
14. Line graphs are used to show changes in data over time. (2 lessons)
15. Both positive and negative incentives affect people’s choices and behaviors. (2 lessons)
16. Individuals must make decisions because of the scarcity of resources. Making a decisions involves an opportunity cost, the value of the next best alternative given up when an economic choice is made. (2 lessons)
17. A consumer is a person whose wants are satisfied by using goods and services. A producers makes goods and/or provides services. (3 lessons)
18. A market is where buyers and sellers exchange goods and services. (2 lessons)
19.Making decisions involves weighing costs and benefits. (2 lessons)
20.A budget is a a plant to help people make personal economic decisions for the present and future to become more financially responsible. (2 lessons)

The following lessons are included:
History Lessons for Third Grade
*What is a timeline?
*Researching an Event in History
*Sharing What Students Have Learned
*Introducing Primary and Secondary Sources
*Teaching Students How to Find Primary Resources Using Websites
*Researching a Topic Using Primary and Secondary Resources
*Introducing How Communities Change
*Interviewing a Community Member
*Writing a Letter to Yourself
*Creating a Timeline of the Community

Government Lessons for Third Grade
*Introducing Voting
*Voting on an Issue
*Voting on Issues Extension
*Interviewing a Family Member or Someone in the School Building
*Creating a Space for Concerns
*Morning Meeting
*Acting Out Problems
*Developing a Class Constitution
*Students Examine Laws
*Learning About the Difference between a Democracy and a Dictatorship
*Why does the government have consequences for breaking the laws?
*Understanding the Structure of Local Governments
*Designing a Brochure for Your Communities Government

Economic Lessons for Third Grade
*Helping Students Understand How to Read a Line Graph
*Students Create a Line Graph
*Understanding Positive and Negative Incentives
*Sorting Positive and Negative Incentives
*Introducing Consumers and Producers
*Creating a Product
*Product Presentations
*Introducing Markets
*Looking at Markets
*Introducing Opportunity Cost
*Making an Economic Decision
*Learning About Costs and Benefits
*Weighing the Costs and Benefits
*Introducing Making a Budget
*Making a Budget

Geography Lessons for Third Grade
*What do kids already know about different cultures?
*Learning about other Cultures
*Researching Cities Resources
*Researching Your Communities Resources
*Introducing How Humans Modify the Environment
*Building a Mall
*Introducing Physical and Political Maps
*Identifying Political and Physical Maps
*Reading a Map with an Alphanumeric Grid
*Creating a Map
*Discussing Types of Transportation
*Researching Transportation and Communication in the Local Community

The lessons in this pack focus on discussion, research, and some modeling for students to learn the skills above.

Assessments for Third Grade Social Studies
This pack includes:
*32 Assessments that match Ohio's New Learning Standards. There are at least 1 assessment for each standard.

Social Studies Vocabulary Assessments
This pack includes:
*Vocabulary cards
*5 vocabulary assessments

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Third Grade Social Studies Bundle
Third Grade Social Studies Bundle
Third Grade Social Studies Bundle
Third Grade Social Studies Bundle