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This is a realistic set of clip art images of the solar system. The images include all the planets (including Pluto) and the Earth's moon. You will find that I have included two versions of each planet. One file contains the planets relatively
53 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (38.83 MB)
Updated to include blacklines (outlines) Here's a collection of 14 superhero figures. Each superhero is in a different super-heroic pose! They are each wearing different colored outfits. I use these in class to prompt 'what happens next' and 'what
41 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (33.07 MB)
There are four clipart images of the human brain in this collection. The brain is colored to show the different sections. In addition to the four different views of the brain (from the side, a side section, from the back and from underneath). In
45 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.47 MB)
This is a set of fitness clip art depicting kids in different yoga poses. There are 24 color clip art images in this pack. POSES INCLUDE: Bhardavajas Twist Boat Bridge Child Cobra Cow Face Crow Downward Facing Dog Fire Log Half Lord of the
27 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (20.49 MB)
This set has been updated to include blacklines (black and white outlines). Here's a set of clip art featuring action verbs. There are currently 2 different images demonstrating 11 action verbs featured in this collection. Each verb is
33 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (59.81 MB)
This is a set of number line clip art. Included are 0-10, 0-20, -10 to +10 plus graphics without numbers. There are two fonts, two style and each presented in 11 different colors including black and white, giving over 170 graphics in total.
40 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (9.01 MB)
There are 30+ color images of boys and girls playing different sports and taking part in different fitness activities. I've also added some balls so you can pose kids and balls in different ways. There are color images only in this set. Commercial
17 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (29.03 MB)
Here's a set of realistic penguin clip art images. 9 penguin species are represented in this set including: Emperor (and chick) Gentoo Little Blue Galapagos Fiorland Chinstrap African Adelie Rock Hopper There are two images of each penguin (one
35 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (22.95 MB)
This is a bundle of four fitness clip art sets. There are over 90 color and 90 black and white images in this bundle and cover the following: Flexibility Locomotor Strength Plyometrics There are one or more images to depict each activity and
19 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (75.81 MB)
Here is a collection of realistic clip art depicting 4 different sharks- the hammerhead shark, the blue shark, the whale shark and the white tipped shark. There are three images of each. I have tried to show the sharks in various poses to depict
31 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.21 MB)
This set of clip art features a range of different superhero students illustrating a variety of class jobs. This set is clip art only which you can make into posters, labels and other resources. ****More SUPERHERO products Superhero Products
17 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (27.48 MB)
Here is a collection of over 40 skeleton and organs parts of the body clipart for teachers. This collection features a male and female skeleton in two poses - one is posed straight, with arms outstretched, and the other in a natural pose which I
26 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (50.84 MB)
Here are 8 little mice, four boys and four girls, plus two blackline. These images are OK for commercial use and can be used in whiteboard and SMARTboard products. These clip art images are 300 dpi with transparent backgrounds and saved in PNG
32 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.62 MB)
Here's a simple set of clip art which is useful for illustrating ESL and beginner grammar resources. Uses include demonstrating pronouns/subjects and similar resources. Included with the set are a thought and speech bubble which will give you plenty
19 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.63 MB)
This is a set of friendship and relationship clip art images which feature pairs of kids in different friendship poses including happy, argument/shouting, reassuring, helpful... I plan on creating more graphics in the friendship theme, and I will
12 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (15.10 MB)
Here are 20 active boys and girls, plus a soccer ball and basket ball. The kids are shown in a range of different general active poses, including running, stretching, jumping, martial arts and gymnastics. There are 20 color and 20 black and white
14 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (18.79 MB)
Here is a set of 24 clip art images depicting 12 boys and girls. in both color and black and white, giving you 48 images in total. Each character is shown in two poses - once as an everyday student and again as their superhero super student
20 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (13.28 MB)
Here are four realistic horse clipart images. ***Check Out the Bundles Here! - Realistic Wild and Farm Animal Megabundle Realstic Farm Animal Bundle Realistic Wild Animal Bundle This is part of our 4 Real range of clip art images. Our 4 Real
21 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.06 MB)
This clip art set represents different members of a family and a superhero family. There are 19 images of the family and 19 images of the superhero family, giving 36 images in total in both color and black and white. Download the preview to see a
18 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (26.13 MB)
Thanks to TPT increasing the size of the download files we can provide, I can now offer a bundle of my realistic farm animal clip art and realistic wild animal clip art sets. This is a massive set of clip art with over 100 high quality high
22 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (181.14 MB)
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10 years teaching English as a second language following an early career running a successful small business and as a business manager in a large secondary school.


Vibrant and visual. I rely on excellent graphics to support my lessons and to connect with students who are just starting out on their English journey. I use high quality graphics which I create myself using a variety of tools. You will find more about my graphics on my blog at - Away With The Pixels You can find out more about me on my Google Profile.


BA English CELTA


Lifelong learner


My Journey Prior to becoming an ESL teacher I ran a successful small business for over a decade which provided me with a wealth of experience of the world of commerce. I subsequently took a leap towards education by becoming the business manager of a large secondary school, where I was able to put my experience to use in a new environment. After volunteering to work with young learners with no or little understanding of English, I caught the bug, and later retrained as an ESL teacher and relocated to Spain - which is where I am today. Where to Find Me! You will find me at the following online venues and you are very welcome to stop by and say hello! Website: AwayWith The Pixels
Facebook: Away With The Pixels
Pinterest: Kate Pullen
Instagram: AwayWithThePixels

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