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Watercolor Succulents Decor Bundle

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K - 12th, Homeschool, Staff
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    Watercolor Succulents Editable Wreaths


    Three of my Watercolor Succulents Decor Materials Bundled for Savings!

    ***Bundle Exclusive Added August 2018....Watercolor Succulent Wreaths with editable text (four styles). *BONUS added just for the BUNDLE: Watercolor Succulent Wreath Editable Sign Templates!

    ❤️Make your classroom a place you and your students LOVE to come to! We spend more time in our classrooms than we do at home, so make your environment an extension of all the colors and things you love! Making classrooms beautiful isn't just fluff....it's creating a place your students are excited to come to each day!

    ▶Because this set is soooo BIG, here's an easy to read list of what is included as well as a list of what is editable!

    Here is a list of what is included:

    • Table Signs
    • Number Posters 0-20 with ten frames
    • Number Posters 0-20 with ten frames and dice helpers
    • Kindness Alphabet in a traditional primary font
    • Kindness Alphabet in a whimsical font
    • Name Plates
    • Birthday Bulletin Board Set
    • Schedule
    • Job Chart
    • Where are we? (design your own with editable signs)
    • Color and Shape Posters (2D and 3D)
    • Calendar Month of the Year Cards
    • Days of the Week cards
    • Year Cards
    • Calendar Number Cards
    • Binder Covers
    • Banner-Buntings
    • Rules (design your own with editable signs)
    • Behavior Clip Chart
    • Labels
    • Kindness Alphabet in Cursive
    • Growth Mindset Posters
    • Clock Helpers
    • Beginning Sound Alphabet Poster Set
    • Primary Alphabet Poster Set
    • Hand Signal Poster Set
    • Word Wall Header Cards

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this bundle editable?

    Parts of the bundle are editable in that you may change, add or delete text. The design itself is not editable. Here's a detailed list of what is editable!

    ▶Table Signs

    ▶Name Tags



    ▶Job Chart

    ▶Binder Covers


    ▶Rules (use the included editable signs to design your own rules chart)

    ▶Classroom Signs

    ▶Behavior Chart

    ▶Birthday Bulletin Board

    ▶Hand Signal Posters

    ▶Assortment of different labels, tags, etc.

    My Watercolor Succulents Themed Kindness Alphabet Includes:

    Inspire your class to use kindness and compassion every day with this kindness alphabet! Love this for creating an environment that values mindfulness and positivity!

    Woodgrain Backgrounds and Watercolor Succulents in shades of orchid, turquoise, greens and blues....so calming!

    Examples include:

    Aa "Always try your best"

    Ii "Include someone who may get left out"

    Kk "Kindness is always a good idea"

    Tt "Take a deep breath"

    Zz "Zero tolerance for hate"

    Watercolor Succulents EDITABLE Classroom Schedule: (42 pages)

    You will get a READY TO PRINT version...already to display!

    And....this set also includes an EDITABLE powerpoint file with all of the pieces in the print and go set, so you can edit and customize the fonts to fit your needs!

    You will get: *All of these are available in READY TO PRINT as well as EDITABLE!

    • 41 schedule cards
    • Digital Time Cards (in 15 minute increments starting at 7:00 and going until 5:00)
    • Traditional Clock Face Cards *these have to be laminated and written on (they can't be edited)

    Here's a list of the subjects that are included:







    Morning Work



    Social Studies








    Clean Up Time

    ••Story Time


    Student of the Week








    Tablet Time










    Watercolor Succulents EDITABLE Behavior Clip Chart: (32 pages)

    This matches my Watercolor Succulents Classroom Decor Materials!

    Woodgrain Backgrounds, Splashes of Watercolor and Watercolor Succulent Clipart!

    Colors Include: Green, Turquoise, Teal, Violet and Lime with Black accents

    You choose....EDITABLE or READY TO PRINT!

    This is a behavior chart that you can use to track student behavior and encourage good choices in your classroom!

    I use clothespins with the kids names on them to mark the spot on each level of the behavior chart!

    I have made this product in a ready to print pdf, so all you have to do is print, laminate and display! There is also an editable powerpoint file...in case you would like to edit the text to say something different or perhaps you would like to use a different font!

    There are two different background options in this set....minimal white background or a woodgrain background!

