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"Count by Numbers" is an album collection of songs designed to help your kids count by multiplication. In these songs, children learn to count from 1 to 12, multiply by the 9's, 4's, 12's....all the way up to 15's, and it even includes songs to
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This is the first of 17 tracks included in the album "Count by Numbers" now available for digital download.
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My wife and I have taught our four children at home since they were toddlers. We now have three sons (ages 11, 9, and 7) and a 5-year-old daughter.


We've utilized the Orton-Gillingham approach to instruction in which children learn through a multi-sensory, active approach where they become confident learners and develop quality product from their learning. In other words, our kids exercise and create things and play throughout the majority of their day, and we spend the smaller part of the day actually sitting down at a desk. We also use a Classical approach to the early memorization of Math and Science facts. Even from a very early age, my kids have been able to recite mathematical and scientific laws like "Newton's Third Law of Motion" and "The Distributive Law" by memory because they learned them through song. I've (personally) written over 100 songs to help my kids memorize a variety of key Math and Science facts. It is worth noting that although my children did not fully understand what they were memorizing at such an early age, they can recall those facts (by singing them) years later when asked to think critically about related subjects.


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My wife graduated and received a college diploma from Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. I graduated and received a high school diploma from John McEachern High School in Powder Springs, GA.


As a homeschooling father of 4 small children, I have a passion to see them thrive and learn and grow to their fullest potential. I believe an excellent education is much more than spending the majority of each day learning to sit still at a desk and be taught by a multitude of teachers in large-class environments. It is worth noting, however, that I do see the greatness in teachers who choose to take this style of education head-on in the public and private school system. My wife and I know a handful of teachers who work in that environment every single year, and we've heard stories. It is obviously a tough profession with a myriad of challenges, and I sincerely applaud each and every one of those who would devote their heart and soul into the development of millions of kids everywhere across the world. But I also applaud each and every parent who would choose to invest your heart and soul into the education of your own child at home. The task of homeschooling your own child can be extraordinarily difficult, but my kids are living, breathing proof that it can be done with extraordinary excellence. Learning to sit still and listen in a class environement is a must-have, but so is the freedom to make music and art and innovation, exploration, creativity, beauty, romance, love----"these are what we stay alive for." That's why I created these songs for any educator in any environment (public, private, or at home). I wrote them in an attempt to make Science and Math and Music work together right where you are, because is a universal language that is profoundly mathematical. It's a good mix. I believe children should spend most of their day dreaming of ideas and inventions yet undiscovered. What would they find if we let them? Instead of strapping them down to a desk to review and practice and review once again, it is my observation and foremost conclusion that a great education (in the mind of a child) would feel like an adventure. It would inspire them to learn something new and go further into the unknown. --Charles Robert

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