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You’ll love this NEW strategy for teaching 2 digit multiplication! The colors and shapes in these organizers provide a visual, concrete method to teach double digit multiplication. Lots of practice, differentiation, and great intervention! This
266 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.74 MB)
You and your students are sure to love this NEW visual strategy for teaching long division by using graphic organizers with colors and shapes to visually teach the process of long division. Lots of practice and great accommodation intervention! This
243 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.63 MB)
NEW strategies for teaching 2 digit multiplication and long division using colors and shapes to visually teach math! Lots of practice and great intervention - fabulous for new learners, strugglers, and special education students! These are concrete
230 ratings
Set of 3 Distributive Property mazes features positive and negative integers in algebraic expressions. Two mazes contain variables and one has no variables - great for reinforcing student learning! Every student is successful and confidence soars!
89 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.09 MB)
This Angles mini flip book offers hands-on practice for students' Interactive Student Notebooks and foldable flip books! Students learn to identify the 4 basic angle types and draw their own angles. A worksheet provides provides practice using the
88 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.30 MB)
One-step word problems are perfect for students who are just learning multiplication and division facts - especially third grade. These beginner level problems are differentiated and become progressively more difficult. The first 4 cards
141 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.16 MB)
NEW strategy for teaching 2 digit x 2 digit multiplication using colors and shapes! Visual and spatial learners love this concrete strategy – great for intervention and scaffolding. ⭐⭐Want the COMPLETE SET of Organizers and Worksheets? Click here
49 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.68 MB)
Two-digit x two-digit differentiated task cards! Great reinforcement for multiplication of double digit numbers. Scaffolding is easy with this HUGE set - choose the cards your students need! ~~3 sets of 20 different task cards!~~ Set 1: 20 cards
72 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.55 MB)
This Converting fractions, decimals, and percents foldable reference tool is perfect for Interactive Student Notebooks (ISNs). It reinforces students’ knowledge of converting fractions, percents, and decimals from one form to another. ❤ ❤ You will
54 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.04 MB)
This quick geometry Area, Perimeter, and Circumference formula reference foldable flip book and cards were designed to be both functional and fun for students when learning to solve area, perimeter, and circumference problems. Several formula
56 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.93 MB)
Need a word problem strategy? Try CUBES or CUBED for solving math story problems. Students feel comfortable having a concrete method. This resource has been redesigned to include 4 different poster styles! CUBES or CUBED: C - Circle the numbers U -
60 ratings
Digital Download PDF (20.04 MB)
Step by Step approach to solving multi-step addition and subtraction story problems promoting independence and confidence. Students are guided through the CUBED story problem strategy and asked leading questions to help them succeed. ⭐❤️⭐ Try the
49 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.49 MB)
With these fun addition mazes, every student is successful! These are NO PREP reinforcement addition mazes. Even if a problem or two are solved incorrectly, students will eventually achieve success after completing more problems! Confidence
55 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.79 MB)
NEW strategy for teaching Long Division using colors and shapes! Visual and spatial learners love this concrete strategy – great for intervention and scaffolding. This is the Division Organizers Only Pack. These organizers allow you to make your
41 ratings
Digital Download PDF (23.87 MB)
This is a BUNDLED set of Math word problem strategy posters and differentiated task card set for multiplication and division learners. Give students a story problem strategy using either CUBES or CUBED. This is a Money-Saving BUNDLE - see links
47 ratings
NEW strategy for teaching Long Division using colors and shapes! Visual and spatial learners love this concrete strategy – great for intervention and scaffolding. This is the Division Worksheets Only Pack. The blank organizers that allow you to
37 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.54 MB)
NEW strategy for teaching 2 digit x 2 digit multiplication using colors and shapes! Visual and spatial learners love this concrete strategy – great for intervention and scaffolding. ⭐This is the Multiplication Worksheets Only Pack.⭐ ⭐⭐Want the
33 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.92 MB)
This Area Model (Also known as the Open Array Model or Box Model) for 2 Digit x 1 Digit Multiplication Problems contains a CLASS PRESENTATION to use on a Smartboard or other projection screen, a worksheet set differentiated and scaffolded, and a
28 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.79 MB)
Introduce students to multiplication in a fun and colorful way! Encourage colorful arrays as students experiment and practice drawing multiplication facts. Students benefit from a visual of what multiplication really is - so many students just
20 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.24 MB)
These multiplication timed tests and graphs are basic and easy to use. Paper saving options are included! Graphs and trackers are simple for students to complete and track their own progress. You decide which test options to use and how much time
23 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.40 MB)
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In my 25 years of teaching, I've taught grades 3 - 7, and summer school. I've also been trained in Orton-Gillingham methods of teaching phonics, special education, and I've worked as a private tutor. I truly enjoy the challenge of changing grade levels because it keeps me fresh.


My motto, Reach and Teach ALL Students is my guiding principle. Hands-on lessons, techniques, and learning styles work for ALL kinds of learners, including unique and struggling learners. I believe RESPECT is a two way street, and success hinges on mutual respect. I also believe that a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere combined with engaging and interesting lessons are the recipe for success. I'm a hands on teacher who enjoys creating student friendly (and teacher friendly) resources for successful learning.


I'm honored every time I meet former students and discover they've grown into productive adults and that they remember our class time together. Positively impacting someone else's life is an incredible feeling!


I hold a Master's is in Education, plus 30 additional hours of training in specialty areas. My Bachelor's Degree is in Business Administration and Marketing.


Aside from teaching, I'm a wife, mother, teacher-author, and fitness nut!

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