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How Many? Color? What? Answering Questions Adapted Book Bundle 17 Books in 1 Bundle Use all 17 books together to promote generalization of the skill. Practice identifying the attributes of what, quantity, and color, while working on beginning
121 ratings
Easy Reader Adapted Books- Increase students MLU (mean length of utterance) with this adapted book, while helping them to learn concepts about print, and beginning sight words. Allow them to enjoy reading, from the start with these fun/
96 ratings
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VERBS, VERBS, VERBS! 6 Book BUNDLE to practice using the pronouns he/ she/ they with verbs. Keywords: Verbs, Verb, Present Progressive Verbs, Pronoun Verb Agreement, Subject-Verb and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement, Autism, Special Education,
77 ratings
Prepositions Adapted Book: practice identifying prepositions, while working on beginning writing skills and sentences structure with this 4 book bundle. Your students will match the corresponding pictures to name the preposition while
54 ratings
This CORE vocabulary adapted story was created to bring the joy of fairy tales to all students. These traditional tales are rewritten using CORE vocabulary, while still maintaining their classic value. Each is told with simple, high frequency,
46 ratings
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Money, Money, Money!!!! Keywords: Dollar Up, Next Dollar, Visual Support, Visually Supported Counting, Dollar Bills, Purchasing, Community Based Instruction, CBI, Pay, Store, Transaction, Money, Autism, Special Education, SPED, Independent Living
44 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (17.58 MB)
All of my Point and Press Products in ONE BUNDLE! Save over 20%! Addition, Addition Adding On, Subtraction, Multiplication, and my Adaptable Number Cards Print is extra large (for students with fine motor difficulties) to count independently.
41 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.69 MB)
Have you gone CORE yet?!? Core vocabulary is all the buzz in special education these days, but with good reason, these seemingly simple words make up roughly 80% of what we say! When you teach your students CORE vocabulary, you're giving them so
31 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (474.25 MB)
3 Book BUNDLE! I know... Prepositions... Where is the Easter Bunny Hiding the Egg? On and In Edition- 14 adaptable pages I see... How Many? What Color? What is it? Jellybean Edition 1-9- 9 adaptable pages I see... How Many? What Color? What
25 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.44 MB)
It's time to learn about money! This bundle will teach your students how to count a variety of coins/ change. Perfect for early elementary or special education classrooms. Works on counting coins individually and in combinations. This is an
22 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.42 MB)
Teach your students to follow instructions and directions while working on visual memory, visual discrimination, sequencing and motor planning at the same time! This set works on so many skills at once! Often times our students with special needs
14 ratings
This CORE vocabulary adapted fairy tale story set was created to bring the joy of fairy tales to all students. These traditional tales are rewritten using CORE vocabulary (aka: sight words), while still maintaining their classic value. Each is
12 ratings
WH Questions: Asking Questions Series are SLP created, kid-tested, and most importantly kid-approved! This bundle takes away that monotonous way of questions where students are “quizzed” by their teacher or speech pathologist. Instead, Asking
9 ratings
From coins to dollar up this bundle covers it all. 14 centers designed to teach your students how to count and work with money. Dollar Up, Next Dollar, Visual Support, Visually Supported Counting, Dollar Bills, Purchasing, Community Based
8 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (25.99 MB)
Easy Reader Adapted Books Increase your student's MLU (mean length of utterance) with this set of adapted books. Designed for early and emergent readers, these easy readers increase your student's confidence, language (MLU), concepts about
7 ratings
This no print (or print) google interactive set is the perfect grab and go life skills job training task. Includes all REAL PICTURES so it is appropriate for all ages, no kiddish clip art graphics! This set is a GROWING Bundle, new resources
7 ratings
Get festive this October with Adapted Books. This set includes 6 different books that focus on a range of skills, from counting to emotions this set has all of your bases covered! [ P R O D U C T • I N C L U D E S
4 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (12.28 MB)
This CORE vocabulary emergent reader was created to bring the joy of nursery rhymes to all students. Our versions of these classic rhymes have been adapted based on a selection of core vocabulary (sight words), or the highest frequency words in
4 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (46.55 MB)
Some days you just need to teach your students so life skills in a quick, easy and hands-on way. These file folders will come to your rescue over and over again! Set includes: Clothing File Folder Sorts- 4 file folders Food Sorts- 7 file
2 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (88.18 MB)
VERBS, VERBS, VERBS! This set includes everything you need to teach your special needs students action verbs! Verbs GROWING BUNDLE is teacher created, kid-tested, and most importantly student-approved! This bundle takes away that monotonous way
1 rating
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Krystie: Instructional Assistant Resource 7-8 Instructional Assistant SDC 7-8 Moderate/Severe Special Education Teacher K-2 Moderate/Severe Special education Teacher 6-8 Currently- Moderate/ Severe Special Education Teacher 9-12 Meg: Home-based behavior interventionist throughout college. SLP currently assigned to autism, functional skills classrooms and children with AAC needs. Vanessa: Behavior interventionist throughout college: pre:k, school, and home-based programs. OTRL currently assigned to autism and functional skills classrooms.


When it comes to teaching special learners we know we need the unique perspectives and advice from each team member to incorporate best practices and get the most beneficial results. So... what does that mean for our products? When Meg, our SLP, is working on communication with a student she can't forget that there may be sensory needs that need to be met before learning can happen.   When Vanessa, our OT, is working on gross motor she can't forget that movement is a GREAT time to elicit language. When Krystie, our SpEd teacher, is teaching a lesson she can't forget that instruction should be provided at the student's language level- or that those sensory strategies will help her student to attend. Here at AdaptEd we understand that we are stronger together. Each of our products is created by a professional IN THAT FIELD.  Better yet, our products are tried and tested by the whole team.   That's right- our OT gives feedback on our academic and communication resources . . .  and she gets feedback on how her OT resources work in the classroom and other therapy settings.   Together we build products that support our students as a whole.  Together we get those tricky questions answered.  Together we are AdaptEd! Krystie, Vanessa and Meg


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Krystie- Education Specialist- Moderate/Severe Teaching Credential from Chapman University. BA in Liberal Studies from California State University Fullerton. Meg- Masters in Speech and Language Pathology from Sacramento State University. BA in English and Psychology from Mills College. Vanessa- Masters in Occupational Therapy and BS in Health Science from Dominican University of California.


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