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The three Common Core writing types: argument, narrative, and informative, are fun and easy to teach using strong mentor texts and a step-by-step process. These highly-rated writing units include everything you need! Each writing resource is
841 ratings
"Close Read: Step by Step Strategies for Success" is now a TEACH, PRACTICE, TEST unit! LOOK at this! More comprehensive than ever, this unit includes the following: - an animated PowerPoint presentation - Cornell AND folding guided notes for
1024 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (22.54 MB)
This end of year ESCAPE THE SCHOOL breakout activity will be a fantastic learning adventure for your students! Your kids are locked in school forever...unless they can work in groups to solve a series of FUN comprehension and writing challenges and
656 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (57.87 MB)
Argument essay writing is an essential life skill that is much easier to teach when you have well-written mentor texts and a step-by-step process. Students will LOVE this argument essay writing unit, as well as the real-life application and mentor
541 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.44 MB)
Informative Writing This expository essay unit includes everything you need to teach informational writing: at-a-glance-instructions, writing prompts, step-by-step instructions, visuals, graphic organizers, and high-interest mentor texts. It will
398 ratings
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Teach theme in literature with this animated PowerPoint, a choice of student notes, worksheets, and a theme test. Lesson plans and extensions activities are also included in this comprehensive unit! Determining theme in literature is a challenging
510 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (22.09 MB)
This Narrative Writing Workshop Unit is fun and easy with the step-by-step instructions and mini-lessons included in this unit! It is also part of an Argument, Narrative, and Informative Writing Bundle, which includes everything you need to teach
386 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.94 MB)
Text Evidence Expository Essay Writing This comprehensive Common Core aligned writing resource includes everything you need to teach your students how to write an expository essay requiring text evidence! Visuals, graphic organizers, and useful
335 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.60 MB)
Plot: Teach, Practice, Test is an engaging, step-by-step way to teach plot elements. It’s a thorough unit that includes a PowerPoint presentation with guided notes, follow-through practice worksheets, and an editable test that includes multiple
333 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (14.60 MB)
This interactive PowerPoint presentation and guided notes resource will help make the challenges of argument writing a breeze! When I tell my students we're working on an argumentative writing unit, they cheer! Kids LOVE to “argue,” and when they
233 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (58.38 MB)
This creative ESCAPE ROOM adventure is a well-organized breakout that has a fun sci-fi twist! Your students are visiting relatives on the planet Nonsensica, but their only map home to Earth has been torn to shreds. They'll have to stay
232 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (23.81 MB)
Your kids are on a field trip run by YOU- the most awesome and creative teacher in the history of the world- when something goes awry. Now they must work with their group to solve a series of FUN challenges based on comprehension and steeped with a
220 ratings
Summarizing: GIST and Beyond has everything you need to teach and reinforce summarizing. I had a hard time finding summarization lessons that include interesting fiction and nonfiction texts, answer keys, and many opportunities to practice
309 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.88 MB)
Poetry: Close Reading Step by Step Do you sometimes feel like you’re swimming upstream when teaching poetry? I know I did. But there is hope! Poetry: Close Reading Step by Step Strategies is chock full of resources to give your students the
278 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.00 MB)
Don’t Flip! Study Skills Flip Book As teachers, we know that strong study skills are an essential ingredient to success in school and in life. Yet, some of our students still think it’s enough to simply show up! It just doesn’t work that way.
216 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.91 MB)
Theme: PowerPoint and Notes takes a challenging concept and makes it easy and fun! The guided notes come in two styles: folding and Cornell. ( I like choices, don't you?) The 26 slide PowerPoint includes the following: ★ how to differentiate
197 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (10.36 MB)
The Common Core State Standards require students to gather evidence, knowledge and insight from what they read. In fact, 80 to 90% of the Reading Standards require text dependent analysis! Every part of this download is teacher-tested. You will be
237 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.14 MB)
This fun nautical adventure begins when YOU- the most awesome teacher in the history of the world- plan a back to school field trip! Your goal is to work on team building and following directions while your kids learn about sailing an old ship, but
189 ratings
Digital Download PDF (98.78 MB)
Setting, Mood, Tone: Teach, Practice, Test Have tone and mood been stumbling blocks for your middle grade students? One of the most frequent questions I get from teachers is about how to teach tone. Now, I no longer have to reply, "I'll be darned
167 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (15.80 MB)
The Close Read and Annotation Posters, Handouts, and Bookmarks Pack has been supersized! It now includes a 50 slide PowerPoint presentation AND guided notes! Complete lesson plans are provided in this wonderful resources to assist your
200 ratings
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I've been teaching 7th and 8th grade English for the past 12 years, and I've been in the same district for over 20. Within the first year and a half that I taught, I experienced the culture shock of jumping from a half-time position teaching 12th grade to a full-time position in 3rd grade. The fact that I survived the transition proved to me that teaching was what I was meant to do in life. I have loved every minute of it!


I strive to be the teacher I would want my own children to have. That means differentiating instruction and challenging students at every ability level. It also means being interesting! Teaching is 3/4 theater. Finally, it all comes down to demonstrating respect for students and appreciating them for who they are right now. As teachers, the promise of the future is in our hands. I try to remember that every single day.


Although I am honored to be the recipient of honors and awards from my school district, my most cherished "trophy" is a battered, second-hand binder filled with letters and poems from thankful students and parents. That binder is precious to me and never fails to warm my heart.


My master's degree is from Stony Brook University, and I am certified to teach English 7-12 and Elementary Education N-6.


When I'm not writing or teaching, I love to play tennis, read, and travel with my family. Come pay a visit to my blog! ELABuffet We'll settle in for some teaching tips, free resources, and a whole lot of fun! I can be reached at darleneanne27@yahoo.com

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