    The READY TO PRINT file contains the following text:

    • Outstanding Behavior
    • Awesome Behavior
    • Making good Choices
    • Ready to Learn **this is where everyone starts out each day!
    • Time to think about it
    • Teacher's Choice
    • Parent Contact

    Watercolor Succulents Color and Shape Poster Set:

    3D Shape Posters:

    cone, cylinder, pyramid, rectangular prism, cube, triangular prism, sphere

    2D Shape Posters:

    circle, rectangle, hexagon, octagon, oval, diamond, rhombus, pentagon, square, trapezoid, triangle

    Color Posters:

    all colors and includes two spellings for gray-grey

    Clock Helpers:

    digital time dots and 2 different What time is it? Anchor Posters....one with woodgrain background and another option with a succulent background

    Watercolor Succulents Table Tags and Labels Includes:

    This matches my Watercolor Succulents Theme Classroom Decor!

    You will get:

    10 Table Signs (each with a woodgrain background and different succulent accents)

    10 matching Name Plates with writing lines and daily inspiration:

    YOU ARE IMPORTANT, YOU ARE SPECIAL, YOU ARE UNIQUE (in small print above the name area)

    10 Matching Name Plates with a blank space for wiring

    10 Matching Mini Table Tags (perfect for labeling supplies, tubs, etc.)

    10 Matching Mini Blank Tags (you can write on these for whatever you may need!)


    Watercolor Succulents Mindfulness Poster Set Includes:

    This a a set of 18 mindfulness posters for your classroom!

    Powerful Statements displayed in your classroom help to encourage your students to practice mindfulness and work on having a growth mindset!

    Use them to create a calm and compassionate mindset for your students and yourself!

    Created with a light woodgrain background and watercolor succulent art.

    And Finally...Editable Binder Covers and Posters with Watercolor Succulents

    This is an editable powerpoint file with binder covers to match the theme!

    Kindness Alphabet with a Traditional Cursive Font:

    Inspire your class to use kindness and compassion every day with this kindness alphabet! Love this for creating an environment that values mindfulness and positivity!

    Woodgrain Backgrounds and Watercolor Succulents in shades of orchid, turquoise, greens and blues....so calming!

    Examples include:

    Aa "Always try your best"

    Ii "Include someone who may get left out"

    Kk "Kindness is always a good idea"

    Tt "Take a deep breath"

    Zz "Zero tolerance for hate"

    Calendar Materials Set Includes:

    Calendar Days of the Week Cards

    Months of the Year Cards

    Year Cards (to 2027)

    Days of the Week Cards

    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Cards

    How Many Days in School? Chart

    Calendar Numbers (round and square)

    Calendar Holiday Cards (23)

    Welcome Pennant for Bulletin Board or Hallway Display

    Alphabet Dots (spell what you want to accessorize your room)

    5 Motivational Decor Dots (use with paper fans for ceiling decor....sample shown)

    Bloom where you are planted

    Never Give Up

    Stand Tall and Blossom

    Stay Sharp

    Soak up the sun

    Watercolor Succulents EDITABLE ELEMENTS Decor Set:

    I designed this for teachers to be able to have some freedom and creativity with their classroom décor! You can change any of the fonts, sizes of the fonts or colors of the fonts. You can make them say whatever YOU want!

    This is great for teachers who need to use a specific font as per district requirements, teachers who teach dual language or a different language besides English, or teachers who want to change what the elements say!

    Page 2-41

    These templates were designed for table numbers, matching desk name plates and labeling dots for bins, baskets etc.

    Page 42-47 These templates were designed for the months of the year...you could use them for the same and-or days of the week, classroom helpers chart, labels for book bins, etc.

    Page 48-78 Various Circle Shaped Tags...use these for door décor...add your student’s names and use one of the larger dots to type a customized welcome message for your door...you can use them to label just about anything, or great for a word wall too!

    Page 79-84 These were designed for calendar numbers, you can use them for that or make a number line to 100 with them.....(to do this, edit the numbers to a font you want, and then print only the pages 79-84....then go back and re-type-edit the rest of the numbers and print that section only, keep repeating until you have 100 number cards!

    Page 85-86 You could use these for your calendar as well...if you display all of the months of the year, it would look nice to create a pattern with the two different styles of rectangle tag templates!

