"Wh" Questions~ Mega 6 Pack!

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"Wh" Questions~ Mega 6 Pack!

This pack is filled with fun and engaging activities to get your students talking! In this pack you will find games and activities galore! Great for students who struggle to engage in conversations.

These activities will help children become more automatic when engaging in conversations by being better able to ask questions, respond to others and by being better able to understand the perspective of others.

My students LOVE doing these fun games. I hope yours do too!

I LOVE to modify! Please let me know if you would like anything modifyied to better meet your needs.

Included are 5 of my Asking Question Activities And Games And 1 set of handy visuals.

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Included Please Find:

"Wh" Questions Mega 6 Pack Cover

"Wh" Question Prompt Cards

Asking Questions and Responding To Others

A great activity to help elicit "Wh" questions from students working on expressive language. This is also a great activity to use with children who are working on pragmatic social language skills. I use this in small social groups to elicit social conversation, automaticity, inferential thinking and perspective taking skills. Laminate the cards and use dry erase markers for a fun written activity. For those who like to act things out, this can also be done as a role play. One student can read/act out the "teacher prompts" and another can ask the "Wh" questions. 4 levels of "Wh" question prompts and a set of homework prompts, offer a nice variety to reach a wide range of students.

Included Please Find:

Cover Page
Suggestions For Use Page
Thank You Page
Level 1 Directions
Level 1 Prompts (10 pages)
Level 2 Directions
Level 2 Prompts (10 pages)
Level 3 Directions
Level 3 Prompts (10 pages)
Level 4 Directions
Level 4 Prompts (10 pages)
Homework Directions
Homework Prompts (10 pages)
Clip Art Credit Page

Asking WH Questions Activity Boards

These activities will help students engage in more dynamic conversations by asking questions. Questions help people to learn more about each other and to show others that we are interested in them, not just in talking about ourselves. This activity has 4 different choices/levels so you can move on as your students improve and or use the boards of your choice with a wide variety of learners. The high interest background (Minecraft clip art) helps get students excited to engage in what can sometimes feel like a boring activity to them.

Included Please Find:

Cover Page
Directions Page
Board 1: Six boards with question starters; Where, When, Who, What
Board 2: Six boards with more difficult question starters; Which, Why, How, Do/Did
Board 3: Six boards with all question starters; Where, When, Who, What, Which, Why, How, Do/Did combined on one board
Board 4: Four boards with boxes to mark off when a question was asked and when a comment was stated. Students must decide which question starter to use.
Clip Art Credit Page

WH Question Board Games

This is a fun way to work on asking "WH" questions. Students must ask a question that makes sense to go along with a picture card, or for older kids, a written scenario cards or picture cards that appeal to older elementary children. I have separated the pictures/boards into categories so that you can work on categorization skills/identification skills as well if you like. A plain board is also provided as are "high color, low color" and a black and white board so that you have lots of variety. Really get your students to think with this game! My students enjoy this game a lot, I hope yours do too!

Cover Page
Thank You Page
Directions and Material Prep
Game Board (high color)
Game Board (low color)
1 Color Spinner
3 Different Colored Arrows

1 High Color Game Board
1 Low Color Game Board
18 Kids cards

1 High Color Game Board
1 Low Color Game Board
12 Clothing cards

1 High Color Game Board
1 Low Color Game Board
12 Animals cards

12 Food cards
1 High Color Game Board
1 Low Color Game Board

18 Black and White cards (varied pictures)
1 Black and White Spinner
Black and White Arrows

24 Written Scenario Cards
18 Picture Cards To Apeal To Older Kids
6 Make Your Own Cards(Editable)
Clip Art Credit

Questions, Comments And Connections Game

Have your students practice the essential components of a conversation: asking questions, making comments, and making connections. This fun game consists of 2 different game boards available in high color and low color. One board has a variety of pictures on it and the other has pictures of children in social situations so that you can work on pragmatic skills as well as language. Question cards include "wh" words such as: what, why, when, where, who, which, and also, how, do, did. Question cards also include sentence starters for those who need a little more prompting. Also included are both written and visual cards as well as 3 different spinners to allow you to use this game with many different levels of students and in different ways. Lots of possibilities and lots of fun. Kids love playing this game.

Included Please Find:

Cover Page
Discussion/Material Prep Page
Direction Page
Poster: Questions, Comments, Connections
Thank You Page
1 Full Color Game Board: A Variety of pictures
1 Low Color Game Board: A Variety of pictures
1 Full Color Game Board: Pictures of kids in social scenarios
1 Low Color Game Board: Pictures of kids in social scenarios
Question Starter Cards: Words and Sentence Starters
Comments Written Cards
Connections Written Cards
Comments Visual Cards
Questions Visual Cards
Connections Visual Cards
3 Spinners: One for each level of game
3 Arrows
Clip Art Credit Page

Question BINGO And Board Games

Included Please Find:

Cover Page
Directions/Suggestions For Use/Clip Art Credit Page
6 Different BINGO Boards
18 Written Scenario Cards (for higher levels)
9 Written Scenario Cards (for lower levels)
18 Picture Cards (for higher levels)
9 Picture Cards (for lower levels)
9 Make Your Own (Editable so you can easily add your own text/pictures)
1 Wh Questions Board Game (in high color)
1 Wh Questions Board Game **All New Pictures** (in low color)
1 Wh Questions Board Game **All New Pictures** (in black and white)
18 Wh Questions Cards
1 Spinner (high color)
1 Spinner (black and white)
3 Arrows (2 in color, one black and white)
3 Pages Clip Art Credit
1 Page Thank You


Cover Page
4 Pages of Question Cards and Comment Cards/ Words and Pictures
Thank you Page

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"Wh" Questions~ Mega 6 Pack!
"Wh" Questions~ Mega 6 Pack!
"Wh" Questions~ Mega 6 Pack!
"Wh" Questions~ Mega 6 Pack!