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Aliscia's Art Plans
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Art is a great way for students to become Socially, Emotionally, and Culturally involved in the world.
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By Aliscia's Art Plans
This is a small lesson to do before you get started on the full lesson for Frank Stella's work. It gets the students ready to look at some elements and principles of design in works of art as a refresher or as a start to any lesson using these
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By Aliscia's Art Plans
This lesson allows kindergarten students to explore oil pastel and watercolor to make their own fish or pet painting of their choice!
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Middle School Art Teacher 2008-2012 Port Saint Lucie, FL


My goal as a teacher is to establish the link between past artworks and the interests of the students in today’s world. I want to instill in them that the unique way of decision making can help them achieve their goals. I want to make art real for them and their personal expression. Art history is a perfect way to plan my art projects and lessons. By replicating an artist’s work students can learn technique and history at the same time. This knowledge can further their curiosity in the world and the rest of their school subjects. This dense rapid world of visual imagery, with its computers and multimedia devices can be incorporated into an interdisciplinary curriculum. Students are interested in the Internet and entertainment. By merging art history and the current language and iconography of our world today, I can help students be more informed. As a teacher I will facilitate the knowledge so students can understand new concepts and build on what they have learned. As a teacher I will set the Goals and Rules of the classroom. By exploring culturally diverse artists who emphasize the environment and social issues, students will be aware of the problems in our society. Collaborating with other teachers in English, History, Science, and math subjects will help me broaden the student’s knowledge and confidence. Keeping up with current trend in contemporary art and criticism will equip me to expand the lesson plans and projects that students will participate in. Like the rules of the scientific process we will practice a research technique for each Artist. This research technique is called “Art as a Process” There are four main points that will be followed on each weeks lesson: Perception, Reflection, Interpretation and Conceptualize (P, R, I, C). I think that students should learn that art is the key to learning all subjects in school. Experimenting with answers to questions in an art class and finding new answers that suit the way they learn and expands their potential to succeed


Academic Honors


California State University, San Bernardino Bachelors in Art Education 2007


Aliscia went to school in a small town called Ashland, Ohio. She started pursuing art in High School. Due to budget constraint, she decided to go to the local career center in her Junior year and pursue graphic design so that she could fund her passion as an artist. After meeting her husband and raising a family she decided to go back to college after moving to Apple Valley, California in 2004. She pursued Art Education courses at California State University, San Bernardino where she met Dr. Billie Sessions who is a huge arts advocate and mentor. Dr. Sessions is a co-author to the book Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Art in High School. Aliscia graduated with her B.A. in Art Education from California State University, San Bernardino and moved to Orlando, Florida to be closer to her family and the rich local art environment. She was fortunate to find a position as a middle school art teacher at Renaissance Charter School of Port Saint Lucie where her knowledge of graphic design secured her spot. Making art is second nature to Aliscia. She finds great pleasure in sharing her talents through mural making for her school to portrait’s of her family and friends. Making art is a way of connecting with people in her life. She feels that play is the best part of being an Art teacher. Enjoying meaningful play time and exploring the world through art history and technique is essential for her art students. Recognizing what makes her students light up is a challenge and adventure. She believes that all children are artists and can investigate and find their own style if given the right guidance. Aliscia’s interests include museum, art history and cultural studies in art education. She would like to further her knowledge of the local art museums and community galleries to form an alliance between these institutions. By writing a grant and ultimately forming a traveling children’s art program to bring the local arts and cultural centers together.

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