Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)

Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)
Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)
Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)
Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)
Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)
Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)
Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)
Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7)
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Writing Bundle: 223 Year-Long Printable Prompts (Grades 3-7).

What the heck am I going to do with 223 writing prompts? How about spend fewer Sundays at school scrounging for writing lessons and more time watching football!

These 13 genres, when used throughout the year, will meet 78% Common Core Writing standards for grades 3-7.

Use this bank of prompts for any occasion (holidays, seasons, history, humor...), or make them available through your class site for parents and students to access.

• 223 Prompts on 69 Worksheets.

• Includes 9 editing prompts & 4 grammar worksheets.

• Download zipped in PDF & editable Word.

• Organized into two formats: progressive school year & genres.

Compiled from these Harstad Collection listings: (Click links for full previews.)

33 Autumn Writing Prompts

Halloween Writing - 10 Printable Prompts

Veterans & Memorial Day - 32 Writing Prompts

33 Winter Writing Prompts

Christmas Writing

Valentine's Day - 17 Writing Prompts

35 Spring Writing Prompts

Easter Writing - 12 Printable Prompts

40 Summer Writing Prompts

All Genres and Prompts:

Grammar (4)

• Paragraph Basics (Swimming pool made of grape Jello-O.)

• Subordinate Conjunctions (Vacuuming dirt from an igloo.)

• Appositives (Rafting on the Salmon River.)

• Parenthetical Expressions (Another Mt. Rushmore president.)

Editing (9)

• The history of Labor Day.

• Sled Racing.

• Lewis & Clark.

• Declaration of Independence.

• Spooky house challenge.

• Rosie the Riveter.

• Winter solstice.

• Valentine's Day 1886.

• White House Easter Egg Roll.

Dialogue (20)

• County fair roller coaster.

• Cotton candy clown.

• Glenda the snow troll.

• Squirrels on winter vacation.

• Nick & Greg make a movie.

• Grandpa Al and brother Frank ride Penny Farthings.

• Showing George Washington the sights.

• Theodore Roosevelt's personal secretary.

• Peter Peter's Pumpkin Shop.

• County fair pumpkin carver.

• Veterans' Parade lead car.

• Announcing the Veterans' Parade.

• Unicycle parade clown.

• Pictures with Santa.

• Mrs. Claus saleswoman.

• Cupid Nick is on the scene.

• Sybille's passion for pink.

• Mr. Adams buys Valentine's chocolate at the gas station.

• Max and Chicky's mismatched lifestyles.

• Just another day at the Peep Factory.

Humor (33)

• Jack's new way to get to school.

• Deer photography trip.

• Randolph's big day at Feline Spa & Resort.

• Airplane tennis anyone?

• Dog sled team relaxing poolside.

• Night watchperson lost in castle.

• Snowed-in on a snow day.

• You go first Uncle Phil.

• Cousin Doug catches a mermaid.

• Skittles has a plan.

• Principal McPhee speaks.

• Dr. Lyttle to the rescue.

• How to be a good household pet.

• Kittles the swimming cat.

• Frying food on the sidewalk.

• Dad goes camping.

• Lulu earns a break.

• You win a haunted house!

• Haunted house housekeeping.

• Grandma Trudy makes a house haunted.

• First grade patriotic musical.

• Woofy, the town dog, contributes to Veterans Day.

• Beach Santa.

• Gift return hotline.

• Living in a gingerbread house.

• Valentines high heels.

• Uncle Al likes his job.

• Grandmas Hilda & Myrtle have a plan.

• Pin the tail on a real donkey.

• Rocko sings the classics.

• Egg salad for every meal.

• Ms. Kate decorates everything.

• Awful smell and a missing Easter egg.

Suspense (18)

• Night in the haunted house.

• Choose a scene.

• Thanksgiving package.

• Choose a topic.

• Downhill skiing final race.

• Lost on a trail with an unnerving feeling.

• Cara's big catch.

• Maya vs. Brussels sprouts.

• Presidential chauffeur.

• The Olympic ceremony is about to start.

• Volleyball last point.

• The hurdle race starts.

• Santa oversleeps.

• Pick a topic.

• Santa's dry cleaner has both good and bad news.

• Easter dinner lottery clean-up.

• Faberge eggs.

• Maria's Easter bunny suit arrives.

Expository (30)

• Explain Rube Goldberg's light bulb.

• How to remove a classroom fly.

• President Kennedy's quote.

• How to get kindergarteners to get along.

• Rules a bus driver should know.

