Waves and Sound Bundle—Video and Written Instructions

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This collection of hands-on activities covers the main concepts for studying waves and sound. You'll use different vibrating objects and see how each makes sound. Investigate wavelength, speed, frequency, amplitude through building a variety of models. Compare two types of waves transverse and longitudinal (compression) waves using a hands-on approach. Determine how pitch is related to frequency and see how differently-sized objected vibrate with different frequencies and therefore make different pitches or notes. Learn a few ways of amplifying sound and investigate how humans locate sound in three dimensions.

Note: This is a collection of videos and PDF instructions that is housed off-site. Once you purchase here you'll receive instructions to get to the site. 

Are Your Students Engaged?
Are you looking for a way to engage middle schoolers in their science learning?
Are you eager to see your students become scientists in your classroom?
That's the goal of this course...

Invite students to become scientists in your classroom...
As fellow scientists, they need to learn to 
investigate, discover, measure, observe, examine...
These skills take time and repetition. 

But repetition can be boring!
That’s where labs come in! 
Many of the labs are teaching the same fundamentals
but use different materials to keep things interesting.

What if my students are at different levels?
Ah, differentiation! In my classroom, everyone did the Core Labs (marked by Δ).
These are the labs we talk about in our discussions and they provide
the content for what we test. Extension Labs go deeper or broader
—some are tangents, and some repeat the core concepts for kids who need that. 

What if I don’t have time to introduce a lab?
No worries! In my classroom, students worked at their own pace,
so I rarely introduced a lab. I write all of the instructions directly to
the students so you can just print and go.

What if I don’t have time to research the science behind a concept?
I’ve got you covered... Sections in the written instructions and the videos should
answer your questions. Here you’ll also find hints and helps for running an activity.
Additionally, the Teacher Notes sections will give you plenty of background information.
You won’t have to do any outside research unless you want to.

Each lesson has two parts...

1. Video instructions which include:
❑  a demonstration of the activity
❑  extensions for students who want to dig deeper
❑ hints and strategies for preparing each lesson

2. Written instructions which include:
❑  list of materials
❑  straight-forward directions
❑  questions and writing prompts
❑  explanations for the students and teacher

☆  straight-forward without being simplistic
☆  written to students; designed to be print-and-go.
☆  watch experiments; read directions; access background information.

Cross-Curricular Investigations:
❖ Historical Connections
❖ Bible Study
❖ Artistic Connection

Concepts and Topics Addressed:
♦  Observing vibrations made by objects
♦  Investigating wavelength, speed, frequency, amplitude
♦  Models for transverse and longitudinal (compression) waves
♦  Determining that pitch is related to frequency
♦  Investigating how longer, larger objects make lower pitches
♦  Amplifying sound through vibrations
♦  Locating sounds in three dimensions

The following resources are part of this bundle and can be purchased separately:
 Investigating Pitch, Frequency, & Wavelength—Sound & Waves Study—Writing Prompts  
 Hearing in 3D: How We Locate Sounds Using 2 Ears and a Brain—writing prompts   
⭐  Investigating Sound Vibrations Activities w/ writing prompts— Sound & Waves  
⭐  Investigating Wave Types & Traits— Sound & Waves Study—Writing Prompts  
Plus many videos and resources that are not sold separately and are exclusive to this bundle

Answer Key
There are specific Answer Keys along with extensive teacher notes to address the many questions that come up. You shouldn’t have to do outside research on this topic unless you want to. 

Student Sheets
Scaffolded writing prompts and lab reports 

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