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    Big Picture Quizzes for Every Episode + Locations Lists


    10 detailed worksheets plus 40 crossword puzzles! Worksheets offer multiple choice and free response worksheets for all 10 episodes and also true/false tests for episodes 2-10! PLUS, a bonus pack of ten "big picture" quizzes focusing only on main ideas and a handy location list of all the places referenced in every episode! Loads of teaching options to help students master World War II!


    These WWII in HD Worksheets include hundreds upon hundreds of questions divided into various worksheets to help your students closely track information and pay full attention to every single episode in the entire series -- teaching materials for all ten episodes at your fingertips! With these WWII in HD worksheets, you will be able to hold your students fully accountable for their viewing and learning!

    Learning materials included for every episode:

    • Episode 1: Darkness Falls

    • Episode 2: Hard Way Back

    • Episode 3: Bloody Resolve

    • Episode 4: Battle Stations

    • Episode 5: Day of Days

    • Episode 6: Point of No Return

    • Episode 7: Striking Distance

    • Episode 8: Glory and Guts

    • Episode 9: Edge of the Abyss

    • Episode 10: End Game


    When you unzip the file, you'll get a folder that contains ten PDF files, one for each episode. All materials are conveniently grouped by episode to make it easy for teachers to find just what they need!


    This WWII in HD Worksheet packet provides a variety of worksheet choices for each and every episode, which means that all the work that goes into differentiating material is already done for you.

    For Episode 1, you will receive a multiple choice worksheet and a coordinated free-response worksheet. These both use the same questions but because one version lacks any answer suggestions, it's a lot more challenging.

    You get even more choices for Episodes 2 through 10. For each of those episodes, you will receive a True/False worksheet as well as a multiple choice worksheet with a free response option. The True/False and Multiple Choice worksheets have completely different questions, though of course they do touch on some common topics from the WWII in HD episode under study. With this setup, you'll have three worksheets to choose from -- something for every ability level!

    Even if you don't need to differentiate within a single class, you still may find the different worksheets really useful. For example, a true/false worksheet could be used during viewing, while a multiple-choice or free-response worksheet can be reserved for use as a "memory recall" test afterwards -- or vice-versa!


    • All questions presented in video order so students can use worksheets as a during-viewing activity.

    • NO PREP NEEDED -- just print off copies and you're good to go!

    • Quick correcting with provided answer keys

    • Full context answer keys also provided -- these are great for reviewing content afterwards with the class!


    IN ADDITION to all of the worksheet options detailed above, you will also receive:

    • A bonus "big picture" quiz for each episode. These main-ideas quizzes contain 10 multiple-choice questions each, all focusing on the big ideas that every student should master. The quizzes are not a scaled down version of an episode's worksheet -- they consist of fresh questions that look at the big picture of WWII instead of diving into the details.
    • A location list detailing all the places mentioned in each episode so you can challenge your students' map skills!


    "Darkness Falls"

    As Europe falls under Nazi control, America is unprepared for war and the attack on Pearl Harbor. The first bloody battles are fought on Guadalcanal and in North Africa.

    "Hard Way Back"

    The Allies take on the daunting forces of the Axis, with victory far from certain. Charles Scheffel battles Rommel's forces in Tunisia and Jack Werner faces bitter combat in the northern Pacific.

    "Bloody Resolve"

    The Marines assault Tarawa in one of the bloodiest battles yet waged. MacArthur island-hops and Italy's front lines claim a casualty.

    "Battle Stations"

    The Allies lay plans for the invasion of France; Bert Stiles and the 8th Air Force attempt to clear the skies over Normandy, while the Pacific remains unresolved.D day arrives.

    "Day of Days"

    The Allies are bogged down in Normandy's hedgerows in the aftermath of D-Day, while on Saipan, victory turns to horror. Robert Sherrod witnesses the Battle of Saipan and the infamous mass suicides committed by the local civilians.

    "Point of No Return"

    The Allies race toward Germany as American Marines battle for ground on Peleliu and across the bloody Pacific.

    "Striking Distance"

    American forces storm the Philippines while Tuskegee Airman Shelby Westbrook is shot down over Europe. Jack Yusen battles the dangers of the deep when his ship is sunk after a heroic duel.

    "Glory and Guts"

    The Marine assault on Iwo Jima brings horror and glory. Pilot Bert Stiles engages a German fighter with disastrous consequences. Reinforcements arrive in Europe to push the Allies toward victory.

