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Radial Symmetry Paper Relief Project - Art and Math (Fractions and Symmetry) Included in this package is a teacher's project sheet, a paper folding guide sheet, a fully animated PowerPoint, AND an instructional video! The PowerPoint contains all
342 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (51.74 MB)
Help your students recognize and learn art vocabulary while also showing your administration how you incorporate literacy in the art room! Use these cards to build a giant art word wall or place them next to your posted essential questions and/or
142 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (285.42 MB)
Help your students learn about the elements of art and principles of design with these awesome printable posters! Posters Included: Color, Shape, Form, Space, Line, Texture, Value Emphasis (touches on contrast), Unity, Movement, Proportion/Scale,
124 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (147.69 MB)
Interactive notebooks aren't just for the regular classroom! Having your students take notes in their sketchbooks about the topics your covering in art can be boring and sometimes feel like a punishment. But with this package, you’ll be able to
140 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (200.25 MB)
This package contains multiple art-integrated math projects/activities aimed at grades 3-5 (covering counting, fractions, perimeter and area, and greater than, less than, and equal to). Activity One: “The Little Figure Portrait Worksheet” Students
202 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.52 MB)
Elements of Art Sketchbook Prompts: Bellwork, Early Finishers, and/or Assessment Included in this package are 7 pages (1 for each element) with several drawing/writing prompts on it. (**includes editable version) Students can cut out individual
105 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (0.99 MB)
Winter Holiday Art: Value Holiday Lights! Art with Mrs. Nguyen This is a lesson that I ALWAYS get compliments on (from students, parents, teachers, and admin) and makes such beautiful hallway displays! I typically do it every year with my 4th (and
149 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.01 MB)
Included in this package are several tessellation activities and resources... 1. Tessellation PowerPoint: An introduction to what tessellations are, a brief history, M.C. Escher (with a link to a interview he did), his influences, his artwork, and
90 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (38.33 MB)
Get your classroom ready for the new school year with these beautiful supply labels! This package includes 200 labels that are approximately 3.5"x2.25" (labels can be scaled down or up by changing the scale in print settings). Labels feature the
44 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (89.85 MB)
This package contains two versions of PDF files: 1. Printable posters in an 8.5"x11" format (standard printer size) 2. Printable posters in an 18"x24" format (larger poster size) **You will also find a "Color" and "Colour" version I recommend
55 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (67.95 MB)
Students will learn how to create a radial cup weaving using a paper cup and yarn! This package comes with teacher instructions, visuals, AND an instructional video! Project Materials:  9oz Paper Cup  Scissors  Yarn (whichever colors you’d
77 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (16.86 MB)
Help your younger students learn the color schemes with these cute and colorful color scheme family portraits! Color schemes included are: primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors (intermediate alternative included), cool colors, warm
25 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (28.34 MB)
To begin with students will watch a short animated montage video featuring the artwork of the father of Op art himself - Victor Vasarely. Then they will see a variety of Op art images and other visual optical illusions in the included PowerPoint.
70 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (17.89 MB)
3D Shape Nets This package has 7 different 3D shape nets (made to be printed on regular sized printer paper). Included in this package are nets for the following shapes: Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Triangular Prism, Rectangular Prism, Square-based
76 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (16.22 MB)
As my school’s yearbook advisor, I know firsthand that not all kids are fortunate enough (often due to financial reasons) to buy a school yearbook. The goal of this memory book is to allow students to record their year’s accomplishments, memories,
51 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.32 MB)
Updated and Improved: May 31, 2018 Students will learn how to create the illusion of depth in their drawings by applying one-point perspective techniques. They will start with a simple one-point perspective shape drawing exercise to ease into the
42 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (20.16 MB)
This 'Chalkboard 0-20 Number Poster' Set comes from my Colorful Chevron Chalkboard Classroom Theme Bundle (Classroom Decor)! Included are 21 number posters (0-20) that feature the numeral, written word, and a ten-frame representation. To increase
71 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.18 MB)
This set includes: -Color Wheel Poster (8.5"x11", 13"x19", 18"x24" sizes) -Elements of Art Poster (8.5"x11", 13"x19", 18"x24" sizes) **in 2 different designs! -Principles of Design (8.5"x11", 13"x19", 18"x24" sizes) **in 2 different
30 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (20.83 MB)
Chevron Chalkboard Style Classroom Jobs Chart Included in this set are 38 job titles both with clipart images and without (3.5”x3.5”) and a set of blank cards (that you can customize with your own jobs)! Also included are 36 2”x2” number labels
76 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (83.62 MB)
This is a growing elementary art resource bundle. As I add more elementary art room related products to my TPT store, I will selectively add to this bundle. As more products are added, the total price of the bundle will go up - so it's wiser to
63 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.78 MB)
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I'm a sixth year art educator in Gwinnett County, Georgia.


I think one of the most important things I can teach my students is to develop a love of making art. :)


2015 Finalist - 'Best Elementary Art Ed Blog' (The Art of Education)
2014 2nd Place - ' Best Rising Star Art Ed Blog' (The Art of Education)
2014 Teacher of the Year nominee

Jones Art Education Scholarship (2011)

Professional Conference Presentations:
"The Art of Blogging: Surviving the First Year Through Social Media and Technology"
Georgia Art Education Association Fall Conference (2013)

"Teachers-Pay-Teachers: Getting rich'ish quick'ish"
Georgia Art Education Association Fall Conference (2014)

"Connected Classroom: Building your network through blogging and technology"
Georgia Art Education Association Fall Conference (2014)

"Connected Classroom: Building your network through blogging and technology"
National Art Education Association Conference (2015)

"Organize Your Classroom and Optimize Success"
National Art Education Association Webinar (2016)

Publications and Public Interviews:
"The Business of Creative Blogging Series - Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Profile: Art Teacher Melinda Nguyen"
Deep Space Sparkle (2015)

"Craft Projects for Math Class" (2016)

"Count on Math Crafts"
Scholastic Teacher Magazine (2016)

"TpT Talk - Episode 6"
Interview with: Rachel Davis (2017)

"Here's How I Set Up My Art Room for the New School Year"
Teachers Pay Teachers Blog (2017)


BFA in Art Education from Georgia State University (graduated summa cum laude) with an emphasis in Graphic Design


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