Yamie Chess School Assistant - K-8 Supplemental Math Learning Toy

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Named by School Library Journal as a Best Education Pick of 2014, Yamie Chess is an award-winning educational toy that builds children's math and science learning skills for school.

Honored for excellence as a Mom's Choice Awards® Gold Award Recipient, Yamie Chess is endorsed by Harvard and MIT math teachers for kids' learning, and it's Made in America.

Follow our young chess hero, 8-year old Kimi from Queens, New York, as he embarks on a magical adventure to power up math skills, where all the cartoon characters are the chess pieces!

The learning toy includes an interactive coloring math comic book, for K-8 grades; which covers algebra, geometry, number, data analysis and measurement; a US tournament-size classic chess set with cartoon-adapted chess pieces for visuo-spatial reasoning; and 12 quality colored pencils for the budding artist.

The Yamie Chess math comic is aligned to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and illustrated by ex-Disney/Marvel and ex-DC Comics professional animators.

Yamie Chess was created by 2-time United States Chess Champion and American Women's Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade in partnership with U.S. math educators from MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Columbia and the University of Arizona.

See full list of Yamie Chess educators' qualifications and experience: https://www.yamiechess.com/advisors

-- Teachers' Analysis --

"As a teacher, I always am looking for activities, lessons, and products that will raise the bar for the children in my classroom. With Yamie Chess, this product addresses both different levels in the classroom and teaches critical thinking to all."

- Mrs. Jena Phillips, B.S., MEd, 8th Grade Arizona Science Teacher
(Full text of Mrs Phillips' analysis: https://www.yamiechess.com/arizona-science-teacher)

"As a middle school math teacher I see the value of Yamie Chess in an educational setting to increase mathematical thinking."

- Ms. Elizabeth Gates, B.A., 7th Grade Illinois Math Teacher
(Full text of Ms. Gates' analysis: https://www.yamiechess.com/illinois-middle-school-math-teacher)

"Yamie Chess has an imaginative storyline with potential to greatly increase children’s interest in both math and chess. Mathematics problems are interspersed through the text and will both expose children to important mathematical results (e.g., Venn diagrams, finding the area of a triangle, and unit cancellation) and allow them opportunity to grow in mathematical reasoning. Problems are labeled by grade level, allowing parents and teachers to target problems for students. The range of problems is such that students will find opportunities to use ideas with which they are already comfortable, as well as to explore new mathematical ideas."

- Professor Ashley Ahlin, Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Chicago
(Full text of Professor Ahlin's analysis: https://www.yamiechess.com/UChicago)

"I highly recommend Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore & The Mind Angels. When a child learns how to play chess, adds a lot to his or her science education, and has a wonderful time walking through a rich fantasy world, you can’t go wrong!"

- International Master Jeremy Silman, Creator of Harry Potter chess scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2001)
(Full text of IM Jeremy Silman's analysis: http://www.jeremysilman.com/shop/pc/Yamie-Chess-81p3817.htm)
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Yamie Chess School Assistant - K-8 Supplemental Math Learning Toy
Yamie Chess School Assistant - K-8 Supplemental Math Learning Toy
Yamie Chess School Assistant - K-8 Supplemental Math Learning Toy
Yamie Chess School Assistant - K-8 Supplemental Math Learning Toy