    "Edge of the Abyss"

    The Battle of the Bulge pushes the Allies to the brink, and Rockie Blunt barely survives the fight. Okinawa erupts as the Japanese make their last stand. Hitler is handed a final ultimatum.

    "End Game"

    With the end in sight, Okinawa is a bloody obstacle to victory. The Third Reich ends with a single gunshot. America delivers the final blow to Japan and the world celebrates the fall of the Axis.


    • Allied battle strategy and war conferences: Casablanca, Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam

    • Major theaters of war: the Pacific, Europe, North Africa

    • Major battles and events: Guadalcanal, Attu, Kasserine Pass, El Alamein, Tarawa, D-Day in Normandy, Tinian, Saipan, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Battle of the Bulge, final conquest of Berlin, atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (among many others)

    • Lives of ordinary Americans called to serve

    • Specific contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen and the 442nd Regimental Combat Division, an all Japanese-American unit


    Engage your students with both basic and advanced crossword puzzles covering every episode of WWII in HD! Each includes a word bank option for easy differentiation -- that's 40 puzzles in the full bundle (4 per episode). Comes with full solution keys and vocabulary / study lists so teachers have everything they need!

    WWII in HD is a History Channel series that uses rare color footage, engaging imagery, a wealth of maps, and a lively script to convey the story of the United States participation in World War II. The series helps students trace major events in the war by helping them see them through the eyes of twelve real individuals who lived it. This unique approach helps personalize the war for students, making it far more real to them than can a traditional textbook presentation.

    This crossword puzzle pack covers the entire series, Episodes 1-10:

    • Episode 1: “Darkness Falls” focuses on the growing crisis in Europe and on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which drew the U.S. into an active role in the war.

    • Episode 2: “Hard Way Back” details how the U.S. struggled to achieve victories early in the war, including the assault on Guadalcanal and Operation Torch in the North Africa campaign.

    • Episode 3: “Bloody Resolve” examines the costly U.S. victory on the Pacific island of Tarawa in addition to detailing the Allied advance in Italy.

    • Episode 4: “Battle Stations” details the preparations and execution of the /Allied D-Day invasion of Normandy. The episode also examines the ongoing U.S. advance across the Pacific.

    • Episode 5: “Day of Days” examines the U.S. assault against Saipan in the Pacific as well as the progress of the Allied advance in Europe in the wake of the D-Day invasion.

    • Episode 6: “Point of No Return” examines the Allies’ rapid advance toward and through Germany as well as the bloody battles waged by the U.S. on the Pacific islands of Pavuvu and Peleliu.

    • Episode 7: “Striking Distance,” analyzes how the U.S. re-took the Philippines even as the Allies continue to strive for victory in Europe.

    • Episode 8: “Glory and Guts,” recounts the struggles of American Marines to take Iwo Jima, the importance of the war bond campaign, and the continuing push into Nazi Germany as the war in Europe begins to wind toward an end.

    • Episode 9: “Edge of the Abyss” examines two of the war’s final offensives: The Battle of the Bulge in the European Theater and the assault on Iwo Jima in the Pacific Theatre.

    • Episode 10: “End Game” recounts the end of the war, including the Allies’ horrifying discovery of Nazi death camps. The episode covers the Holocaust, the Okinawa campaign, the atomic bombings of Japan, Hitler’s suicide and VE-Day, and the final end of the war.


    This packet provides teachers with both student materials and instructor answer keys, including everything needed to use the puzzles as a review worksheet or quiz. For each of the tenWWII in HD episodes covered, you will receive:

    Two answer keys:

    • A traditional crossword answer key consisting of a solution grid accompanied by the list of clues students used.

    • A vocabulary / study list answer key that can make it easier to go over answers out loud with the class. With the list format, you won’t have to hunt for a term on the grid – you can find it listed right alongside its corresponding clue!


    I believe in differentiating instruction to best meet student needs. This puzzle packet therefore offers you a lot of different difficulty levels and options. For each episode included, you will get:

    • Two different puzzles, designated A and B. Puzzle A is the “advanced” level, containing a variety of both “need to know” and “nice to know” items from the target episode of WWII in HD.

    • Puzzle B is the “basic” level, consisting of a simplified version of Puzzle A. As such, it focuses mostly on high-priority “need to know” historical information.

    • A word bank option: Both the advanced and basic puzzles are differentiated even further – each one is provided in both a standard format and a word bank format. The standard format just offers students clues and a grid to fill in, while the word bank format also provides students with an alphabetized list of all the answers. The word bank option can be the best approach for students who need that little extra boost to help them complete their WWII review worksheet puzzle!

    Happy teaching,

    Elise Parker

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