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Captivating History Lessons by Mrs Sandoval
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Students will compare Wilson's Fourteen Points to the Treaty of Versailles that officially ended World War One. Both are provided in simplified terms. Key words: WWI, German Reparations, graphic organizer, compare and contrast
275 ratings
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Students will compare and contrast the Harlem Renaissance with Hip Hop by analyzing a poem by Langston Hughes with a song by Tupac Shakur. This lesson can be used for a US History course (which I teach) or a Language Arts class. There are 2
216 ratings
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This Great Depression PowerPoint Simulation is my NEW favorite lesson and my most CREATIVE so far. This lecture is both informative and interactive as students choose their fate throughout the Great Depression simulation and record their
299 ratings
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This graphic organizer is a great front loading or ending activity for American Imperialism. It covers American motives, Spanish American War, annexation of Hawaii, Panama Canal, Open Door Policy in China, along with the presidents Roosevelt, Taft,
171 ratings
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Since the Cold War lasted for over 40 years I wanted to create an assignment that allowed student to see all the events and leaders at one glance. So I made this handout. Students are provided a Cold War Overview Reading (editable) that they will
148 ratings
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This graphic organizer was created to stress the causes & effects of WWI (The Great War) on the United States. It notes the causes of the war, why the US joined the war, the countries involved, effects on the home front and more. There are
131 ratings
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1950s Culture Powerpoint This Lecture is my FAVORITE lecture that I give all year. The PowerPoint centers around 1950s Culture (Consumerism, GI Bill, Suburbs, Highways, Housewives, Beatniks, Greasers, Conformity, Baby Boom, etc...). The content and
154 ratings
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Students participate in a Free-Enterprise activity by competing against their classmates to design the best shoe. I use this when I teach Free-Enterprise in US History for the Industrial Revolution but it would also make a great Economics activity.
102 ratings
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European Imperialism in Africa Map color coding activity. Answer key included. Key Words: World History, colonization, African, map
79 ratings
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This handout was designed to teach the issues and impact of the War of 1812. Students will read an overview about the war answer questions and analyze primary source documents. Also included are hyperlinked QR codes for War of 1812 Crash Course
112 ratings
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This front and back Graphic Organizer is packed full of information to assist students in reviewing concepts from the Vietnam War. I use this as a study guide for my unit (US History but could also work with World). Key Words: Ho Chi Minh, Diem,
84 ratings
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Korean War Reading (1 page) and Graphic Organizer (1 page). I left the reading in an editable format.
84 ratings
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Great Common Core Activity! US Enters WWII Graphic Organizer & primary source analysis including comparing Presidents Roosevelt's & Bush's "Days of Infamy" speeches (Pearl Harbor & 9/11).
82 ratings
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This 1968 Simulation is so cool, I can't even stress it enough! 1968 is often described as one of the most eventful years in modern history. Over the course of this one year the Vietnam War was at its height, protests and assassinations were on the
105 ratings
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This is a graphic organizer which covers the main concerns and impacts of the Populist Party from the turn of the century. Answer key is included.
74 ratings
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Big Idea: The United States Enter WWI - Although the United States tried to remain neutral, events soon pushed the nation into World War I Objective: To better understand the reasons why America finally joins World War One along with the conditions
113 ratings
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Included are TWO highly visual and informative PowerPoint lectures. PowerPoint #1: Cold War Origins (49 slides) Some big Ideas from the lecture include: - USSR vs USA differences - Division of Germany - Containment - Truman Doctrine - Marshall
83 ratings
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This graphic organizers asks students guiding questions to explain the causes of the great depression. Students are also tasked to come up with solutions that would have made each of the causes preventable.
63 ratings
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This World War One (WWI) Bundle works well for both World or US History although it does lean more to the United States History side. I used it for both my World and US classes. Bundle Includes: 3 PowerPoints (160 Slides) 1. WWI Causes (MAINA)
91 ratings
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This WWII bundle includes beautiful and engaging PowerPoints along with fun and thought provoking activities. Items sold separately in my store total over $55. Included in this bundle are the following items: 1. WWII Rise of Dictators Readings
77 ratings
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I design lessons and activities that I am excited to teach and the students are excited to be a part of. I teach through lots of visuals, primary source analysis, and student engagement. My lessons are heavily influenced by SIOP strategies since I do teach a class of all English Learners. My classes are 2 hour block periods. I work extra hard to make sure my lesson can keep my students attention from "Bell to Bell".


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I am a BIG fan of Rosie the Riveter! I also love to incorporate technology.

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