Year Long Literacy Bundle

Year Long Literacy Bundle
Year Long Literacy Bundle
Year Long Literacy Bundle
Year Long Literacy Bundle
Year Long Literacy Bundle
Year Long Literacy Bundle
Year Long Literacy Bundle
Year Long Literacy Bundle
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    Bundle Description

    Year Long Cross-Curricular Monthly Themed Literacy Units Bundle! Themes for each unit corresponds with the centers for each Monthly Literacy & Math Centers, but can stand alone because they are literature based each month.

    Resource Prep: Depending on the resource, prep may include printing on copy paper or cardstock, laminating, cutting and putting together materials for the number of students that you have. Directions to all activities are on the direction page of resource and/or on each center game.

    Bundle Includes:

    ✱ September Literacy Unit
    ✱ October Literacy Unit
    ✱ November Literacy Unit
    ✱ December Literacy Unit
    ✱ January Literacy Unit
    ✱ February Literacy Unit
    ✱ March Literacy Unit
    ✱ April Literacy Unit
    ✱ May Literacy Unit
    ✱ June Literacy Unit
    ✱ July Literacy Unit
    ✱ August Literacy Unit

    Each Literacy Unit Includes the Following:

    ▶️ 2-4 Children Literature Sources
    ▶️ Themed Based Lessons
    ▶️ Cross Curricular Activities
    ▶️ Monthly Calendar
    ▶️ Literature List
    ▶️ Literature Lessons for Children’s Books
    ▶️ Reading Activities
    ▶️ Writing Activities
    ▶️ Math Activities
    ▶️ Art Projects
    ▶️ Reading Centers/Small Group Games
    ▶️Math Centers/Small Group Games

    Resource Includes the Following:

    September Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons & Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See

    September Calendar
    List of September Literature
    September Writing Station Words
    Pete the Cat Story Parts: (2 types)
    Pete the Cat Story Retelling : (2 types)
    “What Have You Lost? “ Classroom Book
    “How Many Buttons” Student Booklet
    Button and No Button Graphs: (2 types)
    Pete the Cat Art Project
    Button CVC Make a Word Game:
    Button Mats
    “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See” Organizers
    “School, School What Do You See?” Classroom Book
    “I See” Student Booklet
    Brown Bear Art Project
    Animal Match Colors Game
    I See a Word Game
    Brown Bear, Brown Bear Sequence /Number Order Game

    October Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:Where the Wild Things Are & Go Away Big Green Monster

    ✒ October Calendar
    ✒ List of October Literature
    ✒ October Writing Station Words
    ✒ Where The Wild Things Are Story Parts
    ✒ Where The Wild Things Are Story Retelling
    ✒ “If I Were a Wild Thing” Classroom Book
    ✒ My “Wild Thing” Mask
    ✒ My “Wild Thing” Story
    ✒ Go Away Big Green Monster B M & E Organizer
    ✒ Go Away Big Monster Booklet
    ✒ Monster Acrostic Poem
    ✒ Big Monster Art Project
    ✒ “Our Halloween Costumes” Classroom Book
    ✒ Monster & Pumpkin Match Colors Game
    ✒ Monster Match Uppercase & Lowercase Letters
    ✒ Monster Numbers 0-20 Match Game
    ✒ Monster Roll and Cover

    November Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:Turkey Trouble, My Turkey Disguise, & Twas the NIght Before Thanksgiving

    ♦ November Calendar
    ♦ November Writing Station Words
    ♦ “In the Fall” Classroom Book
    ♦ Turkey Trouble B, M & E Organizers
    ♦ My Turkey Disguise Story
    ♦ “Our Turkey Disguises” Classroom Book
    ♦ “Turkeys” Student Booklet
    ♦ Turkey Art Project
    ♦ “We Are Thankful” Classroom Book
    ♦ I Am Thankful Worksheet
    ♦ Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving Story Parts
    ♦ Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving Story Retelling
    ♦ “Save the Turkeys “ Classroom Book
    ♦ Turkey Make a Word Game
    ♦ Turkey Rhyming Match Game
    ♦ Turkey Feather Match Game
    ♦ Turkey Roll and Cover

    December Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Baby, A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

    ▲ December Calendar
    ▲ December Writing Station Words
    ▲ “The Gingerbread Man Run, Run as Fast as You Can” Classroom Book
    ▲ Gingerbread Baby Story Parts
    ▲ “Gingerbread Man” Student Booklet
    ▲ Gingerbread Man/Gingerbread Baby Venn Diagram
    ▲ “The Gingerbread New Ending” Classroom Book
    ▲ Gingerbread Man Art Project
    ▲ Gingerbread Real & Nonsense Words
    ▲ Gingerbread Man Roll and Cover
    ▲ “How to Decorate a Christmas Tree“ Classroom Book
    ▲ “A Wish to be a Christmas Tree” Story Parts
    ▲ “A Wish to be a Christmas Tree” Story Retelling
    ▲ “How Many Trees” Student Booklet
    ▲ Christmas Tree Art Project
    ▲ “Our Favorite Presents “ Classroom Book
    ▲ Tree Make a Word Game
    ▲ Christmas Tree Number Match Game

