Vowel Sounds Game with Long Vowels & Short Vowels - Winter Activities

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Practice long and short vowel sounds with this engaging word building game for all whiteboards (SMARTBoard, Promethian, Mimio etc.) and computers. With 267 words to unscramble, this game will always be fresh and fun. Choose the exact words that you would like to use in the game or simply choose a vowel sound category.

Teachers have commented:
"This is one of the best things I have ever purchased! No prep and the kids LOVE it!!!"
"This so engaging it has become our most popular game."
"My students love all of the Pink Cat games and this is no exception!"

FANTASTIC FEATURE #1 – Endless Combinations and Difficulty Levels
Choose any combination of sounds to sort! Choose more sounds to make the game more difficult.

FANTASTIC FEATURE #2 – Editable Word Lists
You can edit the word lists to choose the exact words that you want to practice. Simply uncheck a word to remove it from the list. The words will randomize so that the game is always different and fun.

FANTASTIC FEATURE #3 – Self Correcting
Students will know right away if they have placed the letter in the correct spot. If correct, the letter will snap in place. If incorrect, the bee will return to the bottom of the screen.

I have included ten different themes to choose from so that you can play the game anytime of year! The themes are: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Superhero, Pirate, Western and Sunny Day.

This game is designed to be projected onto your SMARTBoard, Promethian, Mimio or Interactive Whiteboard. It is also a perfect game to set up on a computer workstation for students to play independently or in small groups.

Game Format:
This game was designed with Flash technology so that it will run on any PC or Mac computer without the need for specific software. It runs in your default free internet browser program.
Please download my free Penguin Waddle Race game and play it on your computer to ensure that your browser can run games in this format.

How to Play

Whole Class Cooperation
The class works together building words on the interactive whiteboard. Determine how long you will play or set a goal for the number of bees to collect before you start the game.Have one student at a time come up to the interactive whiteboard and unscramble a word by touching and dragging a letter to the correct box.

Small group or single player – Played on a computer workstation, PC or Mac
Start the game on a computer and allow the student(s) to play for a certain length of time. If you want to create a competition between students, record their scores on a piece of paper or blackboard and see who can collect the most bees for their hive in a defined amount of time..

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267 Words included in the game:

Short a: 36 Words
cat, fat, mat, rat, hat, bat, ham, yam, dam, ram, jam, pad, sad, lad, mad, dad, bad, cab, rag, bag, tag, van, tan, pan, man, fan, gap, tap, nap, cap, sap, car, bar, jar, crab, trap

Long a: 25 Words
tape, name, cape, maze, mane, cake, gate, cane, wave, vase, rake, crane, tail, sail, rain, paint, nail, mail, snail, tray, ray, pray, pay, lay, hay

Short e: 17 Words
web, beg, leg, wed, fed, bed, red, hem, men, den, hen, pen, ten, net, vet, jet, sled

Long e: 34 Words
read, meat, leap, beach, team, tea, tee, peel, feet, weed, feed, bee, tree, sheep, cheese, valley, hockey, money, honey, jersey, turkey, monkey, shield, pier, field, priest, piece, chief, bunny, puppy, sunny, poppy, happy, holly,

Short i: 27 Words
bib, rib, lid, kid, tip, lip, dip, hip, zip, wig, fig, dig, big, pig, tin, bin, pin, win, fin, hit, pit, kit, fix, mix, swim, slip, crib

Long i: 30 Words
kite, lime, bike, mice, wine, pipe, hide, five, file, fire, bite, fry, fly, dry, cry, shy, spy, lie, die, tie, pie, fried, dried, night, high, knight, light, fight, tight, lion

Short o: 21 Words
cob, sob, rob, pod, rod, dog, jog, log, fog, top, cop, hop, mop, dot, pot, cot, hot, box, fox, frog, drop

Long o: 30 Words
hole, cone, vote, rope, robe, pole, note, bone, hose, coat, goat, loaf, float, toast, soak, road, foe, hoe, doe, toe, roe, joey, snow, mow, grow, bow, blow, arrow, robot, ghost

Short u: 26 Words
cub, tub, bud, mud, bug, tug, hug, jug, dug, mug, rug, mum, gum, nun, bun, sun, pup, cup, bus, hut, nut, cut, plum, grub, plug, drum

Long u: 21 Words
new, dew, pew, grew, flew, jewel, mule, cute, cube, tube, flute, fuel, duel, cue, clue, tissue, glue, fruit, tulip, unicycle, unicorn

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Vowel Sounds Game with Long Vowels & Short Vowels - Winter
Vowel Sounds Game with Long Vowels & Short Vowels - Winter
Vowel Sounds Game with Long Vowels & Short Vowels - Winter
Vowel Sounds Game with Long Vowels & Short Vowels - Winter