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This 128-page Complete Poetry Unit includes: > 99-slide PowerPoint > 5-page Notes Handout w/ answer key (available in full color or black & white) > 2-page Syllables Handout > 2-page Feet Handout > 2-page Meter Handout >
481 ratings
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Who doesn't love the absolute creepy, terrifying mood that Edgar Allan Poe creates in his stories! And "The Tell-Tale Heart" is one of his finest works. This 31-page Mood and Tone bundle for Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" includes: *
283 ratings
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Our Anne Frank Unit Teaching Package has 270+ pages and slides of engaging activities. Learners will enjoy the rigor and creativity in these standards-aligned resources built from best practices.MEMOIR/PLAY: The Diary of Anne FrankLEVEL:
340 ratings
Every unit is all ninja, all the time. Ninja jokes, ninja facts, ninja stories. Learners will have a riot of a time learning about commas. Of all things! Commas! So check out the best idea to ever hit the grammar world, a 46-page unit that includes
274 ratings
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The 12th installment in our series (16-17 mins long): How to Leave on Time and NEVER Take Papers Home Again ... In which we show you how to grade student essays 10x faster and watch their writing quality skyrocket in the process. NOTE: Resource
192 ratings
Video & Supporting Document
Duration: 17:16
It can be difficult for students to read a story and figure out which point of view it is told from. This 2-page notes handout helps students keep track of the difference between the 5 different Points of View. 1st person? 2nd person? 3rd person
162 ratings
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Using single lines from popular music songs (similar to poetry), students will practice their poetry knowledge of figures of speech. They will need to determine the difference between: * similes * metaphors * analogies * idioms They will need to
105 ratings
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This 12-page Vocabulary Packet (6 pgs content & 6 pgs answer keys) includes three 20-word Vocabulary handouts and the corresponding quizzes. There are 2 versions of the quizzes: one with the traditional match definition with the word and one
77 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (65.70 MB)
This 2-page review handout will help students practice looking at sentences and determining the difference between: * Subordinate Clauses * Simple Sentences * Compound Sentences * Complex Sentences * Compound-Complex Sentences This unit uses the
92 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.23 MB)
Every unit is all ninja, all the time. Ninja jokes, ninja facts, ninja stories. Learners will have a riot of a time learning about subjects and verbs. Of all things! Subjects and Verbs! So check out the best idea to ever hit the grammar world, a
112 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (45.07 MB)
Learners can have a real hard time figuring out which conjunction to use when joining their thoughts together. They aren't in the habit of actually thinking about the meaning of the words and being careful about choosing the word with the correct
72 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.09 MB)
This Multiple-Meaning Word Book has two styles to choose from and it can be printed as is or can be used as an editable PDF document. Please see the "Preview" to better understand all the possibilities this classroom book has to offer. This was
100 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (38.34 MB)
Every unit is all ninja, all the time. Ninja jokes, ninja facts, ninja stories. Students will have a riot of a time learning about the 4 Sentence Types. This 25-slide PowerPoint review will help students practice looking at sentences and determining
68 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.16 MB)
If you're studying the poems of Edgar Allan Poe, this bundle is perfect. This 14-page bundle contains the complete text of 12 popular poems -- "Raven," "Annabel Lee," "Bells," and 9 others. Works great with reading stations. INCLUDED: "The
42 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.28 MB)
Matching subjects and verbs can be tricky, especially when you start dealing with indefinite pronouns. This 70-slide PowerPoint review and quiz is a great practice to understand pronoun agreement. PRACTICES: * Subject and verb agreement *
35 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.60 MB)
The Diary of Anne Frank happens at such a difficult, complex time in history. Before reading, learners need a background into what was happening in the world, so they can more fully grasp the events around the life of Anne Frank and her family. This
40 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (27.28 MB)
This 13-slide PowerPoint helps students practice determining Point of View from the short story "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto (a story in the Prentice Hall literature book). Sections of the story are highlighted for us to practice before the answer
28 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.65 MB)
Using famous poetry and nursery rhymes, learners will practice their poetry ability to recognize the number of poetic feet / beats in a line of poetry and determine what kind of meter the poetry is made of. >>> dimeter -- 2 feet per
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.77 MB)
This Multiplication Arrays resource has 17 printable pages. One printable includes 4 10x10 squares, so each large square is formed by 100 open squares. Students color in squares to create multiplication arrays. Under each of the 4 squares there is a
56 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.76 MB)
Looking for a deep meaning activity to finish up the novel study and tie up thinking on all the large themes? This 5-slide, 3-question The Giver PowerPoint is an amazing final activity and discussion for the novel. TEXT: The Giver by Lois
24 ratings
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Created For Learning contains resources created by a married couple that are both teachers. We believe we are all #CreatedForLearning, and we love exploring what that looks like throughout our lives. Our teaching experiences span a wide range of grade levels.

profilejonathan-s.jpgJONATHAN: My 1st day of teaching was September 10, 2001. Talk about a crazy 2nd day! These past years of teaching have been such a blessing.

I have had the privilege of teaching 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th English, Middle School Creative Writing, and Freshman Composition, Creative Writing, and Literacy at the college level.

In my free time, I write novels for young adults. I'm fairly certain I'm the only young adult author whose birth country no longer exists, but I hope someone will prove me otherwise! I was the head editor of the RipRap Literary Journal and have written book reviews for

profilelisa-s.jpgLISA: The bulk of my 6 years of teaching experience was in first and second grade. Two of those years were first/second grade combo classes.

Currently, my main job is staying home with our preschool and elementary-age girls. It's been really insightful and humbling to experience the public school experience from a parent point of view.


We like helping students think. We're not so much interested in teaching them WHAT to think, but more importantly HOW to think. And even more...that they SHOULD think. We try to create a classroom environment that allows students the space to think, encourages open discussion, and hopefully lights a passion for learning.


* President's Scholar at Cal State, Long Beach
* Dean's List


* Bachelors of Arts in English Education, emphasis in Creative Writing
* Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Fiction
* California Clear Teaching Credential

* Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies (Integrated Teacher Education Program), concentration in Language/Literacy
* California Clear Teaching Credential, CLAD emphasis


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Also...Jonathan loves Otter Pops...especially the purple kind.

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