To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: A Teaching Unit Pack

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one of the most taught novels in High School. This unit is designed to provide you with everything you need to teach the novel from start to finish.


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This MASSIVE teaching pack contains attractive step-by-step lesson plans, worksheets, handouts, activities, helpful hints and tips for the teaching of this iconic novel, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. 

For each lesson there is a detailed lesson plan, accompanied by worksheets/handouts, suggested activities, homework questions and teacher's answers.


INTRODUCTION: A note on all that is contained in this pack!

LESSON 1 – Introduction and Context: As an introduction to the novel, this lesson will prompt students to think about prejudice and the background context of the novel.

LESSON 2 – Chapter 1: This lesson introduces students to the first chapter of the novel, with a focus on first impressions of the narrator and main characters.

LESSON 3 – Chapters 2 & 3: This lesson focuses on chapters two and three, with a closer examination of Scout’s experiences of school.

LESSON 4 – Chapters 4 & 5: This lesson moves through the fourth and fifth chapters on the novel and takes tome to think about the main themes explored so far.
*NOTE – you can skip over chapter 4 if pushed for time.

LESSON 5 – Chapters 6 to 8: This lesson focuses on the events of chapters six, seven and eight, with a closer examination of the changing characterization of Boo Radley.

LESSON 6 – Chapter 9: This lesson focuses on chapter nine, and the introduction of the Tom Robinson case, and the racism which comes with it.

LESSON 7 – Chapters 10 & 11: This lesson focuses predominantly on chapter eleven, with a closer examination of Mrs. Dubose and the bravery she displays.

LESSON 8 – Reviewing Part ONE: As the novel is divided into two parts, this lesson takes the time to pause and review the themes, characters and plot element of the first part and make predictions about the second; students work interactively in groups.

LESSON 9 – Chapters 12 to 14: This lesson focuses on the events of these three chapters, the visit to First Purchase Church, Jem’s maturing and Aunt Alexandra.

LESSON 10 – Chapters 15 & 16: This lesson focuses on the events of these chapters (especially the incident outside the jail) and the theme of courage and bravery.

LESSON 11 – Chapter 17 / The Trial: With the introduction of the trial, this lesson focuses in closely on these events.

LESSON 12 – Chapters 18 & 19: This lesson focuses on the continuing trial with the testimonies of the plaintiff and defendant.

LESSON 13 – Chapters 20 & 21: This lesson focuses on Atticus’ closing speech – the persuasive techniques he uses – and the verdict.

LESSON 14 – Chapters 22 & 23: This lesson focuses on the various reactions to the trial, the theme of justice and the judicial system, and the theme of womanhood and feminine identity.

LESSON 15 – Chapters 24 to 26: In this lesson, students will look closely at the hypocrisy of the Maycomb women.

LESSON 16 – Chapters 27 & 28: This lesson focuses on the climax of the novel – Bob Ewell’s attack on the children and the event in which Jem actually breaks his arm.

LESSON 17 – Chapters 29 to 31: This lesson focuses on the closing chapters of the novel and Scout’s encounter with Boo Radley.

LESSON 18 – Novel Review: A fun lesson packed with novel review quizzes to be played in teams.

LESSON 19/20 – Themes: Over two lessons, students will examine the main themes in groups and teach the rest of the class on their findings.

LESSON 21 – The Structure of the Novel: Through the use of a PowerPoint presentation, this lesson students look how Harper Lee has crafted the novel from narrative perspective to characterization and plot structure.

LESSON 22 – Essays: A lesson all about how to write literature essays, specifically focising on how to write them for To Kill a Mockingbird.

• ESSAY TOPICS AND QUESTIONS: For exams or class practice.

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: A Teaching Unit Pack
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: A Teaching Unit Pack
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: A Teaching Unit Pack
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: A Teaching Unit Pack