To Kill a Mockingbird Mega Bundle: Reading Guide, Quiz Set (of 13), Test & Keys

To Kill a Mockingbird Mega Bundle: Reading Guide, Quiz Set (of 13), Test & Keys
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This bundle promotes active reading and review of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It measures reading comprehension, encourages exploration of character development, requires students to think more deeply about meaningful quotations and excerpts, and simply holds students accountable for assigned readings. If you are teaching To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time or are simply in need of new resources to facilitate teaching the novel, this bundle may prove useful to you. For more information on the contents of this resource, continue reading the details below:

Chapters 1-3 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Point of view
• The kids' mother and father
• Calpurnia's job
• Dill
• Background on Boo
• The dare
• Walter Cunningham's philosophy
• The effects of the Great Depression on Maycomb's citizens
• Scout's fight
• The teacher's reaction to an alarming situation
• Perception of the Ewells

Chapters 4-5 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Discoveries in the knothole
• Why Jem gets angry at Scout
• The rolling tire incident
• The game the kids play
• Dill and Scout's relationship
• The evolving relationship between Scout and Miss Maudie
• Theories pertaining to the mystery of Boo Radley
• Miss Maudie's impressions of Boo
• Delivering a note to Boo

Chapters 6-7 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• The kids' decision to sneak to the Radley residence
• Mr. Radley scaring the kids off
• How and why Jem lost his pants
• The lie Jem tells to Atticus
• Jem's alarming discovery
• Items in the knothole
• Mr. Radley's heartbreaking attempt to break Boo's connection to the outside world

Chapters 8-9 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• "The sky is falling"
• The snowman/mudman
• The house catching fire
• Miss Maudie's peculiar reaction to the house fire
• The blanket wrapped around Scout
• Scout's reaction upon a disturbing discovery
• Beating up Cecil Jacobs
• Christmas gifts
• Scout's punishment
• Atticus discussing the trial with Uncle Jack

Chapters 10-11 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Atticus's rule
• Miss Maudie's revelation of Atticus's skills
• The Tim Johnson incident
• Why the kids dislike Mrs. Dubose
• Mrs. Dubose's condition
• Jem's misbehavior and subsequent punishment
• The true purpose behind Jem's punishment
• Atticus's feelings toward Mrs. Dubose

Chapters 12-13 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Disappointing news to start the summer
• The kids' presence in the Black church
• The general response to the kids among the parishioners
• Lula
• Calpurnia's separate identities
• The purpose for Aunt Alexandra's stay
• Atticus teaching the kids about the facts of life

Chapters 14-15 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Aunt Alexandra's feelings toward Calpurnia
• The discovery under Scout's bed
• Breaking "the code of childhood"
• Dill's epiphany regarding Boo Radley's isolation
• Jem breaking up the meeting
• Atticus and Mr. Underwood outside of the jailhouse
• Jem's concern for his father
• The lynch mob
• How the lynch mob came to disperse

Chapters 16-18 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Dolphus Raymond's peculiarities
• Who arranges for the children to have seats at the trial
• Judge Taylor's peculiarity
• The prosecution's first witness
• Mayella's injured eye
• Bob Ewell's testimony
• Bob Ewell writing his name
• Mayella's insubordination
• Tom Robinson's injury

Chapters 19-20 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Tom's testimony in general
• Mayella's conspiracy to ensure her siblings were not present
• Bob Ewell's comments according to Tom's testimony
• Why Tom frequently helped Mayella
• Mr. Gilmer's treatment of Tom
• The major revelation regarding Dolphus Raymond's condition
• Atticus's summation
• Atticus's peculiar behavior that surprises the kids

Chapters 21-23 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Interruption of the court proceedings
• Jem's misunderstanding racial prejudice and the justice system
• The jury's deliberation
• The verdict
• The Black community's acts of reverence toward Atticus
• Altercation between Bob and Atticus
• Aunt Alexandra's strictness
• Jem's opinion on Boo's isolation

Chapters 24-26 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• The missionary circle's feelings toward Atticus
• Mrs. Merriweather's critical comments
• Hypocrisy exhibited by Mrs. Merriweather
• Tom's cause of death
• The impassioned editorial
• Bob Ewell's antagonistic behaviors
• Hypocrisy exhibited by Scout's teacher
• Jem's reaction to the trial's outcome

Chapters 27-28 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Strange goings-on in Maycomb
• Atticus's opinion on Bob Ewell's malicious behaviors
• Miss Tutti and Miss Frutti
• The pageant and how it was ruined
• Jem's concerns on the way home
• The attack
• Heck Tate's discovery at the crime scene
• Jem's method of arriving home

Chapters 29-31 Quiz. Questions pertain to the following important details:
• Who saved the kids from Bob's assault
• Atticus's misunderstanding of the story
• Heck Tate's version of the story
• The fairness of hiding the truth
• Scout's awareness of why hiding the truth is acceptable
• Scout's sadness upon recalling items in the knothole
• Scout and Atticus's activity as the novel ends
• The last lesson Atticus teaches Scout before the novel ends

Unit Test & Key.
This is a summative assessment on To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. An answer key is included. This test is designed to measure student reading comprehension and ability to analyze key concepts and themes in the novel. The test is organized as follows:

Part 1. Historical Context. Multiple Choice. Answer questions pertaining to relevant aspects of American history.
• Segregation
• Desegregation
• Emancipation Proclamation
• Harper Lee's birth

Part 2. True/False. Respond to questions pertaining primarily to plot. Details covered include (but aren't limited to) the following:
• Prejudice and Nazi Germany
• Duration of jury deliberations
• The length of time Jem reads to Mrs. Dubose
• Scout's understanding of Bob's death
• The scene of Bob's death
• The general hypocrisy of the community
• Bob Ewell's testimony
• Application of literary terminology, including antagonist and irony
• The impact of the Great Depression
• Autobiographical parallel
• Mayella's motivations
• The pageant

Part 3. Character Identification. Multiple Choice. Match the character's name to the associated detail. Questions pertain to (but aren't limited to) the following:
• The Tim Johnson incident
• The scene of Bob Ewell's death
• A blanket wrapped around Scout
• Dill's summer caretaker
• A character living two lives
• A stubborn and traditionally Southern visitor
• One who helps to protect Helen Robinson
• A character who is upset at Scout's ability to read and write
• The harsh editorial
• One who points out the hypocrisy of others
• One who understands the trial but not the larger issue of racism
• One who experiences abuse at home
• The kindness and generosity of a neighbor
• And more

Part 4. Quotes. Matching. Crucial quotes from the novel are given. It is the student's job to match the quote to the appropriate context.

Part 5. Fill-in-the-Blank. Given a quote, the student will identify the speaker, recipient, and context.

Part 6. Short Answer. Respond to questions that require one to apply knowledge of literary devices to the novel.
• Dynamic character
• Setting
• Autobiographical parallel
• Theme

Comprehensive Reading Guide & Key.
This comprehensive, 29-page To Kill a Mockingbird reading guide promotes active reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary comprehension, plot recall, character analysis, quote analysis, an awareness of historical context, and more. A complete key is included.

The guide is grouped by chapters. Each section includes a vocabulary section, requiring students to define potentially challenging words. Additionally, each section includes a series of plot-based questions and features meaningful quotations, which require an articulation of context. Finally, each section identifies several aspects of the assigned reading which students should review post-reading.
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