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26 printable pages for your students to make their own winter games booklet. Included are: Pages of facts for them to learn about the first games, the city of PyeongChang, maps, the different sports, and facts about the medals and standing on the
162 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.47 MB)
This math project has the students plan a vacation for their family or friends. They budget gas, food, entertainment, etc. * You do need to plan ahead and collect restaurant "to go" menus, maps, and travel brochures. (Teacher directions are given
144 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.98 MB)
This 27 slide powerpoint tells about the history of the California Gold Rush of 1849. It discusses the 49ers, their journey, the first discovery of gold, entrepreneurs during that time like Levi Strauss, their struggle to find gold and eventually
107 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (8.98 MB)
Create blueprints and/or floor plans for your own dream home!! Your little architects will love dreaming big with this project. Using their imaginations and graph paper, they will create their own blueprints.They will be learning area, measurement
84 ratings
Digital Download DOCX (3.23 MB)
This powerpoint contains 19 slides. It have general information about the pioneers traveling west in covered wagons. Pictures, maps, and facts about the journey. The students are fascinated with the pictures and it helps bring the journey to the
91 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (3.63 MB)
A 24 slide powerpoint filled with facts, maps, and real life pictures of the Dust Bowl that happened to America in the 1930s. Facts about life during that time, President Roosevelt, the storms, why it happened, how it eventually ended, "Okies", and
71 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (11.06 MB)
This 15 page printable is a great addition to your math centers. "Old Math Maid" is played like the typical old maid game, but this has a math twist. Students divide up the cards and match them based on place value charts, expanded notation,
77 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.03 MB)
Included in this 10 page math center are 20 Football Bowl Game themed math word problem cards or task cards. What a great way to get those sports enthusiasts involved in math. Each math problem is based on real life football that relate to the final
58 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.52 MB)
This 26 slide ppt discusses: The Alamo construction with limestone, history of the building, includes maps, the battle, General Santa Anna, Col William B. Travis, James Bowie, line in the sand, Davy Crockett, Susanna Dickinson, and the Alamo today.
45 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (4.27 MB)
15 slides telling the history and story of Ruby Bridges. Her battle with racism and going to an all white school as a child. This power point includes a link to show her meeting President Obama and the Norman Rockwell painting of her as a
57 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (3.67 MB)
This power point is a great introduction or overview about Paul Revere's famous ride. It also includes facts about his childhood, occupations, and it explains what happened that night. It includes many pictures, maps and a video clip link to hear
51 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (3.95 MB)
This powerpoint gives information about US historical figures that have show great citizenship. Included people are: Paul Revere, Abigail Adams, Sojourner Truth, The Navajo Code Talkers (with video clip), and WASPs (Women Air Force Service
67 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (2.41 MB)
Included are 5 generic graphic organizers that can be used with any Amelia Bedelia story (by author Peggy Parish). Included kinds are: Character chart/map Cause and Effect Sequencing Problem, Solution, Setting, Characters Story map - characters,
55 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.43 MB)
**Updated for the 2018 Games** To get ready for the upcoming 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, I made a math center/task cards that cover a large variety of 3rd grade skills along with learning about different facts about the winter games. Included
46 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.13 MB)
Pioneer Cat by William Hooks - Fictional story about the Oregon Trail and wagon trains. This lesson bundle includes 3 pages of teacher guided reading lesson ideas, questions, and vocabulary. One set of ideas/lessons for each of the 9 chapters. Mini
48 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.61 MB)
*15 End of School Activities/Lessons* The last week of school my team of 5 teachers would rotate students (like they do in middle school or high school). We would do one subject per day and call them cute names: Marvelous Math Day Radical Reading
59 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.24 MB)
Short history of Benjamin Franklin. List of his inventions with real pictures. Some slides include a picture of a modern day samples of his inventions. Good for the basics on Benjamin Franklin and/or inventions. Aligned to 3rd grade Science TEKS on
42 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (2.71 MB)
32 pages filled with facts about the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. * This is an update from my 2014 PowerPoint, which was a best seller. Included are: Facts about the first "games", the first modern games, the first winter games,
35 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (6.27 MB)
I created this bingo game while looking at previous STAAR tests and lists of “stem questions” for reading. I noticed many of my students (especially my ELLs) had trouble with terminology used on the test. I wanted a fun way for them to become more
26 ratings
Digital Download DOCX (2.55 MB)
**Updated for 2018** I’ve included 31 printable pages with a cover page and many different pages you can choose from, to add to their “My Winter Games Book 2018”. *15 student pages. *Two pages have facts (where they can circle any sight words they
36 ratings
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I have been teaching for 13 years. I stayed home for 6 yrs with my two boys and did preschool lessons with them until they went off to 'big school". Now I am back in the classroom where my children attend school. I've taught 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. (The majority was in third grade). I was also the grade level GT and ESL teacher.


I like to do a lot of hands-on and real world activities. But as teachers know, in the classroom your best laid plans turn into "whatever works." So often I am a "whatever works" kind of teacher too.


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Teaching certifications in: Early Childhood, Reading, ESL, and Special Education. A certification in Family Consumer Sciences. Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Gifted and Talented.


I began creating preschool lessons for my boys and stumbled onto TPT. I realized I could become a seller of the items I created for them. I loved creating so much, I spread to the elementary topics I taught. Then friends began asking me to create things for them and it has grown by leaps and bounds.

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