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Help students write scientific explanation summaries and support their claims with evidence and reasoning (CER). This is great for integrating the Common Core into your science class. Common Core in the science classroom is all about supporting
131 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.24 MB)
Scientific Method Differentiated Quiz. Two different quizzes to test the knowledge of all types of learners plus a scientific method practice scenario and interactive notebook pages. This differentiated scientific method assessment is designed to
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.95 MB)
Scientific Method guided reading for expository text with note taking templates, comprehension worksheets that have leveled questions and Task cards to extend the learning. Perfect for Common Core Literacy Science Standards Common Core in the
33 ratings
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This lab report template incorporates the scientific method having students identify the question, hypothesis, and variables in the experiment and offers an area for students to record their observations. It also incorporates the common core by
23 ratings
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Set the tone of your science class during the first days of school with this back to school inquiry investigation Students will use inquiry and the scientific method to either create the best coffee cup in the creative cup challenge or be part of a
33 ratings
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Your students will love learning about the scientific method as they do these three candy labs. Each one is differentiated for different levels of learners. These three candy labs are written differently to meet the K-2 NGSS standards, 3-5 NGSS
29 ratings
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Engage your students and help them learn the scientific method through this 2-4 week inquiry investigation into the scientific method Students learn more through inquiry and hands-on investigations. This scientific method mega bundle does just
24 ratings
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This scientific method blended learning science station incorporates an online simulation station, group collaboration station, and a teacher-led station. You can do all three scientific method stations or pick and choose the stations you want your
34 ratings
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Make flipping your class easier and help your students by allowing them to learn the basics of controls and variables of the scientific method at home and then practice applying the topic in class the next day. 95% of my students have said the
9 ratings
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Instead of spending time cutting and gluing students can drag and drop objects, use the internet to research, add images, and demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method while online. Going paperless and using this digital notebook will
8 ratings
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Help your students by allowing them to learn the basics of the scientific method at home and then practice applying the topic in class the next day. 95% of my students have said the flipped lesson videos were the most helpful way to learn the
10 ratings
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These scientific method task cards review the steps of the scientific method and have a strong focus on controls and variables. Students are asked for definitions of the scientific method steps and they are asked to identify the steps in example
7 ratings
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Science Task cards. Engage your students in the review of various science topics and use them throughout the year These science task cards have differentiated levels of questions to meet all types of learners. Over 100 questions covering Matter,
5 ratings
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Incorporate technology into your science class with these engaging physical science lessons that include inquiry investigations, flipped lessons, science stations, projects, guided reading, digital interactive notebooks, assessments, and more than
3 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.26 MB)
Incorporate technology into your science class with this lab report notebook students can use online. Students can add photos, create graphs and data tables, research background information and more. There are different templates for each part of
1 rating
Digital Download PDF (8.74 MB)
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Adventures in ISTEM reflects my 15 year adventure as a middle school science teacher. I call it an adventure because every day brings something new. Through my adventures I have been trained in GATE strategies, EL strategies, AVID strategies, and my new adventure of bringing technology into my classroom through blended learning. All of these have helped me incorporate Inquiry, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into my classroom.


My teaching philosophy has changed over my 15 year career and my teaching style reflects it. It's all about ISTEM in my class. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with an influence of Inquiry. Scholars are able to take academic risks and work at pushing themselves to the next level. I try and differentiate my lessons to meet all my students needs from my low resource students to my high gifted/talented students and everyone in between.


Presenter at the 2015 OCC GATE conference for blended learning in the science classroom and how to flip your classroom


Bachelor of Science- Zoology/Physiology University of Wyoming, trained in Gifted/talented education, AVID, ELL, and Pre-AP (college board)


I am a wife and mother of two. In addition to teaching middle school science I am also the science department chair, STEM coordinator for our STEM club at school, the head Pentathlon Coach for our schools Pentathlon team, and I run the computer lab after school one day a week. I am also on our district technology team helping to train other teachers in the use of technology in their classroom.

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