    January Literature Themed Activities

    Literature: Tacky the Penguing, If I Were a Penguin, & Our Snowmen at Night

    ❄️January Writing Station Words
    ❄️“Tacky the Penguin “ Story Parts
    ❄️“If You Were a Penguin” Classroom Book
    ❄️“If I Were a Penguin” Story Retelling
    ❄️Penguin Venn Diagram
    ❄️Penguin Acrostic Poem
    ❄️Penguin Nonfiction Organizer
    ❄️"My Penguin Fact Book” Student Booklet
    ❄️Penguin Art Project
    ❄️Penguin Sight Word Game
    ❄️Penguin Roll and Cover
    ❄️“Our Snowmen at Night” Classroom Book
    ❄️“Snowmen At Night” Story Retelling
    ❄️“Snowmen At Night” 5 W’s & How Story Organizer
    ❄️“How Many Snowmen” Student Booklet
    ❄️Snowman Art Project
    ❄️Snowman Make a Word Game
    ❄️Snowflakes Ten Frame Mats Match Game

    February Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:Love Splat, Love Monster, & If I Were President

    ❤️ February Calendar
    ❤️ February Writing Station Words
    ❤️ February Literature List
    ❤️ February Writing Station Words
    ❤️ Love Splat Story Parts
    ❤️ “Love Is” Classroom Book
    ❤️ Love Splat Art Project
    ❤️ Love Acrostic Poem
    ❤️ “How Many Hearts” Student Booklet
    ❤️ “Love Monster” Story Retelling
    ❤️ “Our Love Monsters” Classroom Book
    ❤️ Love Monster Art Project
    ❤️ Heart Rhyming Word Match Game
    ❤️ Monster Love Ten Frame Roll and Cover
    ❤️ “If I Were President Classroom Book
    ❤️ “If I Were President ” Story Retelling
    ❤️ “If I Were President 5 W’s & How Story Organizer
    ❤️ Washington & Lincoln Nonfiction Organizers
    ❤️ Washington & Lincoln Venn Diagram
    ❤️ “George Washington “ or “Abraham Lincoln” Fact Student Booklet:
    ❤️ Washington & Lincoln Art Project
    ❤️ Presidents Real & Nonsense Words Directions
    ❤️ President More, Less , or Equal Clip Game

    March Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:The Cat in the Hat, Rainbow Fish, How to Catch a Leprechaun & It's Spring

    ☘ March Calendar
    ☘ March Writing Station Words
    ☘ “The Cat in the Hat” Story Parts
    ☘ Who is the Cat in the Hat Description Organizer.
    ☘ “If the Cat in the Hat Came to My House” Classroom Book
    ☘ Cat in the Hat Rhyming Word Sort
    ☘ Cat in the Hat Cut & Paste Sentence:
    ☘ Cat in the Hat Rhyming Project
    ☘ Rainbow Fish Crackers Graph
    ☘ How Many Fish Booklet
    ☘ Fish Art Project
    ☘ “Our Favorite Books” Classroom Book
    ☘ Hat Beginning & Ending Blend Word Game
    ☘ Fish Number Match Game
    ☘ “How to Catch a Leprechaun” Classroom Book
    ☘ “How to Catch a Leprechaun Story Retelling
    ☘ “My Lucky Day” Story
    ☘ “In the Spring” Classroom Book
    ☘ “It's Spring” Organizers
    ☘ Winter & Spring Venn Diagram
    ☘ “Spring” Fact Student Booklet
    ☘ Pot of Gold Art Project
    ☘ Shamrock & Rainbows Rhyming Word Match Game
    ☘ Spring Roll & Bump Games

    April Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:The Easter Egg, How to Catch the Easter Bunny, Ladybugs, The Earth

    ☂ April Calendar
    ☂ April Writing Station Words
    ☂ “The Easter Egg” Story Parts
    ☂ “The Easter Egg” Retelling
    ☂ “How to Make an Easter Egg” Classroom Book
    ☂ The Easter Egg Project
    ☂ How Many Eggs Booklet
    ☂ “How to Catch the Easter Bunny Retelling
    ☂ “How to Catch the Easter Bunny 5 W’s & How
    ☂ Who is the Easter Bunny Description Organizer.
    ☂ Bunny Project
    ☂ “Our Favorite Easter Treats Classroom Book
    ☂ Bunny Make A Word Game
    ☂ Eggs Ten Frame Match
    ☂ “Our Favorite Bugs Classroom Book.
    ☂ “Ladybugs Organizers
    ☂ Ladybugs & Bees Venn Diagram
    ☂ “Ladybugs Fact Student Booklet:
    ☂ “Something That Bugs Me!” Story
    ☂ Fact Family Ladybug Art Project
    ☂“I Love the Earth Classroom Book
    ☂ “How to Catch a Leprechaun Story Retelling
    ☂ “The Earth” Organizers
    ☂ “I Can Help the Earth” Story
    ☂ “I Love the Earth Student Booklet
    ☂ Earth Day Art Project
    ☂ Ladybug Real & Nonsense Words
    ☂ Earth Day Greater Than, Less Than or
    ☂ Equal To Clip Game

