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Be an art-infused classroom with my interactive coloring sheets plus writing prompts for all major holidays (over 90 unique designs to use all year long)! My original interactive "pop art" coloring sheets are a teacher and student favorite! This
1350 ratings
Digital Download PDF (33.74 MB)
American symbols patriotic coloring pages Interactive Coloring Sheets. This set of my popular interactive coloring sheets (with writing prompts) includes American patriotic symbols appropriate for September 11th, Memorial Day, Presidents' Day,
709 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.03 MB)
Black History Month Collaboration Posters Bundle Volume 1. This is the first volume of my Black History Month Collaboration Posters bundled together. There are 5 famous people in this bundle: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges, Rita
524 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (43.55 MB)
Halloween Activities Door Decoration: Decorating halloween doors has never been cooler (or easier)! This year have some real fun decorating your door for Halloween as everyone in class pitches in. This product features TWO door posters. The first
247 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (28.79 MB)
Ruby Bridges: Collaborative Classroom Mosaic Poster. This product contains two methods for making a classroom Ruby Bridges poster. One a bit more challenging that the other--great for differentiation! I also include a bonus "unscramble the drawing
157 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.80 MB)
Leprechaun Collaborative Door Poster Project: This guy makes a great St. Patrick's Day door decoration! This St. Patrick's Day project lets all the students in your class get involved by coloring their own part of the classroom leprechaun poster.
150 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.04 MB)
Classroom Poster - We Heart READING Collaboration Poster. Designed to decorate any classroom for your reading center, classroom library or a school or public library. This poster is also great as a bulletin board or hallway display. Children love
165 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.68 MB)
Barack Obama collaboration poster intended to complement/supplement any President’s Day or Black History Month unit/lesson you teach. It’s a great way to start up a unit or to cap one off! These art activities are an engaging and entertaining way
53 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.94 MB)
Celtic Knots drawing practice, border paper and celtic knot coloring sheets. This is a really unique and fun package of materials. In my experience students absolutely love celtic knots.With the purchase of this unit you will get: Celtic technique
42 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.38 MB)
Romero Britto. This lesson was published in Arts and Activities Magazine in January 2012. This lesson is good for grades 5 and above. Every wonder why art teachers only teach about dead artists when there are so many great, living artists to
95 ratings
Digital Download PDF (15.41 MB)
Vincent Van Gogh Landscapes - Teach your students about landscape with this fun and easy Van Gogh power point! You may also like my Vincent Van Gogh Collaboration Poster or my Famous Faces of Art History. Use my power point that breaks down the
57 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (3.61 MB)
Frida Kahlo Collaboration Portrait Poster. Designed to complement or supplement any Frida Kahlo lesson, Women’s History Unit, Mexican studies, or any famous artist study. This poster is the perfect anticipatory set to pique your students’ interest
31 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.79 MB)
This teacher binder or teacher planner is FULL of great choices for you! There are options in full color or black and white. Bright colors and patterns make this planner modern and fun for teachers with a taste of Pop Art. Use the black and white
85 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (69.18 MB)
Harriet Tubman Collaboration Portrait Poster. Designed to complement or supplement any Harriet Tubman lesson, Women’s History Unit or any Black History Month studies. This poster is the perfect anticipatory set to pique your students’ interest or a
58 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.14 MB)
Pi Day Collaboration Classroom Poster – great Pi Day activity with “infinite” possibilities as students color their piece of this collaborative poster the way they want to! You may also be interested in my Pi Day BUNDLE. This fun, collaborative
42 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.50 MB)
Nelson Mandela collaboration poster designed to integrate art into your classroom while learning about Nelson Mandela and South Africa. Two Nelson Mandela poster lessons are included plus bonus activities. These art activities are intended to
48 ratings
Digital Download PDF (25.56 MB)
Sports Coloring sheets - interactive and pattern-filled Pop Art coloring sheets including writing prompts--NO PREP for teachers tons of FUN for kids! This unique set of Pop Art sports coloring sheets features 9 interactive coloring sheets, 9
42 ratings
Digital Download PDF (18.91 MB)
George Washington Art Activity for classroom teachers: George Washington collaborative posters. These art activities are intended to complement/supplement any President’s Day unit/lesson you teach. It’s a great way to start up a unit or to cap one
57 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.87 MB)
Women's History Month: Amelia Earhart classroom mosaic collaboration poster. Everything you need is included in this packet to create this wonderful poster-sized portrait of Amelia Earhart with your class. Each student gets one piece of the master
45 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.70 MB)
Abraham Lincoln Collaboration posters designed to integrate art into your classroom while learning about Abraham Lincoln. Two Abraham Lincoln poster lessons included plus bonus activities. These art activities are intended to complement/supplement
30 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.59 MB)
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Dedicated to making art infused resources and activities for all classrooms. Making life easier for teachers and learning fun for kids is my goal! I started my art teaching career in Charlottesville, Virginia at a middle school where I taught grade 6, 7 and 8 in 2001. I then moved to Arizona in 2008 and am now an elementary school art teacher for grades kindergarten to fifth grade.


Student Centered Love and Logic Growth Mindset


2016 Art Lesson published in the Arts & Activities magazine " Quadrilateral Nutcrackers” 2014 Art Lesson Published on "Quadrilateral Robots" 2011 Original Pop Art lesson accepted for publication into Arts & Activities magazine “Contemporary Pop Artist: Romero Britto” 2010 Presenter at NCTE Conference in Florida: “Putting the Arts in Language Arts” 2009-2010 Art Integrated lesson accepted for publication into SchoolArts magazine “Putting the Arts in Language Arts” 2007-2008 Virginia Commission for the Arts Grant Virginia Lottery “Super Teacher” Grand Prize Winner 2006-2007 Teacher Award: c2d show Best in Show: Middle School c2d community art show Edgar Shannon Grant for Excellence in Public Education


Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Richmond, Virginia Graduation 2006 Bachelors of Fine Arts


I am also a professionally trained ballroom dance instructor. You can check out my website at

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