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    This product is a bundle of the activities for the following topics:

    Reconstruction Era (1865-1877) Activities Bundle

    1. Informational Text: Reconstruction
    2. Interactive Gallery: Abraham Lincoln and Reconstruction
    3. Ida Wells: Excerpt from "Southern Horrors: Lynch Laws in all its Phases"
    4. Interactive Gallery: Reconstruction-Era Political Groups
    5. Interactive Image: Second Inaugural Address, Abraham Lincoln (Primary Source)
    6. Interactive Image: The Massacre of New Orleans in 1866
    7. Political Cartoon: Worse Than Slavery

    Immigration and Industry (1865-1914) Activities Bundle

    1. Interactive Gallery: Captains of Industry
    2. Interactive Gallery: Growth of Chicago: 1870-1900
    3. Interactive Gallery: Immigration and Immigrant Contributions to American Culture
    4. Interactive Gallery: Leisure Activities at the Turn of the Century
    5. Interactive Image: Living in a Tenement
    6. Interactive Image: The Flatiron Building
    7. Interactive Image: Turn-of-the-Century Department Store
    8. Interactive Map and Gallery: Railroads & Inventions in the Late 1800's
    9. What "Lady Liberty" and Ellis Island Mean Today: Short Video Analysis
    10. Interactive Gallery: The Courts, Business, and Labor Regulation (1895-1911)
    11. Interactive Gallery: Major Labor Strikes of the Late 1800's

    Challenges in the Late 1800's (1865-1900) Activities Bundle

    1. Interactive Gallery: Mexican and Chinese American Contributions to the West
    2. Interactive Image: Nineteenth-Century Sod House
    3. Interactive Map: Major Indian Wars (1861-1886)
    4. Interactive Timeline: Legislative Acts Affecting Native Americans
    5. Interactive Chart: Gold and Silver Rushes

    America Comes of Age (1890-1920) Activities Bundle

    1. Document-Based Question: Spanish-American War
    2. Interactive Gallery: The Panama Canal
    3. Interactive Gallery: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
    4. Interactive Gallery: Women's Rights Movement (1848 to Today)
    5. Interactive Image: Goals of Social Progressivism
    6. Interactive Image: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
    7. Interactive Map: National Land Conservation
    8. Interactive Map: United States Interventions in Latin America
    9. Interactive Timeline and Gallery: African American Movement (1895-1915)
    10. Jacob Riis: How the Other Half Lives (Primary Source Activity)

    World War I and the 1920's Activity Bundle

    1. Interactive Timeline: Build Up to World War I
    2. Interactive Image: Trench Warfare in World War I
    3. Interactive Map: Key Battles of World War I
    4. Interactive Gallery: Military Technology in World War I
    5. Interactive Map: Europe in World War I (1914–1918)
    6. Interactive Gallery: Constitutional Issues During World War I
    7. Interactive Gallery: Standard of Living in the 1920's
    8. Interactive Timeline: Anti-Immigration Sentiment in the 1920's
    9. Interactive Image: Henry Ford’s Assembly Line
    10. Interactive Gallery: The Prohibition Era
    11. Interactive Gallery: African American Achievers and Harlem Renaissance
    12. The Fourteen Points: Woodrow Wilson
    13. Technology Changes Home Life During the 1920's
    14. Interactive Gallery: American Role Models of the 1920's
    15. Primary Source: Two Poems by Langston Hughes

    Great Depression and the New Deal (1928-1941) Activity Bundle

    1. Document-Based Question: Opposition to the New Deal
    2. Interactive Gallery: Effects of the Dust Bowl
    3. Interactive Gallery: Enduring New Deal Programs
    4. Interactive Gallery: Life During the Great Depression
    5. Interactive Timeline: FDR's First One Hundred Days
    6. Interactive Gallery: Entertainment in the Depression Era
    7. Interactive Map: PWA and WPA Projects

