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This ESCAPE THE SCHOOL breakout activity is a fantastic learning adventure for your students! Your kids will find themselves trapped in school by a giant who thinks they are way too clever. They will be there forever...unless they can work in
790 ratings
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Your kids are on a field trip run by YOU- the most awesome and creative teacher in the history of the world- when something goes awry. Now they must work with their group to solve a series of FUN challenges based on comprehension and steeped with a
271 ratings
This creative ESCAPE ROOM adventure is a well-organized breakout that has a fun sci-fi twist! Your students are visiting relatives on the planet Nonsensica, but their only map home to Earth has been torn to shreds. They'll have to stay
279 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (23.81 MB)
This fun, nautical ESCAPE ROOM adventure begins when YOU- the most awesome teacher in the history of the world- plan a back to school field trip! Your goal is to work on team building and following directions while your kids learn about sailing an
237 ratings
Digital Download PDF (98.78 MB)
This ESCAPE ROOM game for the school staff is a wonderful team-building and morale-boosting activity. It can be used for professional development, faculty meetings, back to school, or staff parties. PLEASE NOTE: This file was updated with
106 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (73.16 MB)
End of year escape rooms will make for a fun and educational learning adventure! This immersive breakout activity has your kids on a field trip run by YOU- the most awesome and creative teacher in the history of the world. While following a
170 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (148.22 MB)
This ESCAPE ROOM breakout activity is perfect for the end of the year! Your kids arrive at camp and it doesn't exactly look like it does in the brochure. In fact, it is an awful wreck of a place. Luckily, the greatest counselor in the world is
85 ratings
Digital Download PDF (75.70 MB)
This spooktacular adventure begins when your students receive a mysterious invitation to a local haunted house. Once there, they will find out they cannot leave until they use their "smart kid brains" to help their hosts solve a ghastly ghost
74 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (95.13 MB)
Escape the Snowglobe is a winter breakout adventure that has students using teamwork, reading comprehension skills, figurative language practice, puzzle-solving abilities, and creative writing. Kids will be "working" but having so much fun that they
96 ratings
Digital Download PDF (40.81 MB)
This creative ESCAPE ROOM adventure includes blank task cards that are completely editable! You can type in ANY questions, problems, or tasks you would like students to tackle. You can even use the editable PowerPoint slide version to include images
45 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (60.25 MB)
This Valentine’s Day Escape Room activity is a fun, differentiated, TEAM-BUILDING breakout adventure that has students participating in a variety of fun Valentine’s Day activities! They will dig deep for activities requiring reading comprehension,
72 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (58.98 MB)
Escape the School is an awesome breakout room adventure! Your kids are locked in school forever...unless they can work in groups to solve a series of FUN comprehension and writing challenges and puzzles! Using critical thinking skills,
51 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (57.76 MB)
This PLOT ELEMENTS ESCAPE ROOM breakout activity uses fractured fairy tales to teach and reinforce the elements of a plot. It is a fun, team building ADVENTURE that requires reading comprehension skills, understanding of plot elements, creative
24 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (81.76 MB)
Third and fourth-grade teachers have been asking for our popular Escape Room resources for their grade levels, and now we have two packed into a terrific bundle for added savings. These resources are included here: Related Products • ESCAPE ROOM
25 ratings
You are the most awesome teacher in the world, and your friend is going to help your kids develop teamwork and problem-solving skills. The only problem is that your friend gets a little carried away with herself and locks the kids in the library
19 ratings
Digital Download PDF (22.56 MB)
This ESCAPE ROOM breakout bundle includes an interactive and immersive set of breakout adventures that will address ELA standards in such a fun and engaging way that your students won't even realize how much they are learning. It's the BEST way to
19 ratings
This HOLIDAY ESCAPE bundle includes three awesome and interactive ESCAPE ROOM activities: VALENTINE’S DAY, HALLOWEEN, and WINTER. They will all immerse your students in each story as they read, write, and practice team-building and problem-solving
10 ratings
This FREE Escape Room resource is perfect to leave with a sub or to use anytime you want your kids to experience some self-directed learning. It begins when YOU- the most awesome and creative teacher in the history of the world- take your class to
73 ratings
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I've been teaching 7th and 8th grade English for the past 12 years, and I've been in the same district for over 20. Within the first year and a half that I taught, I experienced the culture shock of jumping from a half-time position teaching 12th grade to a full-time position in 3rd grade. The fact that I survived the transition proved to me that teaching was what I was meant to do in life. I have loved every minute of it!


I strive to be the teacher I would want my own children to have. That means differentiating instruction and challenging students at every ability level. It also means being interesting! Teaching is 3/4 theater. Finally, it all comes down to demonstrating respect for students and appreciating them for who they are right now. As teachers, the promise of the future is in our hands. I try to remember that every single day.


Although I am honored to be the recipient of honors and awards from my school district, my most cherished "trophy" is a battered, second-hand binder filled with letters and poems from thankful students and parents. That binder is precious to me and never fails to warm my heart.


My master's degree is from Stony Brook University, and I am certified to teach English 7-12 and Elementary Education N-6.


When I'm not writing or teaching, I love to play tennis, read, and travel with my family. Come pay a visit to my blog! ELABuffet We'll settle in for some teaching tips, free resources, and a whole lot of fun! I can be reached at darleneanne27@yahoo.com

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