WONDER by R. J. Palacio: Circlebook Projects and Novel Unit—70 Templates

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Circlebook Projects and Novel Unit—70 Mix-and-Match Templates

This hands-on activity for the classroom features 70 mix-and match-templates that help you create a novel unit that is tailored to your needs. 70 templates focus on a wide range of topics related to Wonder by R. J. Palacio—story elements, themes, precepts, characters, point of view, research topics, vocabulary, and more. Students are required to use a variety of higher-level thinking skills as they explore this powerful novel. This hands-on project taps into the multiple intelligences in your classroom by employing artistic elements, linguistic elements, research skills, and logical/mathematical skills as students construct the circlebooks using their fine motor skills.

• Step-by-step instructions on how to create the CIRCLEBOOK PROJECTS
• Suggested template groupings to create projects that focus on such topics as vocabulary, character studies, themes, research, precepts, point of view, story elements, and more.
• Descriptions of each template
• Answer keys with suggested answers
• 70 templates that fully explore the novel
— Cover Page Template
— Author Spotlight Template (students will research R. J. Palacio)
— Vocabulary Templates (6 templates with 54 suggested vocabulary words—definitions are provided—plus one blank template on which you or students can enter your own vocabulary words)
— Definitions of Wonder Template (students will explore different meanings of the word “wonder”)
— Phrases of Wonder Template (students will learn about different idioms and phrases that use the word “wonder”)
— Theme Template: Ordinary vs. Different (students will self-reflect on their assets and liabilities—qualities we all possess)
— Theme Template: Bullying (students will self-reflect on their assets and liabilities—qualities we all possess)
— Magic Lamp Template (students will discuss something they find dissatisfying about themselves, much like Auggie does on the novel’s first page)
— Character Template: Foreshadowing (students will look at their first impressions of Jack, Julian, and Charlotte)
— Theme Template: Who We Are (students will reflect on the types of people they are and the type of people they hope to become)
— Persuasive Writing Template (students will create an advertisement that promote the slogan Choose Kind and examine persuasive writing techniques used in advertising)
— Analogy Template: A Tour of the Galaxy (students will explain the analogies Via makes when she compares her family to the galaxy)
— Character Template: Auggie’s Appearance (students will create a word web of descriptors about Auggie’s appearance)
— Theme Template: Examining Friendship (students will describe ways they were similar to friends before the friendship began, and ways they became more similar after the friendship formed—based on Via’s description on page 92)
— Punnett Square Template (students will research ways in which dominant and recessive genes are passed from parents to children)
— The Little Prince Templates (students will write about the epigraph from The Little Prince)
— Point of View Template: Justin (students will write an opinion about why they think R. J. Palacio wrote Justin’s section in they style she did)
— Precept Template: Standing Ovations (students will draw and write about something they would want to receive a standing ovation for doing)
— Chapter Template: What’s in a Title (students will respond to the chapter title “Extraordinary, but No One There to See.”)
— Climax and Turning Point Template (students will describe events that lead up to the climax of the story and draw a picture of the turning point)
— Five W’s Template: The Climax (students will “play the reporter” and write a newspaper article about the novel’s climactic moment)
— Symbolism Template: Masks (students will discuss the symbolism of “masks” that is found throughout the novel)
— Acceptance Speech Template (students will write the acceptance speech that Auggie might have given when he received his award)
— Mr. Browne’s Precepts Template (students will describe the meaning of one of Mr. Brown’s precepts)
— Character Template: Jack (students will list descriptive words and phrases that relate to Jack—how he looks, interesting things he says, how he feels, his relationships, things he does, and how he shows kindness)
— Character Template: Miranda (students will list descriptive words and phrases that relate to Miranda—how she looks, interesting things she says, how she feels, her relationships, things she does, and how she shows kindness)
— Character Template: Summer (students will list descriptive words and phrases that relate to Miranda—how she looks, interesting things she says, how she feels, her relationships, things she does, and how she shows kindness)
— Character Template: Via (students will list descriptive words and phrases that relate to Miranda—how she looks, interesting things she says, how she feels, her relationships, things she does, and how she shows kindness)
— Character Template: Julian (students will find four quotes by Julian that show a lack of kindness)
— Theme Template: Friendship (students will explore the friendships different characters have with Auggie)
— Theme Template: Overcoming Challenges (students will draw and write about a personal challenge or a challenge one of the characters faces in the novel)
— Theme Template: Family (students will explore the relationships that Auggie, Justin, Miranda, and Julian have with their families)
— Theme Template: Isolation (students will describe ways different characters feel isolated)
— Theme Template: Isolation (students will list ways they can help their classmates feel less isolated)
— Character Template: Compare and Contrast (students will list things they have in common with Auggie, things that make them unique, and things that make Auggie unique)
— Character Template: Change of Character (students will write about a character who changes a lot over the course of the novel and a character who changes very little)
— Character Template: Daisy (students will create an icon for Daisy, find a precept about dogs that echoes the theme of the novel, and write about the precept they chose)
— Diamante Templates (students will create diamante poems that compare different characters from the novel)
— Character Template: Supporting Cast (students will create icons for the adult characters from the novel)
— Theme Template: Kindness (students will write a paragraph that describes the kindest thing that a character does in the novel)
— Theme Template: Ugly vs. Beautiful (students will examine how their definitions of ugly and beautiful changes as they read the novel)
— Theme Template: Courage (students will write about ways characters in the novel exhibited courage)
— Point of View Template: First Person (students will write about an event from the novel from their own perspective, writing in the first person point of view)
— Point of View Template: Favorite Narrator (students will choose a favorite narrator and write about why chose him or her)
— Quote Template: Favorite Quotes (students will write about one of their favorite quotes from the novel)
— Final Sentences Template (students will find final sentences from different chapters that are examples of cliffhangers, provide new information, reveal character, or create foreboding)
— Chapter Titles Template (students will write about a chapter title that they particularly like)
— Story Elements Template (students will describe six story elements in words and pictures)
— Plot Analysis Template (students will discuss elements of plot structure)
— Problem/Solution Template (students will describe the main problem and solution from the novel using words and pictures)
— Dear Diary Template (students will write a diary entry from Auggie’s point of view as if he’s written it on the final day of school)
— Time Machine Template: A New Chapter (students will write about the triumphs or challenges that Auggie might face during his sixth-grade school year)
— Book Review Templates (students will consider the following questions as they write a book review: What part did you like the most? Who was your favorite character? Were the actions of the characters believable? Did you identify with any character? What did you think of the writing style, imagery, and themes? Did the story flow smoothly? What was the author trying to communicate? Did she succeed?)
— Research Template: Treachers Collins Syndrome (students will research the condition that afflicts Auggie and write about their findings)
— Research Template: Geneticists (students will research the occupation of a geneticist and write about their findings)
— Research Template: Joseph Merrick (students will research the life of Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, and write about their findings)
— Research Template: Our Town (students will research the classic American play Our Town and write about their findings)
— Writing and Drawing Templates (blank templates are provided so that you can design your own questions or activities for the students to complete)

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WONDER by R. J. Palacio: Circlebook Projects and Novel Uni
WONDER by R. J. Palacio: Circlebook Projects and Novel Uni
WONDER by R. J. Palacio: Circlebook Projects and Novel Uni
WONDER by R. J. Palacio: Circlebook Projects and Novel Uni