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"Those who can, do. Those who can do more, TEACH".
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This bundle includes everything you need to scaffold your students through the constructive and destructive forces of weathering, erosion, and deposition! The activities and foldables take students beyond the basics and into critical thinking about
278 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.84 MB)
This activity guide is FULL of engaging and hands-on opportunities for students to explore weathering, erosion, and deposition! Students will use CANDY to demonstrate how the earth's surface changes through experiments and labs. Included in the
282 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.57 MB)
This 44 page bundle has everything you need to teach and assess your students on the three types of rocks and the rock cycle! The activities focus on sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock - characteristics, how they are formed, where they can
174 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.63 MB)
This is a great little resource pack to enhance your earth science unit on weathering, erosion, and deposition. It will help your students understand that changes to the earth's surface CAN happen quickly when faced with FOUR types of natural
194 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.80 MB)
I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this novel study! My students LOVED it, too! They were begging me to read every day, and I had students who do not enjoy reading find a love for it through this novel study. The activities and
116 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.57 MB)
This guide takes the guesswork out of teaching dramas and plays in the elementary classroom! It is very simple to use, and is perfect for getting your students to think critically about dramas and plays in a creative, unique way! Included in the
91 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.42 MB)
Have fun using an engaging picture book to teach your students all the features of procedural text with this COMPREHENSIVE unit! You will need a copy of Cook-a-Doodle-Doo by Susan Stevens Crummel to use as a read-aloud. Students will also be
102 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.68 MB)
This resource guide has everything you need to enhance and supplement your literature units with meaningful foldables and assessments that are engaging and fun. It is a great, hands-on approach to helping your students retain information while
78 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.75 MB)
This resource & activity pack includes EVERYTHING you need to instruct and assess your students on both complete and incomplete metamorphosis! All materials are compatible with interactive notebooks, too! Included in the pack: *Teacher
112 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.69 MB)
This guide has tons of goodies and hands-on materials to teach your students about the Charters of Freedom and the creation of our great country. It's a perfect addition to your current "Celebrate Freedom" Week curriculum! With a reading component
80 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.09 MB)
{UPDATED - 20+ ADDITIONAL pages for the SAME price; see below for updates!} This comprehensive unit is everything you need to teach and assess your students on the 13 colonies and the colonization of America! It is over 80 pages (and
93 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.19 MB)
This resource guide is perfect for teaching poetry analysis to your upper elementary students! It includes 80+ pages and a variety of resources to scaffold and guide students through this very challenging task, hitting on various skills along the
99 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.28 MB)
This fun resource guide is perfect for teaching poetry analysis while incorporating an author study of Shel Silverstein! It is part of a mega-resource 3-4-week teaching guide on poetry analysis, including music and song lyrics, that you can find
86 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.89 MB)
This unit of study focuses on elements of mysteries, and this comprehensive bundle is PERFECT and versatile enough to use with any novel or picture book in the mystery genre! Students will be introduced to the elements of a mystery, with a focus
71 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.93 MB)
This little bundle is a perfect addition to supplement and enhance your fossils fuels curriculum. It is interactive and informative, with plenty of materials for interactive science notebooks. Included in the guide are: *Teacher User Guide,
69 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.81 MB)
This little bundle is a perfect addition to supplement your alternative energy curriculum. It is interactive and informative, with plenty of materials for interactive science notebooks. Included in the guide are: *Teacher User Guide, including
58 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.35 MB)
You are set for the year with this bundle, whether you create a station, or do a weekly making words lesson! Secret words are 9-10 letters, and include words with prefixes, suffixes, and roots, as well as compound words and words that follow
54 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.95 MB)
This is a 78-page DISCOUNTED BUNDLE of my mini-units on fossils, fossil fuels, and alternative energy, PLUS an added BONUS fossil-making activity, offered at 10% off what you would pay to purchase them separately! What a deal!!! All of the
55 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.46 MB)
This novel study guide has EVERYTHING you need (and more) to complete a comprehensive analysis of the novel Holes by Louis Sachar! The activities are engaging, and cover a variety of skills. Your students will use higher order thinking throughout
67 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.54 MB)
Want to do Flat Stanley, but feel like your kiddos are too old for it??? NO WAY! Flat Stanley is not just for primary grades! This project guide is a tweaked version of the original project, and these activites are great for intermediate grades.
76 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.68 MB)
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I've been teaching for more than a decade, with all "makes and models" of students. I've worked in three schools, all of different socioeconomic status. I am a general education teacher, but I am the collaborative teacher on my grade level, so I co-teach with my special education partner.


First and foremost, I make sure my students know I love them. We are silly, but know when to be serious. Every item I create is something I use, or have used, in my classroom. My philosophy in creating lessons or activities is that every item should teach the skill thoroughly, give opportunities to reteach, and have the ability to enrich. I love and use the cute stuff, but I am more interested in making sure my students are learning.


Nominated for Teacher of the Year - 2009-2010, 2014-2015


University of Texas at Austin - Bachelor of Arts (English) University of Texas at San Antonio (post-baccalaureate teacher's certification)


I have three children, four dogs, and four cats. I love reading, writing, running, cycling, swimming, theater, singing, cooking, and photography. I even have a tiny photography business that I love!

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