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Behavior Management
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My Passion: To develop the Leadership Qualities within our YOUTH! For they are our "Leaders for Tomorrow"!
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working for the Association for New Canadians lead me over a 3 week span to devise activities for youth from the ages of 5 - 13 for their Summer Camp. These activities are over 22 pages are fun and interactive excitement for this wide age group of
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Every year there are many who come to our country. While we may know a great deal about our own country; do we really know much of where these new families come from? While I was working with the Association of New Canadians; I was given the
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A number of sessions for both the really young and those of high-school age. These sessions have been tried and true with young ones within the school systems of Ontario, Canada. I recall the kids extremely excited, each time, when they knew that I
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This cute little Moose will add to your Canada Day Festivities. Inside you can include a sheet where youth can add a drawing or write according to their " LIFE IN CANADA ". Further instructions is included in the download. Free - 1 page
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A fun and fast-moving activity that will have every child socializing in front of the group. As children are learning social skills and team play; they will also learn differences and similarities between each other. For any group size for the
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Each student is given a Braille Chart. With this chart they will make up a sentence or phrase using this code. Students may also peer up with one another. This is a great activity when introducing a group session THEME. There will be excitement
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Youth will find a template for a chart full of numbers from 1 – 54. The challenge is to find each number all while under a time limit of 1.5 minutes. The 2nd challenge is while you’re finding these numbers within the specified time that you try
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Sit down, relax, take some time and answer the questions. Be truthful and don't rely on others to help. Your job is to introduce yourself to someone as you were exactly 10 years ago today and tell them a few things about yourself. Now, shift
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What a way to have some great fun in 2017! With this activity, youth will decode a message created by the attached hand-out. A secret coding and message has already been included for you! You may, however, want to make up your own. The youth may
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I am a certified Child and Youth Worker who has been working the field for the past 25 years. I have a passion for guiding those youth who find themselves singled out of the classroom for behavioural and developmental issues. I have had much time given to the developmentment and administering of many Leadership Conferencs while spending 14 years developing one of my own. 15 years has been given to the leadership of youthgroups in my local areas.


I am fully strength-based while allowing youth to feel in control of their own decision making.


Many certificates accumulated within Leadership Training.


4 1/2 years education with youth with personality disorders, behavioral issues, and addictions. Centennial College - 2 years Child and Youth Worker Program Eastern College - transferred for 1 1/2 years - CYCW Program Certified. 7 years as a leading Entrepreneaur and Management in the area of Finance and Sales. Devotion given to sharing with youth and young adults with severe autism, mental and personality disorders, and those with behavioral issues. Time is given with local Church Youth Groups and Adult Worship Team/and also choir.


I have always believed I could be the next Anthony Robbins. lol I devote much of my time to NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programing, NAC - Neuro Associative Conditioning, and in the area of Personality Psychology.

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