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Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching!
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This Poetry Writing Unit will make teaching different types of poems the easiest! Students will learn about 12 different types of poems as they strengthen their writing skills and complete their own poetry books. Twelve Types of Poems • Acrostic
919 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.11 MB)
Telling Time to the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, and five minutes unit contains everything you will need to help your students achieve mastery. Included in this unit • I Can Statement Poster • Essential Questions Posters • Vocabulary Posters •
490 ratings
Digital Download PDF (20.24 MB)
Second Grade Geometry for the Common Core standards covers several concepts. This unit will help you teach your students to 100% mastery for 2D (plane) shapes and 3D shapes (cubes). Also includes triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, rhombus,
488 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.13 MB)
Place Value to the Millions is a foundational skill that will set your students up for success for the entire year. This unit contains everything you will need to help your students achieve mastery. Included in this unit • I Can Statement Poster •
409 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.56 MB)
Counting Money doesn’t have to be tricky for students! This unit contains everything you will need to help your students achieve mastery. Included in this unit • I Can Statement Poster • Essential Questions Posters • Vocabulary Posters •
322 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.93 MB)
Multi-Step Word Problems includes a detailed Power Point Presentation to show your students the steps to follow when solving multi-step word problems. Worksheets are also included to use. The first segment of the PPT walks the students through
283 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.93 MB)
Collective nouns can be scary to teach! This unit will help you and your students fall in love with these unique type of nouns. Included in this unit • I Can Statement Poster • Essential Questions Posters • Assessments • Unit Guide with
308 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.51 MB)
Place value understanding is a firm foundation for all other math concepts. This unit contains everything you will need to help your students achieve mastery. Included in this unit • I Can Statement Poster • Essential Questions Posters • Vocabulary
280 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.35 MB)
This place value game has four levels of play: thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, and millions. It is a fast-paced and fun game will keep your students on their toes. Will the winner be the person with the most or the least? Will it be
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
195 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.30 MB)
This Multiplication Interactive Lap Book will help your students learn their multiplication facts by having them make this fun Interactive Lap Book. This project will help students remember the Properties of Multiplication, as well as their math
178 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.83 MB)
Collective Nouns is a Power Point presentation and craftivity that will help your students learn about collective nouns while being engaged in learning. Use this bright and colorful Power Point to share with your students many different collective
168 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (21.54 MB)
Hundreds charts to 1,000 mini-charts make a booklet for students to keep and refer to when counting, comparing numbers, etc. Students can also use for skip-counting to 1,000. A second set is included with most of the numbers missing for students
161 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.25 MB)
Modal Auxiliary Verbs includes 4 power point presentations to use with your projector system or Smartboard to give your students a daily lesson and practice. Lesson plans, worksheets, anchor charts and more are also included. Teaching Modal
133 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (14.79 MB)
Reflexive Pronouns is a fun mini-unit that will help your students better understand what reflexive pronouns are how to use them correctly. Anchor Charts, Games, and Worksheets are all included. pp. 3-4 - Anchor Charts p. 5 - Match a Word -
131 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.12 MB)
Homophones is a 30 page jam-packed, fun filled unit to teach your students all about homophones with riddles, games, activities and more. These activities work great for centers and whole group. Includes: *riddles to make your students laugh and
100 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.65 MB)
Life Cycle of a Butterfly is an accordion fold book craftivity that helps explain the life cycle of a butterfly to your students. Picture directions and graphics are included. Also included is a video link for students to watch the life cycle of a
106 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.59 MB)
These Task Cards cover the four strands of Place Value for 2nd Grade Common Core. A variety of ways to use is included and makes this unit versatile enough to use over and over throughout the year. Place Value Task Cards can be used in so many
157 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.45 MB)
This unit covers Fourth Grade Common Core Standard for Multiplication with differentiated lesson plans, assessments, activities, anchor charts, & more to teach 4.NBT.5 to mastery. Includes: I Can Statements Essential
89 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.39 MB)
This unit has 11 math games that are great to use for partners or small groups. Use them for early finishers, small groups, before school day, ending the day, etc. My students love these games and beg to play daily. See the preview for all of
125 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.30 MB)
Order of Operations! Without Exponents! Order of Operations (without exponents) is a comprehensive unit covering Order of Operations without exponents and includes the phrase: Pardon My Dear Aunt Sally Includes: Vocabulary Anchor
81 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.81 MB)
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I have taught thirty years in grades pre-K through 4th grades and loved every minute of every grade. There is just no way to choose a favorite! I am a Google Certified Educator.


I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. In fact, playing teacher with my dolls and stuffed animals is one of my earliest memories. I guess it's the 16 years of experience in kindergarten that makes me continue to enjoy using centers/stations and collabrative groups. I think students learn the most when they are able to discuss with their classmates and do hands-on activities with a minimum of worksheets. My most favorite moment is when I can literally see the "lightbulb" turn on for students. What a JOY and BLESSING teaching is to me.


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