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“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be very intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” ― Albert Einstein
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By CraftyPammy
Hello dear TPT'er, 'ABC's Full Alphabet Coloring Ebook' pages have been crafted with great detail for early childhood kids learning their first letters and animals. *Zipped folder includes a full alphabet .PDF file along with 26 folders that are
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PreK, Homeschool, Kindergarten
Activities, Fun Stuff, Handouts
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By CraftyPammy
Hello dear TPT'er, 'AEIOU Vowels Coloring Ebook' pages have been crafted with great detail for kids learning their first letters and animals and include the following coloring pages: A - Alligator E - Elephant I - Insect O - Octopus U - Unicorn I
English Language Arts, Arts
PreK, Homeschool, Kindergarten
Activities, Fun Stuff, Handouts
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I’ve worked in libraries since 2013, when I first joined a public library as an intern back in San Diego.

I was immediately immersed in mostly all of the departments of the library but the one that took my heart was -- Storytime <3

I've loved it since day one; I can still remember how nervous I was on my first ever storytime performance. I was a library intern for about a year and eventually moved to the LA area to work in another public library but this time, as a Library Specialist with a focus on storytime. Since then, I've learned much about the world of storytime, what makes a good program, and how it impacts a kid's early childhood.

I’ve been working and conducting storytimes since late 2013. Currently I develop, conduct and perform 5 storytimes a week.

My specialties are:
baby and preschool storytime.

A couple of years ago I also developed and taught a preschool summer camp for ages 3-5. It was a very enjoyable experience that definitely taught me more about teaching in the preschool area.


My teaching style has always been teaching in a fun and creative way.

I believe that the best way to teach our children something is through enabling their will to do so, and what better way than through a bit of fun, creative and enjoyable methods.

I have developed my storytime programs through the years so that they are a comfortable, fun, and creative experience for my storytime kids, their parents and myself.

All of the material I will be posting on TPT has been previously used at my personal storytimes, and they've worked for me in positive ways.

I love what I do and hope you enjoy the material I will be providing.


Yet to be added


I have a B.A. in English Literature and two minors in Sociology and Humanities from San Diego State University, in which I focused on Children's Literature. I am currently finishing my M.A Degree on Library and Information Sciences.

San Jose State University
- Master's Degree -
Library and Information Science
In Progress

San Diego State University-California State University
- Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) -
English Language and Literature
Minored in Sociology and Humanities.
Graduated 2013

Other Activities:
Journalism and Media Studies Association
Studied abroad in London.


I’m a creative girl in her late 20’s who learned about Storytime programs while volunteering at my local library back in 2013.

I graduated college with a degree in English Literature and right after graduation I was unable to find a job. That’s the moment when I started volunteering at my local library.

I enjoyed it so much that I ended up volunteering full time for almost a year, focusing on multiple aspects of the library world, but more specifically storytime. After that I landed a job at a public library in the LA area and it was there were I specialized in doing only storytimes.

I am now finishing Grad school and currently conducting 5 storytimes a week in multiple libraries.

I also run a personal storytime resource website:

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