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This is a first grade friendly emergent reader about the continents and ocean. Students will be able to read one fact about each of the continents and the oceans. Picture clues will help with text. There are 7 continents in the world. North
658 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.58 MB)
Continents and Oceans I Have Who Has Game includes: cards for the 7 continents cards for the oceans cards for the North and South Pole cards for the equator, globe, Earth, compass rose, world map, ocean water, continents, western hemisphere,
547 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.58 MB)
This vocabulary booklet focuses on Earth's continents and oceans. It gives brief descriptions of each continent and ocean and about the some of the different habitats found on each continent. A word bank is provided for students to copy the words
294 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.54 MB)
Included in this booklet is a page for each of the 9 different habitats. Each page has lines at the top with places to write 3 different facts about each of the habitats. Pictures of the habitats are included for students to use as a visual clue
291 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.40 MB)
Habitats I Have Who Has Game includes cards for these words: desert, mountain, forest, ocean, grassland, Arctic, Antarctic, wetland, ocean, tree, water, sea shell, sand dollar, ice berg, sand dune, waterfall, butterfly, volcano, blizzard, lily pad,
254 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.87 MB)
Continents Mini Book Set includes an easy reader for each of the 7 continents. Perfect for beginning readers. Check out the companion book set: Oceans Mini Book Set (5 Readers):
240 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (22.12 MB)
This zip file contains a set of 9 emergent readers on the following habitats: ocean forest mountain desert wetlands arctic antarctic rain forest grassland Each book is about 12 pages long and includes a few dominant characteristics of each habitat
221 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (53.69 MB)
Included in this packet: Number Recognition:  I can read numbers 1-30 (5 pages)  I can write numbers 1-30 (2 pages)  I can read numbers 31-60 (2 pages)  I can read numbers 61-90 (2 pages)  I can read numbers 91-120 (2 pages)  “I can write #s
262 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.65 MB)
Learn about the habitats and plants and animals from the habitats with these riddles cards. Habitats and vocabulary included: cactus chameleon camel desert mountain tumbleweed sand dune ocean seaweed sea shell walrus deer raccoon mushroom oak
201 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.28 MB)
This "Kinds of Clouds" mini book tells about the basic clouds types and is written for early readers. Pictures clues will provide help with the text. Here is the text: There are many kinds of clouds. Clouds tell what the weather will be. Cumulus
159 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.59 MB)
This is a first grade friendly mini book about space and all the planets: There are 9 planets. The 9 planets orbit the sun. The sun is the center Mercury is closest to the sun. Venus is the hottest planet. Earth is the only planet with
165 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.96 MB)
This download contains 2 mini books written and illustrated by Carrie Hanson. "What is a Thunderstorm?" --A thunderstorm has very big clouds that are full of water. --Rain falls from the dark gray clouds. --Lightning shoots from the thunder clouds.
102 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.77 MB)
This is a mini-book written by C & C Teach First that tells the story of the first Thanksgiving: The pilgrims took a trip across the big blue sea. Riding on the Mayflower America they did see. The winter was so cold. Then spring time warmed
114 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.98 MB)
Have fun learning about the continents and oceans! Great for learning centers or independent work. Sentences included: --Australia is called the Land Down Under. --People cannot live in Antarctica because it is too cold. --Asia is the biggest
124 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.54 MB)
This is a font to make shape boxes for your young learners. This helps give children a visual clue about where the letters need to go on the lines. Do they go in to the basement, are they as tall as the ceiling, or are they just a short
215 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (0.35 MB)
This is an emergent/easy reader about the United States of America: This is North America. The United States is one of the countries in North America. The United States is made of 50 states. This is the United States flag. It is red, white, and
125 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.89 MB)
Shape Box Letters Shape Box Letters (No Spaces Between Letters) Shape Boxes Shape Boxes (No Spaces Between Letters) Created by Clip Art by Carrie
188 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (0.45 MB)
Sentences included: --The animals in the grassland run very fast. --The water in the ocean is very salty. --The rain forest gets a lot of rain all year. --The mountains can be rocky and covered in trees. --The wetlands are made of fresh
131 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.72 MB)
This is a Space and Planet I Have Who Has game that includes these words and short descriptions for questions: Stars--things that twinkle in the sky Sun--star that is the center of our Solar System Mercury--planet closest to the Sun Venus--hottest
106 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.28 MB)
This Habitats Vocabulary book is great for an introduction to your habitats study. There is a page for each of these habitats: desert, forest, mountain, grassland, arctic, antarctic, wetlands, ocean and rain forest. An overview of each of the
119 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.91 MB)
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