Word Wall Vocabulary Posters for WORLD HISTORY Units HIGH SCHOOL 285 WORDS!!!

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This is a bundle for the following World History Units and includes 285 WORDS!:

Early Civilizations (8000 BC – 500 BC)

Classical Civilizations (500 BC – 500 AD)

Medieval World (600 – 1450)

Interaction and Diffusion (600 – 1450)

Expansion (1450 – 1750)

Renaissance, Reformation, and Ideas (1450 – 1750)

Political Revolutions (1750 – 1914)

Industrialization and Imperialism (1750 – 1914)

World Wars (1914 – Present)

Contemporary and Interdependent World (1914 – Present)

(These are the units that are covered in High School World History)


Included in this bundle is a tip sheet for teachers. I recommend that you laminate the posters and rotate them throughout the year on your social studies word walls. In addition, vocabulary retention works best when students are first introduced to the word and are using the word throughout their lessons. These posters can also be used to include in students interactive notebooks by shrinking the size of the picture and having the students cut and paste them into their notebooks. I also recommend that you display them on your document camera and have students play games or have discussions about the words. There are many more ideas; however, my goal is to take the stress out of teaching by doing the leg work so that you don't have to spend hours creating your own resources. Please check my other listings for more high school related items including:

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Word Wall Vocabulary Posters for All BIOLOGY Units HIGH SCHOOL 272 WORDS!!!

Word Wall Vocabulary Posters for All CHEMISTRY Units HIGH SCHOOL 203 WORDS!!!

Vocabulary Words Included: 285 World History WORDS!!!

Human Geographic Factors, Physical Geographic Factors, River Valley Civilizations, Indian Ocean, Panama Canal, Suez Canal, Human Life, Neolithic Revolution Industrial Revolution, Republic, Theocracy, Totalitarianism, Political Systems, Civilization, Diffusion, Legal Ideas, Monarchies, Theocracies, Agriculture, Farming, Forms Of Government, Impact, Mathematics, Political Change, Political Ideas, Science

Technology, River Valley Civilizations, Neolithic Revolution, Industrial Revolution Hammurabi’s Code, Jewish Ten Commandments, Justinian’s Code Of Laws, Magna Carta, English Bill Of Rights, Declaration Of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Declaration Of The Rights Of Man And Of The Citizen, Classical Greece, Classical Rome, Classical India, Islamic Caliphates, China: Tang To Ming Dynasties, U.S. Constitution, Monotheism, Cultural Influences, Political Influences, Religious/Philosophical Influences, Persia, India, China, Israel, Greece, Rome , Judaism, Christianity, Absolute Monarchy, Democracy, Limited Monarchy, Oligarchy,

Totalitarianism, Political Systems, Democratic-Republican Government, Judeo-Christian Legal Tradition, Classical Greece, Classical Rome, English Civil War,

Enlightenment, Central Ideas, Historical Origins, Major Religious Traditions

Philosophical Traditions, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism,

Sikhism, Ancient Times, Modern Times, Rule of Law, Equality, Fundamental Ideas Fundamental Institutions, Innocent, Jury, Peers, Trial, World Religions, Archimedes

Copernicus, Eratosthenes, Galileo, Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Fall of Rome, Political Factor, Social Factor, Unifying, Medieval Europe, Byzantine Empire,

Feudalism, Manorialism, Economic Impact, Political Impact, Social Impact, Europe , Asia, Africa, Crusades, Black Death, Hundred Year’s War, Great Schism, Diffusion

Legal Ideas, Cultural Developments, Economic Developments, Political Developments, Political Ideas, Regions, Song China, Eastern Asia, Facilitated , Spread Of Ideas, Trade, Silk Road, African Gold-Salt Trade, Mongol Invasion

Russia, Islamic World, Slave Trade, Hindu Society, South Asia, Maya Civilization, Inca Civilization, Aztec Civilization, European 1450 to 1750, Columbian Exchange, Americas, Europe, Atlantic Slave Trade, West Africa, Global Trade, Ottoman Empire , Eastern Europe, Europe’s Commercial Revolution, Architectural Engineering, Astronomy, Artistic Impact, Intellectual Impact, Renaissance, Reformation, Political Philosophies, Scientific Thinking, Secularism, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes , Voltaire,

Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin, Thomas Jefferson , William Blackstone, Printing Press,

Scientific Revolution (16th Century Europe), Archimedes, Copernicus , Eratosthenes, Causes, Characteristics, Consequences, American Revolution, French Revolution, Enlightenment, Glorious Revolution, Theocracy, Totalitarianism, Checks And Balances,

Liberty, Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleonic Wars, Simón Bolivar, Hammurabi’s Code,

Scientific Advancements, 17th Century, 18th Century, Human Life, Free Enterprise System, Historical Origins, Adam Smith, The Wealth Of Nations, Karl Marx, Medical Advancements, Factory System, Steam Technology, Textile Manufacturing, Transportation Technology, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, James Watt, 19th Century Imperialism, Imperialism, Militarism, Nationalism, Alliance System, World War I, Mandate System, Boundaries, Political Impact, Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, Treaty Of Versailles, February (March) Revolution Of 1917, October Revolution Of 1917, Bolshevik, Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics, Global Depression, International Causes, Emergence, Atomic Bombs, German, Poland, Soviet Union, Holocaust, Japanese Imperialism, Attack On Pearl Harbor, Normandy, Landings, Fascism, Casualty Rates, Genocide, Military Technology, Trench Warfare,

World War II, Cold War, Independence Movements, Globalization, United States,

Germany, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo, Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, League Of Nations, United Nations, Communism, Mao Zedong, Arms Race, Ongoing Conflicts, Middle East, Mass Murders, Modern World, Terrorism, Telecommunication Technology, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Lech Walesa, Pope John Paul II, Arab, State Of Israel, Radical Islamic, Fundamentalism, Palestinian, Al Qaeda, September 11, 2001, Communist Economies, Free Market Economies, Cambodia, Latin America, Armenia, Balkans, Rwanda, Darfur, Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Gandhi, Oscar Romero, Natan Sharansky, Las Madres De La Plaza De Mayo, (Chinese Student Protestors In Tiananmen Square), Islam Influences and Muslim World

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