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Emergency Sub Plans for Secondary Science pack containing 5 emergency sub plans that are meaningful, easy to use, and relate to student lives. Best of all, they will last the entire class period and are completely self-contained. Don't worry
473 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.24 MB)
This editable syllabus serves as a wonderful template for your secondary classroom- some components are already filled in, but you can simply change any text. You are also free to add or delete- it is completely editable in a PowerPoint format. If
224 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (0.80 MB)
Cell organelle station that include 15 plant and animal organelles with versatile uses and clear graphics. This activity can be used as review or test prep or a quick formative assessment. 15 stations complete with a hint (students answer what the
221 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.94 MB)
Cell theory pop-up timeline dedicated to the figures of the cell theory is a great addition to an interactive notebook, but it can also be used as a free standing project. The scientists included are Hooke, Schleiden, Schwann, and Virchow, students
238 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (18.85 MB)
Classroom Organization Secondary Classroom Organization A guide to more focused students, less stress, a smoother year, and a happier you. Work smarter, not harder. There are two major components included in this product: a short, easy to read
260 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (144.49 MB)
Give your students a creative outlet by using these activities designed for interactive notebooks! The major focus in these activities is the comparison and contrast of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, as well as plant and animal cells. Student
239 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (40.12 MB)
DNA Structure dry lab is a cut n' paste activity in which students build models of DNA and then answer 10 general questions about the structure of DNA. The download is a PDF file. All DNA pieces are included, complete with teacher tips and an answer
158 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.41 MB)
Evolution Interactive Notebook (INB) bundle includes the following evolution activities: 1. Introduction to Evolution Bellringer 2. Galapagos Islands Reference Maps 3. Darwin's Influences Map 4. Galapagos Islands Unique Animal Book Fold 5.
170 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (16.06 MB)
This is a 3 page activity in which students compare and contrast homologous and analogous structures. This is done via analyzing images, filling in tables and answering questions. There is also a brief section on vestigial structures. 11 questions
113 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.22 MB)
DNA Interactive Notebook is a set of INB (interactive notebook) activities that focus on the structure of DNA. There are a total of 11 different activities in all, as follows: â™ History 1. Structure of DNA Discovery Map- students branch out from
129 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (10.57 MB)
Looking for a FUN and engaging way to teach your students about cells? The "CELLS EXHIBITION LAB" (easily used as task cards) is a great way to introduce your student to the informative world of all things cells. Students travel from station to
181 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (85.56 MB)
Cell Theory Packet is 4 pages dedicated to the cell theory. Students learn about Hooke, Schwann, Schleiden and Virchow and how their scientific discoveries lead to the cell theory. Students fill in tables, diagrams, and answer analysis questions.
139 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.36 MB)
This NGSS aligned evolution unit plan takes your students on an adventure through evolution! From notes to the test, and all the fun stuff in between: reading exercises, labs, games, web quests, and more! This unit can be used as a stand alone
135 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (194.79 MB)
DNA RNA Reading and Coloring Activity is a combined packet on DNA and RNA. Students read about DNA and RNA and answer 20 questions. The coloring instructions are mixed within the reading, referring to each structure as it goes along. The packet
112 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.15 MB)
Photosynthesis Leaf Cut Out This is a printable cut-n-paste activity that can also be easily used for an interactive notebook. Students read about the structure and function of the different types of cells found in a leaf, and then using clearly
117 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.73 MB)
This set includes 35 editable task cards to cover your genetics unit. The cards are completely editable, as task cards are designed to be versatile. They cover Mendelian genetics and other inheritance patterns as described below: Task cards 1-20
119 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (19.88 MB)
This is an activity designed to be a final in-class assessment for pedigrees. Students should already be familiar with pedigrees before doing this in class. A 5.5 page activity titled "The Blue People of Troublesome Creek" focuses on the "Blue
123 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.20 MB)
This is a hands on protein synthesis activity that serves as an interactive model to help students build an understand of transcription and translation, their relationship and outcomes. No matter how it's done, this is a successful activity when
104 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (33.75 MB)
This science literacy bundle contains 15 emergency sub plans that are meaningful, easy to use, and relate to student lives. These are useful tools to help encourage scientific literacy in reading, graphing, and making connections. Save 25% when
178 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (118.81 MB)
31 editable task cards are included in this set, and can be used as stations around the room or in small groups. You can even pick and choose which ones you want to use for warm ups, bellringers, or exit tickets! Topics include the cell membrane,
120 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (95.10 MB)
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I'm an avid science teacher who has taught an array of different subjects: biology, microbiology, chemistry, physical science and forensics! I love to do different things to try to make my lessons as interesting as possible so that my students want to come back for more!


I like to incorporate lots of pictures and videos into my lessons. I also like to do analogies, which come in handy for hard-to-grasp concepts in science. I love labs and by the end of the year all of my students love labs, too!


I have never been given an award for my teaching services. That would be awesome, though! =)


I attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and obtained my degree in Biology and Science Education.


Massachusetts born and raised, mom of 3, Mythbusters addict. See my blog at

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