• Halloween history.

• Why do we have traditions?

• Christmas customs.

• Wish list vs. gratefulness.

• Easter Island scientific study.

• Living on an island.

• Valentine's Day history & transformation.

• Grocery store Valentines.

• Chocolate sales.

• VA hospitals.

• Daughters of the American Revolution.

• The American Legion.

• Disabled American Veterans.

• April Fools protocol.

• The perfect joke.

• Daylight Savings Time.

• Mother's Day.

• Martin Luther King: excellent speaker.

• Ruby Bridges' courage.

• Rosa Parks' non-violent protest.

• Barbequing for 12 neighbors.

• Making frozen treats.

• Lemonade stand competition.

• Engineering the world's largest pizza.

• Starting your next world record.

Persuasive (17)

• Good ship Lollipop renovation.

• Captain Bligh and the HMS Bounty.

• Deserted island or forest wilderness?

• Randolph the other reindeer.

• Tia & Theo find a forest pet.

• Chuckles the clown interviews for a party.

• A persuasive real estate agent.

• Hot vs. cold.

• Life on other planets?

• Flexible school days.

• Persuading James it's bedtime.

• Cruise ship karaoke night.

• Cruise ship sing-along.

• Urban boating.

• Urban boating the right direction.

• Brown bear in my pool.

• Brown bear staying in my pool.

Irony (25)

• Unknown restaurant guest.

• Standing in line for something?

• Sounds from a lunch bag.

• Lynn captured by butterflies.

• An ocean with no fish.

• My parents gave me $20.

• Ice fishing derby.

• Tug on the fishing line.

• Hunger at the fishing derby.

• Gene & Neil like to fish.

• Walt fishing in a pothole.

• Pile of snow.

• Teachers play a joke.

• Balancing rocks.

• Shopping carts and a car.

• Dancing cobra.

• Short-horn cattle.

• Miguel's April Fools idea.

• Limbo with the Morris triplets.

• Kurt's first swimming lesson.

• Cousin Barry's personal pool.

• No parking at the public pool.

• Another slow day at the Woodlawn Community Pool.

• Meyers family lake toys.

• Jumping contest at Swanson Lake.

Non-Fiction (18)

• Tomb of the Unknowns and monuments.

• What impresses you about America?

• What would you show George Washington in America today?

• Abraham Lincoln's quote.

• President Grant's speeding ticket.

• Chester Arthur's 80 pants and midnight strolls.

• President Harrison's fear of light switches.

• The Oregon Trail.

• Pony Express challenges.

• Action at the Pony Express station.

• Describe where the Navajo live.

• Monument Valley, AZ.

• Living in a hogan.

• Navajo code talkers.

• Dr. Joseph Warren.

• Remembering Dr. Warren.

• The Minutemen.

• Molly Pitcher.

Reporting (22)

• Early morning balloon ride.

• Living on the tundra.

• Sarah rides a mule backwards.

• 12th Annual Funny Dog Show.

• Sweden's Ice Hotel.

• Ray's snow giants.

• Antarctica research station.

• Car phone.

• Wildland firefighters.

• Tour of California bike race.

• Cliff swallows return.

• Stormy day in Mountrail County.

• Jake & Lynn drive across America.

• Hot dog eating contest.

• Describing fireworks.

• Assemble a story.

• News reporter practice.

• Tomb of the Unknowns.

• The Liberty Memorial.

• WWII Memorial.

• Korean War Memorial.

• Vietnam War Memorial.

Respect & The Flag (5)

• Showing the flag.

• Flag folding.

• Memorial flags.

• Saluting the flag.

• Burning ceremony.

Historical - WWII (8)

• Dorie Miller.

• Torpedo Sqaudron 8.

• D-Day at Omaha Beach.

• Enola Gay.

• Battle of the Bulge.

• Bataan Death March.

• D-Day cemetery.

• Meaning of Veterans Day.

Abstract (6)

• Valentine's Day art contest.

• The latest gift rave.

• Choose a topic.

• What if there was no Valentine's Day?

• Is friendship a universal human trait?

• Should Valentine's Day be moved to another month?

C'mon, he was wide open down field!

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Provide a conclusion that follows from the narrated experiences or events.
Use concrete words and phrases and sensory details to convey experiences and events precisely.
Use a variety of transitional words and phrases to manage the sequence of events.
Use dialogue and description to develop experiences and events or show the responses of characters to situations.
Orient the reader by establishing a situation and introducing a narrator and/or characters; organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally.
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