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What causes your body to go down a slide, your bike to coast down a hill, or a ball to roll down a ramp? Let’s learn about the force of gravity that causes objects to move without being touched.

Gravity is an attractive force between any two objects that pulls objects together. Earth’s gravity pulls everything downward to the center of the planet. A plant seed could be planted in any direction in the ground, but its roots would grow downward due to gravity.
All things are made of matter, which is anything that has mass and occupies space. Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Therefore, mass and matter are related. The more mass an object has, the higher the gravitational pull.
The mass of an object stays the same, but the weight of an object will change if there is a change in gravity. For example, a balloon and a bowling ball are the same size, but a bowling ball has more mass and it will have more gravitational pull due to its mass.
You would weigh less on the moon than you would on Earth due to the gravitational pull on the moon being less than that of Earth. However, you would weigh more on Jupiter than on Earth because Jupiter is much larger than Earth, and the gravitational pull is greater on Jupiter. Your mass stays the same, but the change of gravity changes your weight. If you weighed 70 pounds on Earth, you would only weigh 15 pounds on the moon because weight changes with gravity.
Earth creates the same speed on every object. If an elephant and mouse are dropped from a building, they will gain speed at the same momentum. Even if weight is a factor, the Earth’s gravitational force speeds up objects when they fall. It constantly tugs at the objects and the objects accelerates in speed.
Gravity is important on Earth. Our planets are in a constant rotation due to the sun’s gravitational pull. The Earth and the Sun’s gravity effects the moon’s movements. The rise and fall of tides are caused by the moon’s gravitational pull on our planet.
Without gravity on Earth, everything would float.

In summary, gravity is a force between all objects. It pulls everything downward toward the center of the Earth. The more mass an object has, the higher the gravitational pull. Without gravity, everything would float. Remember, the next time you throw something up, it must come down!
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