US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)

US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)
US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)
US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)
US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)
US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)
US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)
US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)
US History Curriculum Resources (Projects, Webquests, Gallery Walks)
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The bundle contains engaging resources for essential content in American History from 1607-1877 (Colonial Era through Reconstruction). The bundle includes 40 webquests, 17 projects, 7 gallery walks, and 16 crosswords. I created the activities for my 8th-grade students. I am confident you will find these resources useful and engaging! However, if you are not completely satisfied, I am offering a REFUND. The assignments do not require the use of a textbook. I have included answer keys/rubrics. Please message me if you have any questions. I will respond within 24 hours.

All products can be uploaded to your personal website or Google Drive; however, please make sure your website is password protected.

***This is a GROWING BUNDLE! You will receive a lifetime of updates to products, AND the bundle will be updated to include new resources I create for American History (webquests, projects, and gallery walks).

***The activities are designed for 8th-grade students.

The bundle includes the following resources:

Thirteen Colonies through Reconstruction webquests (1607-1877):
Colonial Era
European Settlements in North America (30 questions)
Slave Trade and Slavery Webquest (36 questions)
Jamestown Webquest (40 questions)
Pilgrims vs. Puritans Webquest (25 questions)
Pocahontas Webquest (30 questions)
Daily Life in Colonial America Webquest (31 questions)
Thirteen Colonies Webquest (50 questions)

American Revolution
French and Indian War Webquest (42 questions)
American Revolution Webquest (56 questions)
Declaration of Independence Webquest (20 questions)
Battles of the American Revolution Webquest (46 questions)

Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans Webquest (21 questions)
U.S. Constitution Webquest (36 questions)
Bill of Rights Webquest (45 questions)
Founding Fathers Webquest (54 questions)

Growth of the Young Nation
Jeffersonian Era Webquest (40 questions)
Lewis and Clark Webquest (30 questions)

The United States’ Role on the World Stage
Monroe Era Webquest (31 questions)
War of 1812 Webquest (37 questions)

Sectionalism and Westward Expansion
Irish and German Immigration Webquest (30 questions)
Reform Movements Webquest (33 questions)
Andrew Jackson Webquest (32 questions)
California Gold Rush Webquest (30 questions)
Mexican-American War Webquest (36 questions)
Oregon and Mormon Trail Webquest (30 questions)
The Alamo Webquest (24 questions)
Trail of Tears Webquest (27 questions)
Westward Expansion Webquest (38 questions)

Causes of the Civil War
Abolitionist Movement Webquest (24 questions)
Dred Scott Decision Webquest (32 questions)
John Brown, Bleeding Kansas, Raid on Harpers Ferry Webquest (31 questions)
Underground Railroad Webquest (35 questions)
Causes of the Civil War Webquest (38 questions)

Civil War
Battles of the Civil War Webquest (50 questions)
Civil War 150 Webquest (51 questions)
Battle of Antietam Webquest (30 questions)
Battle of Gettysburg Webquest (23 questions)

Three Plans for Reconstruction Webquest (25 questions)
Reconstruction Webquest (32 questions)

**Projects included in the bundle:
Religious Groups in Colonial America 3D Cube
Thirteen Colonies Travel Brochure
Causes of the American Revolution Google Slides Presentation
Revolutionary War Poster
Constitution Booklet
Three Branches of Government Mobile
Bill of Rights Brochure
War of 1812 Presentation
Erie Canal Postcard
Westward Expansion Newspaper
Reform Movements Brochure
Causes of the Civil War Timeline
Civil War Battles Flipbook
Reconstruction Era Timeline
Reconstruction Amendments Advertisement Poster
Native American Warriors Poster.

**Gallery Walks included in the bundle:

Declaration of Independence (8 stations and 30 questions):
Excerpts from the D.O.I.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation (6 stations and 30 questions):
Excerpts from the A.O.C.
Shay’s Rebellion Picture
Colonial Currency Picture
Northwest Territory Map
Powers of Congress Chart

Causes of the American Revolution (7 stations and 35 questions):
Proclamation of 1763
Sugar Act
Stamp Act
Benjamin Franklin
No taxation without representation
Quartering Act
Boston Massacre
Paul Revere
Tea Act
Boston Tea Party
Patrick Henry
Poor Old England Cartoon
Join, or Die Cartoon

War of 1812 (6 stations and 33 questions):
British trading weapons to Native Americans
Battle of Tippecanoe
Effects of the Battle of Tippecanoe
William Henry Harrison
British blockade
Battle of Lake Erie
Captain Oliver Hazard Perry
Burning of the White House
Creek Native Americans
Andrew Jackson
Battle of Baltimore
Ft. McHenry
Francis Scott Key
Star Spangled Banner
Treaty of Ghent
Battle of New Orleans
Effects of the Battle of New Orleans
Effects of the War of 1812

Civil War (10 stations and 35 questions)
Anaconda Plan
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Gettysburg
Gettysburg Address Excerpt
Emancipation Proclamation Excerpt
54th Massachusetts at Fort Wagner
Battle of Vicksburg
Sherman's March to the Sea
Map of Sherman's March to the Sea
Surrender at Appomattox Court House

Reconstruction (8 stations and 32 questions)
Freedmen’s Bureau
Reconstruction Amendments (13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments)
Worse Than Slavery Cartoon (Ku Klux Klan)
The First Vote Illustration (African American men voting)
Election of 1876
Compromise of 1877
Jim Crow Laws

American West (8 stations and 33 questions)
Transcontinental Railroad
Chinese immigrants building the Transcontinental Railroad
Plains Indians and the buffalo
American cowboy
Homestead Act
Sod House
Dawes Act
Native American Boarding School
Battle of Little Bighorn
Wounded Knee Massacre

The bundle contains 16 crossword puzzles reviewing topics in American History from Colonial America through Opening the West. The crosswords review key vocabulary words, terms, and people for each unit. They can be used as a review, study guide, homework assignment, or to provide spare time entertainment for students who finish early. I have included answer keys.

**The bundle contains two versions of each crossword. (One version with a word bank and one without.)

**Each crossword will fit on one page.

The bundle contains the following crosswords:
Jamestown (21 clues)
Pilgrims and Puritans (20 clues)
Colonial America (30 clues)
Causes of the American Revolution (29 clues)
Leaders of the Revolutionary War (25 clues)
US Constitution (32 clues)
US Citizenship (40 clues)
Louisiana Purchase (24 clues)
War of 1812 (27 clues)
19th Century Reform Movements (26 clues)
Manifest Destiny (30 clues)
Causes of the Civil War (27 clues)
The Civil War (30 clues)
The Reconstruction Era (27 clues)
Opening the West (25 clues)
US Geography (36 clues)

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