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These complete lessons help students identify and respond positively to expected and unexpected behaviours as part of your culturally responsive classroom. Each lesson takes 10 minutes or less to prepare and each comes with a variety of activities
194 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.65 MB)
Have your students use their creative, critical and historical thinking skills to demonstrate what they have learned about life in Early Canada during the fur trade. Students are hired by the Hudson's Bay Company to scout out a new location for a
135 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.83 MB)
Use these reading and writing lessons to check for reading comprehension, teach note taking and researching while exploring topics including Vimy Ridge, D-Day, The War in Afghanistan, and Flanders Fields from a Canadian perspective. There are five
129 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.71 MB)
These complete lessons help students learn about fostering positive relationships as friends and peers to help prevent bullying, respond effectively to peer pressure and develop skills to deal with conflicts. Each lesson takes 10 minutes or less
77 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.85 MB)
This set of SIX art projects incorporates painting, oil pastels, print making and carving to study six different First Nations and Métis artists of Canada through creating a piece of art inspired by each of these amazing artists: George Littlechild
96 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.86 MB)
This bundle contains everything we've developed for expected and unexpected behaviors, managing feelings, bullying, , drugs, tobacco abuse, vaccinations, goal setting, listening skills, cyberbullying, cooperation, jobs, volunteering, life changes,
117 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (35.08 MB)
These health lessons help students learn about a variety of situations including recreational activities, transportation, poison symbols, staying home alone, basic First Aid, preventing injuries, contacting emergency services, emergency preparedness
71 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.86 MB)
These activities help students understand the benefits of vaccinations, eating well, sleeping, exercising, positive self-image and hygiene or the risks or drugs, alcohol or tobacco through writing, drawing, role playing, group work, and
79 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.16 MB)
Teach your students in this twist on the jigsaw method about how the First Nations, Métis and Inuit people of Canada connected to the land as part of their belief system historically. This product starts with a full lesson to help your students
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.47 MB)
This unit was designed for students in Grade 4 to learn about the different geographical regions of Alberta through a variety of activities which you can use to assess their understanding. The first activity is a map activity that shows the
46 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.54 MB)
This package includes seven complete map reading lessons before reviewing the concepts and then inviting students to create a map all about themselves. It encourages creative and geographical thinking skills while using all the map reading skills
56 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.48 MB)
Teach your students about natural resources like forestry, fossil fuels and agriculture with these activities that include: card sorting, inductive learning, jigsaw teaching, reading, writing, drawing, discussion and analyzing text. Instructions on
41 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.52 MB)
This unit was designed for students to learn about the different geographical regions of Canada through a variety of hands on activities. The first activity is a map activity that shows the different regions of Canada. The second activity is the
50 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.88 MB)
Everything you need to teach math in your Grade 4 or 5 classroom comes with this product, including lesson plans, templates, photographs, activities, examples, practice questions, games and assessments made just for you to get started using
61 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (88.70 MB)
Challenge your students to show you what they have learned about building structures, critical thinking, testing materials and problem solving with these twenty open-ended problem solving challenges for a structures and materials unit. They are
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.15 MB)
Teach your students about the geographical regions of Canada, geography, mapping skills, First Nations People of Canada, National Parks, and the Fur Trade. All of these products are aligned to the GRADE FIVE Alberta Program of Studies. We have
41 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (33.85 MB)
Teach your students to understand physical and behavioral adaptations of plants and animals in wetlands ecosystems with a complete lesson, handout, creative thinking student task and assessment. A rubric for both tasks (plants and animals) and an
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.43 MB)
This bundle includes all our wetlands resources (so far) that you can use to teach students about wetland ecosystems. Lessons include a variety of activities to teach and assess understanding. Included is: Wetlands- Physical & Behavioral
35 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (20.54 MB)
Introduce students in your French as a Second Language class to the French alphabet with these games and activities. This product is meant to be used with students who can already read and write in English and can recognize letters and sounds of
39 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.93 MB)
Have your students use their creative, critical and historical thinking skills to demonstrate what they have learned about life of the First Nations, Metis, Inuit or Indigenous people of Canada. Students have been hired by a museum to create a new
42 ratings
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We are two teachers with over twenty years of combined teaching including co-teaching multiple groups and grades of students.


We focus on providing students critical and creative thinking lessons and encourage students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.




Combined we have 12 years of university education including B.E.S., B.A., B.Ed (x 2) and M.Ed (Curriculum Development). Other training includes Orff Music Specialist Level 2 training and French and Spanish languages.


We spend the majority of our time teaching and preparing to teach. Our ninjas on our logo are from NinjaWoman Clip Art Studio. Be sure to visit her store for great clip art!

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