    World War II Interactive Bundle

    1. Interactive Map: Germany, Italy, and Japanese Military Action in the 1930's
    2. Interactive Gallery: Inside a Nazi Concentration Camp
    3. Interactive Gallery: The Experience of Japanese Internment
    4. Interactive Gallery: Characteristics of Totalitarianism
    5. Informational Text: Adolf Hitler: Biography
    6. Interactive Gallery: Benito Mussolini: The Makings of an Italian Totalitarian State
    7. Interactive Gallery: World War II in North Atlantic and North Africa
    8. Interactive Image: D-Day
    9. Interactive Image: The B-24 Liberator
    10. Interactive Map: Axis Aggression in Europe (1936-1941)
    11. Interactive Map: Pearl Harbor and Japanese Aggression (1941-1942)
    12. Interactive Maps: World War II in Europe and Pacific (1942-1945)
    13. Interactive: The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank
    14. Interactive Map: Life in the Concentration Camps in World War II
    15. Interactive Image: The Nuremberg Trials

    Postwar America (1945-1960) Interactive Bundle

    1. Interactive Chart: Experience the Cold War
    2. Interactive Gallery: The Berlin Airlift
    3. Interactive Gallery: The Worldwide Diffusion of Rock-and-Roll
    4. Interactive Timeline: U.S. Response to Soviet Aggression (1945-1950)
    5. Pledge of Allegiance
    6. Interactive Map: Phases of the Korean War
    7. Interactive Map: Global Cold War: 1946-1956
    8. Interactive Timeline and Gallery: Red Scare and the United States Government
    9. DBQ: McCarthyism in the 1950's

    United States 1960's and 1970's Activities Bundle

    1. Interactive Gallery: Generation Gap and Culture of the Counterculture of the 60s
    2. Interactive Map: Nixon’s Foreign Policy
    3. Interactive Timeline: Iran Hostage Crisis
    4. Richard Nixon's Resignation Speech
    5. Watergate: Undoing a President

    Civil Rights and Reform in the 1960’s Activities Bundle

    1. Ida Wells: Excerpt from "Southern Horrors: Lynch Laws in all its Phases"
    2. Informational Text: Emmett Till
    3. Interactive Gallery: Election of 1960
    4. Interactive Gallery: Freedom Riders
    5. Interactive Gallery: Separate But Equal?
    6. Interactive Gallery: The Warren Court
    7. Interactive Image: “I Have a Dream”: Martin Luther King, Jr.
    8. Interactive Map: Violent Conflicts During the Civil Rights Era
    9. Interactive Timeline: Key Events in the American Space Program (1958 to Present)
    10. Informational Text: Jackie Robinson
    11. Informational Text: Martin Luther King, Jr. Nobel Acceptance Speech
    12. The Montgomery Bus Boycott

    The Vietnam War Era (1954-1975) Activities Bundle

    1. Interactive Timeline: 1968: The Whole World Is Watching
    2. Interactive Timeline: Cuban Missile Crisis
    3. Short Video Analysis: How The Tet Offensive Changed The Vietnam War
    4. Short Video Analysis: JFK
    5. Short Video Analysis: Kent State Shootings

    America in the 1980's and 1990's Interactive Bundle

    1. Interactive Image: "Tear Down this Wall" Speech, Ronald Reagan
    2. Interactive Gallery: The Gun Debate
    3. Interactive Gallery: Fall of Communism in Europe
    4. Interactive Map: U.S. Foreign Affairs Under George H.W. Bush
    5. Interactive Gallery: The Persian Gulf War (1991)
    6. Interactive Image: Space Shuttle Science
    7. Interactive Timeline: United States Presidential Elections (1964-1980)

    America in the 21st Century Activities Bundle

    1. Informational Text: 9/11/2001
    2. Interactive Gallery: Fighting Al Qaeda Worldwide
    3. Interactive Map: United States and the Middle East: 2001-2010
    4. President George W. Bush: The PATRIOT Act Speech

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