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This 68-slide PowerPoint and activities include the following: ~The goal of the persuasive essay’s point ~The different kinds of arguments ~The different kinds of evidence ~Vocabulary to express cause and effect ~Expressions for stating one’s
66 ratings
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Preterite Eight Stations Activity in Spanish #teachmorespanish Have you ever wished you could multiply the teacher's presence in a classroom of 30 plus students in order to give your language learners more opportunities to hear and speak the
68 ratings
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Three Ser Estar TPR Stories and Other Activities by Angie Torre The first story is about the twins, Ana and Maria. One day, Maria is too sick to go to school so Ana goes to her classes in her place. She also goes out with Mari­a's boyfriend while
58 ratings
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Spanish Adjectives Ser Gustar TPR Story In this packet are two goofy, engaging stories about Jorge and Linda. Both TPR stories reinforce the adjectives, ser, and gustar for level one Spanish. In addition to the vocabulary and TPR stories the
56 ratings
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Spanish Present Perfect Activity by Angie Torre. Spanish Grammar Included in this activity: Instructions only- no printables. During this activity, students will be talking about things they have never done. This is a culiminating activity for
52 ratings
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This 26-slide PowerPoint includes the following: ~Instructions for how to write the correo electrónico /email for the AP Spanish Test ~Suggestions for the student ~A modeling of the formal register ~A practice in which students change the informal
45 ratings
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Spanish Preterite Practice- TPR Stories include the following: Six original TPR stories, all in Spanish,with accompanying activities: ~true/false questions ~complete the sentence ~answer the questions ~cloze activities/assessments All have
46 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.28 MB)
Spanish Double-Object Pronoun TPR Story PowerPoint and Activities, by Angie Torre This 47-slide TPR Story PowerPoint and Activities is a story about a boy who tries to impress a girl with Sra. Torre's teddy bear. He steals the bear and gives it to
42 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.67 MB)
“Presentación Oral / Oral Presentation for AP Spanish PowerPoint” This 28-slide PowerPoint includes the following: ~Instructions on how to do a cultural oral presentation for AP Spanish ~Required elements of an oral presentation ~A sample
35 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.09 MB)
Spanish Adjectives: The Dating Game by Angie Torre. Spanish Vocabulary After teaching the adjectives, students choose whom they want to date based on six different descriptions. This activity provides comprehensible input and cements the
39 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.77 MB)
Spanish Travel TPR Story Present and Preterite by Angie Torre This Spanish Travel TPR Story supplements any travel vocabulary by providing the necessary comprehensible input, i.e., repetition in context. It is a story about an unfortunate traveler
40 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.90 MB)
Subjunctive 8-Stations in Spanish by Angie Torre Have you ever wished you could multiply the teacher's presence in a classroom of 30 plus students in order to give your language learners more opportunities to hear and speak the language? This
33 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.71 MB)
Spanish House and Chores TPR Story and Power Point by Angie Torre This product includes the following: ~Two Spanish TPR stories which reinforce the vocabulary of the House and Chores. They can also be used as a prelude to lessons in direct object
32 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (26.14 MB)
Bajo la misma luna is a great movie for AP Spanish because it is easy to understand and addresses the problem of immigration from a child's perspective. This, "Bajo la misma luna questions and activity for AP Spanish" includes the following: ~An
24 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.41 MB)
This Irregular Preterite TPR Story PowerPoint is about a teacher who loves Snickers. Even though she does everything she can to hide her extra-large Snickers from her students they keep finding it and eating it. Finally, she manages to keep it for
41 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.08 MB)
Ser TPR Story PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activity for Spanish One by Angie Torre This Ser TPR Story is about two boys who like the same girl. The TPR story contains many uses of the verb "Ser" in context. The contents include the
36 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (34.59 MB)
Eleven TPR stories with accompanying activities. The TPR stories encompass most of the vocabulary for Spanish One and much of Spanish Two, including one activity for the present and preterite tense. The TPR stories are fun and capture the
37 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (54.85 MB)
Subjunctive PowerPoint for Spanish by Angie Torre. Spanish Grammar This 104-slide Subjunctive PowerPoint explains, step by step, in Spanish, the use of the present subjunctive with student interaction and practice exercises every few slides. The
29 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.99 MB)
Spanish Saber Conocer PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activity by Angie Torre. Spanish Grammar This 30-slide PowerPoint on the Spanish verbs, "saber" and "conocer" includes the following: ~Saber and conocer used in context with engaging
31 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.60 MB)
Classroom Objects TPR Stories for Spanish One by Angie Torre Three silly TPR stories about a hapless student who has very bad luck. The stories reinforce the vocabulary for classroom objects, allow students to hear the objects in context, and
34 ratings
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I have taught Spanish and French for 31 years in California. I have created and presented many workshops in my district, outside the district and for my school for world language teachers, beginning and veteran teachers of all disciplines on classroom management, lesson-planning, TPR story-telling, and the teaching of Spanish and French grammar in an immersion classroom. For two years I served as a Consulting Teacher in my district helping new teachers with curriculum, lesson planning and classroom management. Four years ago, my principal nominated me for Teacher of the Year. I am one of the top TPT Sellers in the High School Category.


My teaching is based on the philosophy of the natural approach and the use of comprehensible input for acquiring a second language. I filter all activities through that lens. Before choosing or creating an activity, I ask the question, "Is it comprehensible input?" and, "Is it fun?". If it is comprehensible input, i.e, language in context, it will stick. If it is fun, students will be motivated and, it will stick.


I was nominated, "Teacher of the Year" by my principal. I was nominated for best teacher by several students. I also received the "Pick-it-up-a-Notch" award at my school.


BA in French, Art. MA in Spanish.


I studied one year in France, eight months in Spain and three months in Mexico.

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