    May Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:The Tiny Seed, Plant the Seed, & All About Butterflies

    ✿ May Calendar
    ✿ May Literature
    ✿ May Writing Station Words:
    ✿ “The Tiny Seed Story Parts
    ✿ “The Tiny Seed” Retelling
    ✿ How Does a Seed Grow Organizer.
    ✿ “Our Tiny Seeds” Classroom Book
    ✿ The Tiny Seed Art Project
    ✿ How Many Flowers Booklet
    ✿ “ Plant the Seed” Retelling
    ✿ “Plant the Seed” 5 W’s & How
    ✿ Flower Sight Word Spelling Game
    ✿ Flower Ten Frame Match
    ✿ “All About Butterflies” Classroom Book
    ✿ “Butterflies Organizer
    ✿ “My Butterfly Story”
    ✿ Life Cycle of the Butterfly Organizers
    ✿ Caterpillars & Butterflies Venn Diagram
    ✿ “Butterflies” Fact Student Booklet
    ✿ Butterfly Art Project
    ✿ Butterfly Word Game
    ✿ Butterfly Greater Than, Less Than or Equal Game

    June Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:Commotion in the Ocean, Beach Day, & Rainbow Fish

    ✷ June Calendar
    ✷ June Writing Station Words:
    ✷ “Commotion in the Ocean” Story Elements
    ✷ “Commotion in the Ocean” Retelling
    ✷ “In the Ocean” Classroom Book
    ✷ “Our Favorite Ocean Animals”
    ✷ Ocean Animals Venn Diagram
    ✷ Ocean Acrostic Poem
    ✷ “Whales Can” Classroom Book
    ✷Whales Acrostic Poem
    ✷ Whales Venn Diagram
    ✷ Whales Fact Sheet
    ✷ Ocean Mobile
    ✷ “Beach Day” Story Element
    ✷ “Beach Day ” Retelling
    ✷ “At the Beach” Classroom Book:
    ✷ “Rainbow Fish Story Parts Organizer
    ✷ “The Rainbow Fish” 5 W’s & How
    ✷ All About Fish Classroom Book
    ✷ How Many Fish Booklet
    ✷ Rainbow Fish Crackers Graph
    ✷ Rainbow Fish Art Project
    ✷ Ocean Real & Nonsense Words
    ✷ Ocean Word Game
    ✷ Ocean & Fish Addition & Subtraction
    ✷ Beach Roll & Cover Games

    July Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:The 4th of July Story, Happy 4th of July

    ★ July Calendar
    ★ July Writing Station Words:
    ★ “The 4th of July Story” Retelling
    ★ “The 4th of July Story” 5 W’s & How
    ★ “Why We Have the 4th of July” Classroom Book
    ★ All About the 4th of July Booklet
    ★ Birthdays Venn Diagram
    ★ America Acrostic Poem
    ★ Uncle Sam Art Project
    ★ “On the 4th of July” Classroom Book
    ★ “Happy 4th of July” Story Element
    ★ “Happy 4th of July” Retelling (BME)
    ★ How Many Stars Booklet
    ★ On the 4th of July Writing Piece
    ★ Star Man Art Project
    ★ 4th of July Symbol Match Game
    ★ Star Word Game
    ★ 4th of July Roll & Bump
    ★ Fireworks Roll & Cover Games

    August Literature Themed Activities

    Literature:C is for Camping & A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

    ▲ August Calendar
    ▲ August Writing Station Words
    ▲ How to Make a S’more Organizer
    ▲ “Things to Take Camping” Classroom Book
    ▲ “C if for Camping” Classroom Book
    ▲ “Going Camping” Student Booklet
    ▲ Camping Poem
    ▲ Paper Plate S’mores Art Project
    ▲ Camping Gear Match Game
    ▲ S’more Make a Word Game
    ▲ “Going Camping” Classroom Book:
    ▲ “A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee” Story Elements
    ▲“A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee”
    ▲ “I See Camping Trip” Student Booklet
    ▲ “If I Spent a Night in a Tent”
    ▲ Campfire Art Project
    ▲ Camping & Campers Roll & Bump Games.
    ▲ S’more 3 Addend Addition Clip Game

    Kids have fun learning with this bundle of cross-curricular monthly themed literacy units!

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