    Page 86-94 Watercolor Splash Letter Dots...make a word wall, spell out a message on your bulletin board or on a hallway display outside of your classroom!

    Page 95-108 Bunting Templates:

    The text boxes are set up with one letter on each bunting piece...you could spell out a message with the pieces or ...shrink the font to a smaller size and type some fun motivational messages on each of the bunting pieces!

    Page 109-114 These were designed for you to type out a message and hang from the ceiling with paper pinwheels...you could use them for whatever you want!

    The last two frames are for “How many days have we been in school?”

    You can type in that sort of a title and then type in hundreds, tens, ones....in the little dots on the bottom...choose your own font!


    Door Decor

    Bulletin Boards

    Name Plates

    Table Signs

    Hallways Decor

    Word Wall Elements

    Book Bin Labels

    Labels for Bins, Baskets, etc.

    Classroom Rules

    Classroom Behavior Chart

    Growth Mindset-Mindfulness Quote Posters

    Job Chart




    Number Lines


    Watercolor Succulents EDITABLE Birthday Bulletin Board Display

    If you want to create a calm, nature inspired classroom, this decor set may be just right for you!

    It incorporates woodgrain backgrounds with watercolor splashes of color with succulent artwork all in shades of turquoise, blue, teal, green, orchid and lilac.

    This set had a PDF file....that is a "print and go" style!

    Just copy, laminate and add your student's names with a sharpie marker and hang it up!

    There are 12 month of the year ovals

    20 print and write on mini name labels (woodgrain)

    20 print and write on mini name labels (succulent paper backgrounds)

    There is also an EDITABLE powerpoint file.

    The text boxes are already inserted so all you have to do is type and choose the font that you want to make it your own!

    There are 12 EDITABLE Month of the Year Ovals

    32 EDITABLE mini circle labels with a succulent paper background

    32 EDITABLE mini circle labels with a gray woodgrain background

    2 Styles of EDITABLE "Happy Birthday" Anchor Posters

    As always with an EDITABLE file....

    think "outside of the box" .... and use these editable files for a TON of other things as well! You can make your own door display, make a bunch of labels for cupboards, chairs, bins, etc. EDITABLE is VERSATILE!

    Watercolor Succulents EDITABLE Job Chart:

    This job chart set has TWO FILES...

    You will get a set of 32 ready to print job cards and matching name cards to personalize and edit! AND....an EDITABLE powerpoint file so you can customize or change the text!

    **the editable file also includes job chart cards without the little kid graphics!! Which makes it more appropriate for an older classroom! If you want use these decorative and editable labels for anything you need to label in the classroom!

    Editable files are perfect for teachers who need to use a specific font as required by their district, teachers who teach in another language, dual language classrooms (needing to display all signs in english and another language) and teachers who want the freedom to edit and customize materials for their classrooms!

    Everyone needs a job...right!!!??? There are 32 Classroom Jobs in this set!

    Making sure everyone has a job is important to your classroom community!

    Classroom jobs help students learn responsibilities, promote positive behavior and make everyone feel important. Making sure I choose graphics which represent all children in our classrooms is also important....and this set of classroom helpers has a lot of diversity so your children can "see themselves" in each of the graphics!

    Organizing a classroom job schedule is an important part of making the entire class feel like they are contributing the the classroom community!

    I love the new job we came up with this year called the Class Buddy!!!

    There is a girl and boy class buddy job card!

    The Class Buddy is responsible for making sure everyone has someone to play with at recess and someone to sit by at lunch!

    I love the idea of practicing compassion with this job assignment, and the children take it so seriously!!

    I hope you enjoy this new addition to your job rotation!

    The jobs include:


    Calendar Helper

    Door Helper

    Library Helper

    Hand Sanitizer

    Light Monitor

    Line Leader

    Lunch Helper


    Pencil Helper

    Paper Passer

    Supply Supervisor


    Technology Supervisor

    Homework Helper

    *Class Buddy (girl)

    *Class Buddy (boy)

    Time Keeper


    Pet Helper

    Plant Helper

    Snack Helper


    Table Cleaner

    Teacher's Helper

    On Vacation (boy)

    On Vacation (girl)

    Recycling Helper

    Dismissal Helper


    Weather Helper

    Trash Helper

    There are matching cards for children's names for organizing the classroom helper display!

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